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How Far Is the Sidestream from the Main One?

ABC's Portraits Of The 86th Annual Academy Awards Host Ellen DeGeneres

Travels to Hungary earlier this week and a pleasant conversation with a young woman training to be a pastor in the Hungarian Reformed Church got me thinking about women, gender, and how important male clergy is to “the gospel.” This woman could not quite wrap her mind around the idea that a church still places… Read More→

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Independence Day in Calvinist “Rome”

great church debrecen

After a stimulating conference in Hungary on international Calvinism, yesterday conferees concluded their visit by taking a tour of Debrecen, the stronghold of the Hungarian Reformed Church, and the place where on April 14 (which was yesterday), 1849, the Hungarians declared independence at the city’s Great (not pretty good) Church. Here’s one account of what… Read More→

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If You Can Believe In God


. . . you can believe almost anything. Struck down on Good Friday, Lincoln, like Jesus, was viewed as a martyr who shed his blood and offered a redeeming sacrifice. Orators, editors, ministers, and statesmen across the North exalted Lincoln as the “savior of his country,” and sermons two days later on “Black Easter” and… Read More→

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Did We Miss May?


All the talk about religious freedom has turned the calendar ahead to June — the traditional month of weddings. Kevin DeYoung reminds us why marriage ceremonies are so important: A wedding ceremony, in the Christian tradition, is first of all a worship service. So if the union being celebrated in the service cannot be biblically… Read More→

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Did He Really Say That?


David Robertson does his best impersonation of a 2ker (minus the fear of Islam): Why is Islam a threat to our society? It was Christianity that brought the sacred/secular divide into the Western world. It was Christianity, especially after the Reformation, which taught that there were two kingdoms and that the one was not subject… Read More→

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Will Heaven Be Boring?


Maybe not the most sanctified question but after reading a fascinatingly sobering piece about the “troubles” in Northern Ireland I had to ask. Sure the idea of no more suffering has appeal: 1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and… Read More→

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Proto-Protestant On A Roll


And Constantinians (all kinds) should be very afraid: Leithart’s Christ is not the Christ of Scripture. I say that not as a theological liberal who views Christ as a type of Gandhi and finds the idea of a coming Judgment to be abhorrent. I say this as a follower of Christ who understands the nature… Read More→

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Americanists All


Folks in other faiths or branches of THE faith are either worried or desirous of America working its wonders on belief and practice. Richard Mouw, for instance, recognizes the problem of his former advocacy of a post-American Christianity in comparison to his hopes for Muslims to find a form of Islam that fits with American… Read More→

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When Praise Songs Defeated Psalms


1789 in Philadelphia (all about me, I was there this week): For many years, only Psalms were sung throughout the Presbyterian Churches and the old “Rouse” versions were the standard. The first General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States convened at the Second Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia in 1789. One of the… Read More→

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Somewhere between the Crusades and the National Council of Churches

© CE/ECFlag of Turkey6/12/2003

That somewhere is the Land of 2k. The reason for this reminder stems in part from a post over at Rorate Caeli about modernized Roman Catholics who don’t have much to offer Muslims: What does modernized Catholicism do faced with Islam and its terroristic religion of violence? Does it ask Islam to accept modernity? Does… Read More→

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