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Reverse Whiggism


It comes from the bottom of the magazine pile, but Michael Brendan Dougherty shows what it would be like to have J. Gresham Machen trapped in a Roman Catholic convert’s body: . . . read Richard Weaver on William of Ockham. Find some of Hilaire Belloc’s wilder statements that The Faith is Europe and Europe… Read More→

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Help From Across the Pond


Additional returns on Protestant efforts to transform culture: Taken together, Stewart, Sutton, and Wacker offer important new perspectives on the means by which America was born again. America has become a holy nation, but those who are most responsible for it so often refuse to recognize it. But these books also suggest the extent to… Read More→

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I’m Thankful for Tracy McKenzie


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. A four-day weekend, a big meal, no gifts, a day to sleep off excessive consumption, and a meal that has lots of carbs. What’s not to like (and what wine do you pair with carbs)? But of course, the pressure is on to be thankful in a special way, as… Read More→

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So the Alternative is Lepanto?


Rod needs to add the 2k secular faith option to his Benedict proposal. First he recommends a critique of Islamist terrorism on the grounds that secularism is responsible for excluding faith from politics: It’s embarrassing for liberals to admit that liberalism offers religious freedom only to those religions that adhere to its central tenants. It’s… Read More→

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Not In My Expertise’s Backyard


Academics are a touchy lot. First, the liberal Roman Catholic academics who questioned the bona fides of a man who writes op-ed columns for — get this — the liberal New York Times!!!. Now, a history prof (thanks to John Fea) in Wales who faults Niall Ferguson for not showing poper deference to professional specialization… Read More→

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Who’s Afraid of a Secular Faith?


Chris Gerhz is worried about Islamophobia among evangelicals in the United States: In the 2015 edition of its annual American Values Survey, PRRI asked about a number of topics, but coming a day after multiple Republican candidates proposed that Christian and Muslim refugees be treated differently as they seek asylum in the U.S., this finding… Read More→

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Shrugged and Always Shrugging

dumb dumber

One shrug: One of the most common takeaways from Synod 2015 is that it revealed deep “divisions” within the Catholic Church. While I will suggest that “divisions” is too strong a word, no one can deny that Synod 2015 demonstrated the existence of strong theological tensions within the body of Catholic bishops, and that this… Read More→

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Family Trumps School (so says Bavinck)


(Thanks to our Grand Rapids correspondent) James K. A. Smith offers that latest case (in a popular form) for Christian schools and bangs all the percussion instruments that neo-Calvinists have assembled up front in their churches for worship (see what I did there?): Christian Reformed communities have long understood a commitment to Christian schools as… Read More→

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By Their Public Policy You Shall Know Them

L'arrivee des immigres par bateau a Ellis Island a New York (on apercoit au fond dans le brouillard la statue de la Liberte), vers 1905 --- Arriving of immigrants in Ellis Island, New York, c. 1905

Mainline Presbyterians are engaged in debates about church identity thanks to the Donald. The Stated Clerk of the PCUSA has written a letter instructing Donald Trump that his views on immigration are antithetical to the communion of his baptism: Presbyterians profess a faith in Christ, whose parents were forced to flee with him to Egypt… Read More→

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Would Lutherans (ELCA ones) Ordain Bruce Jenner?


Notice which Lutherans the U.S. Roman Catholic bishops are talking to ecumenically — the ones in fellowship with the Lesbyterians — namely the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. But the hangup to full communion is not the doctrine of justification by faith alone but — what Allen Iverson was not talking about — practice. That… Read More→

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