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Same Only Different


Are these commentators talking about the same bishop (remember, it’s about office not the man)? Here‘s an excerpt from a review of a biography of William Henry O’Connell, the archbishop of Boston for the better part of the first half of the twentieth century. Notice how authoritarian the papacy seems in 1992 (not 1492): Even… Read More→

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Finally Time to Re-Think Establishment Principle


Barna Report conducted a study of Christianity in Scotland and the results have some discouraged even if not surprised: 31% say Scotland is a Christian nation 52% identify as Christian – although 70% of them don’t believe the basics of Christian doctrine 17% of Scots claim to be born again Christians…1 in every six is… Read More→

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In 1960 JFK Had to Explain Himself to Texas Baptists


In 2015 Hillary Clinton, a Methodist, needs to explain herself to Roman Catholics. And she does so by jumping on the Pope Francis bus (which is about to leave nation): For the first time in history, we are within reach of eradicating hunger and extreme poverty. But climate change threatens that progress. Thanks to President… Read More→

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The Omar Effect

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Will I be the only American to sense the insult that may lurk behind Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S.? While Ross Douthat considers the Francis effect, let’s not forget about Omar Little who worked the streets of Baltimore, the city that was the capital of American Roman Catholicism for its first 125 years at… Read More→

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You Know What Would Really Be Audacious?


So the papal visit to the United States has even more people reaching above their pay grades, trying to interpret that the chief interpreter is really up to. Is Pope Francis a lefty, is he a traditionalist, will anything change on marriage? So far Bryan and the Jasons are stuck. What I’m curious about is… Read More→

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Apostolic Audacity


A new sermon series from 1 Corinthians stimulated thoughts about apostolic greetings in the New Testament. Here are the ones Paul used with Corinth: Paul, called by the will of God to be an apostle of Christ Jesus, and our brother Sosthenes, To the church of God that is in Corinth, to those sanctified in… Read More→

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Mencken Day 2015


This year is one of those not so ordinary times when the annual celebration of Mencken’s birth by the Mencken Society and Enoch Pratt Free Library actually coincides with the man’s birthday (September 12, 1880). The missus and I have descended on Charm City for the festivities and the warm associations with the city —… Read More→

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Disenchantment, Christian Style


Protestants get a lot of blame for removing the sacred canopy that covered Christendom with a sacramental presence. But when you know the history of religion maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, monotheistic faiths have regularly rejected those pieties or ideas that locate divine ways in ordinary affairs. Steve Bruce explains: The… Read More→

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What If?


Fr. Dwight thinks that ecumenical talks between Anglicans and Roman Catholics are at a dead end: Unless there is some unexpected turnaround in the Church of England and the Anglican churches of the developed world, GAFCON is the Anglican Communion of the future. If so, what does this development mean for Anglican-Roman Catholic ecumenism? First,… Read More→

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The Real Peril of Discovery


National (Roman) Catholic Reporter has two stories about the Doctrine of Discovery that raise intriguing questions for those who put their hopes in papal supremacy, authority, antiquity, and infallibility. First, the Doctrine (which is not what attorneys do): The first bull of consequence was issued in 1436 and titled Romanus Pontifex, he said. It concerned… Read More→

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