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But Will I Still Be Able to Listen to Rob da Bank?


Our guide to all things British (and dispensational), Crawford Gribben, has addressed the question of Scottish independence in ways that should console American conservatives. It will mean smaller government and a setback for liberalism. (What really matters to me, though, is whether the BBC will continue to produce the kind of television, movies, and radio… Read More→

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Scottish Nation? Yes. Scottish State? No.


Have the pollsters or pastors understood the difference? Jonathan Chaplin explains it: . . . it is obviously true that the demand for Scottish independence is substantially animated by a widespread popular identification with and affection for the ‘nation’ of Scotland. That may be the fuel in the tank, but it is not the question… Read More→

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What’s Good for the Goose. . .


If you’re tempted to think Protestantism is bankrupt (inspired by Dwight Longenecker): 1. Remember History – Every Catholic Protestant should read some church history. An excellent, readable summary is Eamon Duffy’s Saints and Sinners which is a history of the papacy. The history of the church reads like the Old Testament. In other words, it… Read More→

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Mencken Day 2014


What to do when government shuts down the breweries and distilleries: I was taught to brew by Harry Rickel, of Detroit. He was a lawyer but his people had been in the malting business for years, and he knew all about brewing. He sent me not only detailed directions but also my first supplies, and… Read More→

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An Extra Helping of Conscience


That’s the advice to Cafeteria Roman Catholics from the Boston Globe‘s new website: Q | Dear OMG, What of those who cannot accept in good conscience various teachings of the magisterium [official Church policy]? Are we still to consider ourselves Catholic, or should we go elsewhere? A | Dear Albert, Ah, the age-old identity questions.… Read More→

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A W-w App?


If this story is any indication, we may not have much longer to wait: PURITANISM, wrote H.L. Mencken, is “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy.” Half a century later, the prissiest Americans are haunted by a different fear: that they may buy cheese made by someone whose opinions they do not share.… Read More→

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Flattening Will Get You Nowhere


Mark Jones wonders what is so controversial about the view that the covenant with Adam was gracious: . . . for the sake of argument, let’s say the Mosaic covenant has a meritorious element. Does that make it a republication of the covenant of works? Not necessarily. After all, you would have to re-define the… Read More→

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Show Me the Currency!


Why the Scots should listen to economists more than pastors when it comes to temporal affairs: One of the strongest practical arguments against Scottish independence, made by Paul Krugman this weekend, is that an independent Scotland would actually wind up with less control over its economy than it does now – because it would have… Read More→

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Assembly Envy?


What makes a synod extraordinary? For Reformed Protestants and Presbyterians an assembly, synod, presbytery, or classis is ordinary. The OPC even has all sorts of rules that govern its assemblies and that read like the owner’s manual that comes with the purchase of a toaster. But for Roman Catholics, synods are extraordinary. One reason may… Read More→

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The Old Testament Solution to the NFL’s Ray Rice Problem


Don’t fire him. Keep him on the team and playing with the starters. Let me explain. I have yet to see anyone opine that this imbroglio reflects the ongoing problem of race relations in the U.S. but I am not sure why. When did professional sports’ servant leaders come down as hard on white players… Read More→

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