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What Would Jesus Do?


Don’t bake those remains. Bury them. . . . my postmortem body continues to embody memories of who I am. Let’s say that death has come calling for me. What will my wife and children, my parents and sister, see when they see me? They’ll see the man whom they still love. They will not… Read More→

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Sola Christus


Mark Shea channels his former Protestant self: December is the month of Advent and Advent is about not just the First Advent at Christmas but the Second Advent on the Last Day. Accordingly, it confronts us with the reality of Judgment. Lots of folks wonder how to get ready for the Last Judgment. Everything in… Read More→

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The Unintended Outcomes of Obedience


H. L. Mencken was surrounded by Obedience Boys and Girls while he was growing up. His name for them was Puritan. Their example to him was not one of emulation but a self-righteousness that bred revulsion: The service that [Anthony Comstock] performed, in his grandiose way, was no more than a magnification of humble Y.M.C.A.… Read More→

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How about Every Single Second of Every Single Day?


Tim Challies would have us believe — channeling John Owen — that temptations to sin come in seasons, the way the leaves turn colors: We live in a world that is full of temptation. There is no rest from sin and no rest from temptation to sin. There is not a single moment when we… Read More→

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Maybe not a Rich Man but What about a Fat One?


If being rich makes it difficult to enter the kingdom of God, how about obesity? This is the debate that some are having over the canonization of G. K. Chesterton: Whether or not a person was temperate in food and alcoholic consumption is not only relevant, but absolutely central to the question of sanctity. In… Read More→

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Lutheran Obedience Boy


I will hand it to Rick Phillips. At least when he talks about good works he doesn’t try to yuck it up as certain Canadian pastors try to have a laugh while being earnestly Owenian. Even so, I’m not sure that Phillips captures the biblical motivation for good works because of an apparent need to… Read More→

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Piece o’ Cake?

Martha with pieces

Not only can Christians put sin to death, they can also take charge of email (and more and more and more). Tim Challies explains how. Here’s point 7 out of 9 on the sin front: #7. BATTLE Battle hard against the first awakenings of that sin. Never, ever allow yourself to play with sin. Never… Read More→

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You Don’t Protest Enough


Mark Shea explains unintentionally why attention to the forensic aspect of salvation is so important and why efforts to downplay that importance by elevating sanctification need great carefulness: What then does the word “merit” mean in 1990s terminology? In the words of one of the foremost Catholic theologians of the 20th Century (Hans Urs Von… Read More→

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