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Episode 301

Hard-question-failure alert. Maybe this is a reason for reconsidering the attire rather than embracing it. Think about it. At Mass the priest comes out robed like a Roman senator. Did you know that’s where the vestments first originated? And maybe Patti Smith is not going to blog soon for Called to Communion: Granted, Smith’s coarse… Read More→

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Hard or Soft?

soft crispy steak tacos-1

Yesterday I participated in an ETS panel on The New Calvinism. (Here is one of the presentations. Here is evident of another ETS sighting.) One thing that I kept asking myself and then asked everyone in open discussion was why so few New Calvinists ask hard questions about the movement. People talk a lot about… Read More→

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Is Warren Cole Smith an Evangelical?


On the one hand, the associate publisher of World Magazine warns about people who call themselves evangelical but aren’t: 3. Not everyone who calls himself an evangelical is an evangelical. We have an old saying in my part of the South: “Just because my dog sleeps in the garage, that doesn’t make him a pick-up… Read More→

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That Funny Thing You (military) Do


Is it wrong to be ambivalent about the U.S. military, or at least about the ways that Americans manipulate empathy for soldiers to produce a faux patriotism? A couple of recent incidents rekindled this question (which given its length may need a lot of kindling). During halftime at the Crisler Center at the University of… Read More→

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Was this Mark Driscoll’s Problem?


His board had as much trouble understanding him as some bishops have with Pope Francis? As many as half of the bishops are those who simply do not understand what Pope Francis is trying to achieve. Whether you like the pope or fear the pope, this pontificate is something of a roller-coaster ride, and very… Read More→

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This Day in Protestant History


Four hundred fifty years ago Roman Catholic clergy professed a faith that said “not gonna happen” to Protestants. The Tridentine Profession of Faith became obligatory for all bishops, priests and clerics charged with teaching. It reads: I, N, with a firm faith believe and profess each and everything which is contained in the Creed which… Read More→

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Piece o’ Cake?

Martha with pieces

Not only can Christians put sin to death, they can also take charge of email (and more and more and more). Tim Challies explains how. Here’s point 7 out of 9 on the sin front: #7. BATTLE Battle hard against the first awakenings of that sin. Never, ever allow yourself to play with sin. Never… Read More→

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You Don’t Protest Enough


Mark Shea explains unintentionally why attention to the forensic aspect of salvation is so important and why efforts to downplay that importance by elevating sanctification need great carefulness: What then does the word “merit” mean in 1990s terminology? In the words of one of the foremost Catholic theologians of the 20th Century (Hans Urs Von… Read More→

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Does Bryan Need to Talk to John and Francisco?


The way the Callers discuss infallibility you’d almost think that apostasy for the visible Roman Catholic Church is impossible. If truth is what the infallible magisterium determines, if a system of truth does not stand over the magisterium to which they need to conform, if Christian truth depends on the determinations of popes and councils… Read More→

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Is This What A McDonald’s “Chef” Says To Himself?


That’s the analogy that Kevin DeYoung and Ryan Kelly’s brief for the Gospel Coalition brought to mind. They begin by asking: Should Christians who share many of the most important theological commitments partner across denominational lines for mutual support and collaborative ministry? Are there historical precedents for the kind of gospel networks we see flourishing… Read More→

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