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If It Could Happen to Jerusalem . . .

invisible church

Why not to Rome (thoughts after a sermon this past Sunday on Rom 11:27-32)? Lots of those who — come the nuns (hell) or extraordinary synods (high water) — claim that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Roman Catholic Church never seem to account for what happened to Israel. After all, didn’t… Read More→

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Episcopacy Envy


Bishops are easier to control and follow, which is the consolation to us Presbyterians who sometimes give into the temptation to wish for a church with more visibility and influence. But if you read the articles in First Things about the Ukranian and Russian churches, you understand that presbyters are much harder to master (just… Read More→

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A New Calvinist becomes a Regular Calvinist

obedience bart

Danny Hide Hyde may not detect sufficient earnestness, but Todd Pruitt makes clear the limitations of New Calvinist awakenings among the Babdists (which is a big world but for every Southern Baptist Seminary there are three Furmans, four Baylors and six Wake Forests): As I reflect on the past year as a Presbyterian several things… Read More→

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New Calvinism is Warmed-Over New Evangelicalism with a Hint of Hipster


John Turner’s post about Henrietta Mears reminded me of a thought I have had for some time — namely, that the New Calvinism and Gospel Coalition are simply trying to do what Carl Henry and Harold John Ockenga were trying to do in the world of Protestantism outside the mainline churches. Mears was arguably the… Read More→

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Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

Ed, Pete and Jim Elliot

I don’t think Dwight Longenecker meant to imply this, and maybe the pitch for contributions to his parish hampered his thinking, but when he suggests that the shortage of priests stems from bad liturgical architecture, I was hardly persuaded: As I travel around the country and see archive photographs of our Catholic churches it is… Read More→

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Jason and the Callers to the Rescue


The Pertinacious Papist worries that devout conservative Roman Catholics cannot receive support from Pope Francis. He quotes from a recent John Allen piece on the pope: … many on the Catholic right can’t help but suspect that the recent preponderance of conservatives who’ve found themselves under the gun isn’t an accident. Some perceive a through-the-looking-glass… Read More→

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Gizzards, Pigskins, and Carbs


I am not sure why you might feel the need to turn Thanksgiving into another testimonial for Holy Mother Church. Can’t Protestants have anything to themselves? The converts say no. Taylor Marshall claims: The first American Thanksgiving was actually celebrated on September 8 (feast of the birth of the Blessed Virgin) in 1565 in St.… Read More→

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Episode 301

Hard-question-failure alert. Maybe this is a reason for reconsidering the attire rather than embracing it. Think about it. At Mass the priest comes out robed like a Roman senator. Did you know that’s where the vestments first originated? And maybe Patti Smith is not going to blog soon for Called to Communion: Granted, Smith’s coarse… Read More→

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