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Voluntary or Forced Exit


I was listening to another episode of the Glenn Loury Show today on the way to the office and Glenn (a few years ago now) brought up the book by Albert O. Hirschman, Exit, Voice, Loyalty. It’s about what happens when businesses or states break down and consumers or citizens need to decide whether to… Read More→

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Did President Obama Throw Malcolm X Under the Bus?


Now that the missus and I are three seasons into West Wing, I understand that the nation’s presidents cannot say whatever is on their mind. They need to spin for so many different reasons. It’s almost like watching Tom Reagan in Millers’ Crossing. Even so, President Obama seems to have once again provided a cliched… Read More→

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Calvinists and Muslims Together (again)

Thokoly Imre

Even more of those days: In 1683, a vast Ottoman army camped outside the gates of Vienna. For centuries thereafter, the siege and final decisive battle that took place would be cast as a defining moment in a clash of civilizations — that time the forces of Islam were halted at the ramparts of Christendom.… Read More→

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Blame It on Christendom


Another way to read the Reformation: I’ve been reading this week historian Brad Gregory’s study The Unintended Reformation: How A Religious Revolution Secularized Society. I had imagined it to be a somewhat polemical book that blamed the Reformation for all our modern woes. That was dumb of me. It’s a genealogy of ideas and events… Read More→

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My Jaws Just Got Tighter

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A few days ago, Terry Mattingly, of gotcha journalism fame, mocked the Washington Post for inserting a hyphen into Marco Rubio’s comments about Jesus. Here’s the quotation: For the next few minutes, Rubio sounded more like a Sunday school teacher than a presidential candidate holding an early January town hall. He talked about John the… Read More→

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Mercy, Mercy

Please Stand By

Pope Francis has launched the Year of Mercy and so the comments about being merciful are frequent these days. But the pope may have gotten ahead of himself when he said that Jesus needed to ask forgiveness of Joseph and Mary (and only the Remnant seems to have objected): . . . to give credit… Read More→

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Today’s Topic for the Epistemology Seminar

E&E Seminar Stephen Darwall by G Vong 19-07 10-Sep-2013 4571

Mark Powell’s new book Papal Infallibility: A Protestant Evaluation of an Ecumenical Issue shows that the path from papal infallibility to epistemic certainty is hardly uniform or successful. First, maximal infallibility: [Henry Edward Cardinal] Manning’s maximal infallibility, which stressed the problems of private judgment in theological reflection, looked to the pope to decisively settle theological… Read More→

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More of Those Days


Thanks to Aaron Denlinger: [John] Craig’s teaching role in the Dominican monastery granted him access to the library of the Roman Inquisition, and at some point in the 1550s, while taking advantage of that privilege, he stumbled across an early edition of John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. Craig read Calvin’s work and embraced… Read More→

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The OPC is the Church John Calvin Founded


That assertion would prompt guffaws throughout the Presbyterian and Reformed world and yet Roman Catholic apologists continue to make such a claim with even higher stakes: “the Roman Catholic Church is the church Jesus founded.” Who actually looks at history this way? To think that the OPC was a gleam in the eye of John… Read More→

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Ecumenism vs. Going It Alone


The discussion of Larycia Hawkin’s situation continues. Rod Dreher thinks Wheaton is right to protect its theological borders since it has refused employment to Roman Catholics: Wheaton does police its margins carefully. Catholics are not allowed to teach there, not because Wheaton’s leadership think Catholics are bad people, but because they do not believe a… Read More→

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