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Is Original Sin a Legal Fiction?


Lane Keister responds to Roman Catholic criticisms that justification by faith alone depends on an understanding of the imputed righteousness of Christ that turns salvation into a “legal fiction” — we are righteous but not really because, in the words of John Kinnaird, it is not real and personal. That post got me wondering about… Read More→

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(All about) My Sanctity

Honma, a Japanese company is offering a bag full of the finest collection of golf clubs ever for a $75,000

What if I wrote a post or two about my good works? Say I commented on a trip from Hillsdale to Ann Arbor in which I slowed down to allow a slow truck to merge on to I-94 in front of me instead of gunning it to pass on the right a car in the… Read More→

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Development of Doctrinal Dispute Stalled


David Murray concludes his four-part series on Merit and Moses — the book that is anti-republication — by boiling it down to this: . . . my own concerns about RP have grown as I’ve increasingly come into contact with people who are using the RP to argue against any place of the law in… Read More→

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Ann Coulter Is Not Sexy But She May Have a Point


The right’s answer to Bill Maher, the lovely, the talented, Ann Coulter seems to have touched a nerve with her post about Dr. Kent Brantly, the physician who contracted Ebola in Liberia and is now (after being evacuated) receiving treatment in Atlanta. Ann thinks the $2 million spent on the Dr.’s medically air-tight flight will… Read More→

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Like Whom Does this Sound?


. . . it would be valuable to articulate anew the transforming love and mercy of God, which does not stop at forgiving past guilt but transforms the person from within, so that he or she may live in freedom from vice and sin. That God’s grace not only forgives but heals and elevates its… Read More→

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In the Plus Column

babe ruth

Rick Phillips might have a point if the folks who argue for the priority of justification and fear neonomianism wrote about Jimmy Stewart or Sean Connery the way this fellow writes about Babe Ruth: “Catholicism” might not be the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Babe Ruth. With his copious drinking and… Read More→

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There is Antinomianism and then there is Antinomianism


Protestants wouldn’t seem to have to worry too much about lacking moral fiber. Here is how H. L. Mencken perceived moralism in the United States circa 1920: The man of morals has a certain character, and the man of honour has a quite different character. No one not an idiot fails to differentiate between the… Read More→

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This Day in Calvinist History — Nothing Happened because Calvin Was Not (yet) a Calvinist


Since July 10 is the birthday of John Calvin, can we say that Calvinism was born on this day in French history? Or, since Calvin did not align with the Protestant cause until his mid-20s, is the day of Calvin’s natural birth insignificant compared to the day of his spiritual re-birth? And that raises more… Read More→

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Legalism, Ecclesiastical and Political


You may disagree with H. L. Mencken, but he sure could spot a major weakness when the pursuit and prosecution of vice goes from the duties of pastors and elders to magistrates and reformers: Moral endeavour, in brief, has become a recognized trade, or rather a profession, and there have appeared men who pretend to… Read More→

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Pagan Virtue or Angel Unawares?


I wonder if the w-wists out there have considered how much travelers to foreign countries need to trust people with the wrong w-w (only two exist, right?). Of course, back in the States we depend on pagans to drive on the right (spatially and legally) side of the road, give us correct change (not for… Read More→

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