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If You Can Deceive Planned Parenthood, Why Not a Gay Couple?


Just trying to figure out the tender parts of the Christian social conservative conscience. If it’s okay for David Daleiden to lie to Planned Parenthood, then is it okay for a Christian baker to lie to a gay couple that wants the baker to make a wedding cake for the couple’s wedding? If lying is… Read More→

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Is “Made Under Law” Gracious?


So my catechetical thought for the day is to wonder why those who insist that the Covenant of Works with Adam was a gracious arrangement don’t extend the logic to Christ’s humiliation and regard his submission to the law also as gracious. Sure, the overarching purpose of the incarnation was gracious. But was Christ’s being… Read More→

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Wire View (not W-w)


In addition to listening to NPR’s reports on the Confederate Flag controversy, we also listened to the Diane Rehm show for part of the drive across Ohio. Her guest on Monday was Evan Thomas, the author of the new biography of Richard M. Nixon. This was a great interview and sounds like a brilliant book.… Read More→

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The Sinner’s Prayer

ray charles

I worshiped at Christ Reformed Church, Washington, DC on Sunday and this was our corporate confession of sin: Our Father, we are sinful and you are holy. We recognize that we have heard in your Law difficult words, knowing how often we have offended you in thought, word and deed, not only by obvious violations,… Read More→

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The Basis for Unity


What if Protestants are actually orthodox by Roman Catholic standards? After all, both sets of western Christians affirm the Nicene Creed and some of us actually use it as the basis for catechetical instruction. Is the difference simply that Protestants are not in fellowship with the Bishop of Rome? And is it that Protestants will… Read More→

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Can We Talk About Prayer Meetings?


Paul Levy and I have, but the differences of our talk may be worth considering. Like many evangelicals who seem to need to show their piety (despite our Lord’s warning about praying that others can see us at prayer), Levy provides a number of reasons for the week night “gathering” that seem to have less… Read More→

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The Spirit Neglected


I’m not sure what branch of Protestantism Father Dwight belonged to before he converted, but surely you don’t need to be a speaker of tongues to know the importance of the Holy Spirit in accounting for true faith Protestant-style. Somehow, though, Father Dwight believes that faith invariably proceeds from reason (and not from the mysterious… Read More→

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Say What You Will About Klineanism, At Least It’s an Ethos


ProtoProtestant identifies one reason why Meredith Kline matters: Revelation 20 knows nothing of a political dominion of the church over the earth during this millennial age of the great commission. That expectation is a delusion of the prophets of theonomic postmillennialism, who, in their impatience with the way through the wilderness, have succumbed to carnal… Read More→

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