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Lutheran Obedience Boy


I will hand it to Rick Phillips. At least when he talks about good works he doesn’t try to yuck it up as certain Canadian pastors try to have a laugh while being earnestly Owenian. Even so, I’m not sure that Phillips captures the biblical motivation for good works because of an apparent need to… Read More→

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Piece o’ Cake?

Martha with pieces

Not only can Christians put sin to death, they can also take charge of email (and more and more and more). Tim Challies explains how. Here’s point 7 out of 9 on the sin front: #7. BATTLE Battle hard against the first awakenings of that sin. Never, ever allow yourself to play with sin. Never… Read More→

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You Don’t Protest Enough


Mark Shea explains unintentionally why attention to the forensic aspect of salvation is so important and why efforts to downplay that importance by elevating sanctification need great carefulness: What then does the word “merit” mean in 1990s terminology? In the words of one of the foremost Catholic theologians of the 20th Century (Hans Urs Von… Read More→

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Putting a Point on It


John Calvin as early as 1536 put the problem with sin and the law this way: For while the law, as has already been demonstrated, leaves not one man righteous, we are either excluded from all hope of justification, or we must be loosed from the law, and so loosed as that no account at… Read More→

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Did He Say Moses Is Opposed to Christ?!?


Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat. But that is a plausible reading of the Bible according to Calvin who was reading Paul (not Turretin): . . . as evangelic promises are only found scattered in the writings of Moses, and these also somewhat obscure, and as the precepts and rewards, allotted to the observers of the law, frequently occur,… Read More→

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What’s to Abhor?


One of the arresting vows that church members take in Presbyterian circles is this: Do you confess that because of your sinfulness you abhor and humble yourself before God, that you repent of your sin, and that you trust for salvation not in yourself but in Jesus Christ alone? Important to consider is that this… Read More→

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Gratitude and Motivation


The good (loaded term?) folks over at Gospel Reformation Network state the following: We deny that gratitude for justification is the only valid motivation for holiness, making all other motivations illegitimate or legalistic. I am not sure how many critics of neonomianism or flattening insist that gratitude is the exclusive motivation for good works. But… Read More→

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