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The Numbers Still Don’t Lie


So what’s up with all the gloating? Yet another reminder of how limited papal infallibility and supremacy is: Neither are Catholics uniformly on board with Francis’ many calls for social and economic justice. Most (57 percent), chiefly Democrats and women, say the Catholic church should focus more on social justice and the obligation to help… Read More→

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What’s In Your Kitchen?


John Zmirak adds to the confusion that Protestants have about papal audacity and the magisterium’s authority: There is such a thing as a cafeteria Catholic. That term refers to people who pick and choose from the Church’s non-negotiable teachings, based on what seems right to their private consciences formed by the secular culture around them;… Read More→

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Spotting the Difference between Piety and Snark


Old Life regular, vd, t, offered this advice for how to respond to climate change: —Plug in your clocks only when you absolutely have to know what time it is. If you need the alarm, get up five minutes early to set it. —Al Gore says cigarettes are a significant cause of global warming, so… Read More→

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Founders Obsession

American conservatives have it. The Constitution and the founders who wrote, debated, and ratified it are the key to American identity. If we can only go back there, America can return to its greatness. (If only we could get rid of the subsequent 37 states and occupy the geo-political significance of say, the Netherlands.) Presbyterians… Read More→

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The Fine Print about Truth


I recall Francis Schaeffer talking about “true truth” to make the point, if memory serves, that Christians do not endorse relativism. But among the apologists for Rome I don’t recall hearing so many appeals to abstract truth — that is, the idea that the church stands for the truth (but see if you can figure… Read More→

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Does that Apply to Justin Bieber and Global Capitalism?


Jason Stellman is back in apologist mode and thinks it great that Roman Catholicism loves paganism (not even Michael Sean Winters says this): Our paradigm has at its heart the Christmas story, the coming-in-the-flesh of the Son of God. If divinity assumed humanity to the point where the second Person of the Trinity will forever… Read More→

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The Death of Christian America


Peter Leithart gives a clue. It has to do with ways of relating churches to the culture, coming along side it to use the vernacular of the Vatican, that would wind up devastating the Protestant mainline: The growth that swelled the mainline during the 1950s was fueled by people looking for “a more relaxed, less… Read More→

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A Church I Could Believe In

Minolta DSC

What if popes sounded like this? The Catholic Church then is, and always will be, violent and intransigent when the rights of God are in question. She will be absolutely ruthless, for example, towards heresy, for heresy affects not personal matters on which Charity may yield, but a Divine right on which there must be… Read More→

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The Appeal and Limits of 2k


For some like John Stackhouse, keeping the church out of politics is a big duh (via the juicy ecumenists): 10. Because no one trained you properly to get involved with politics—and a little seminar, however exciting, won’t make up for that yawning deficit. (Do you think politicians can be trained to be pastors by attending… Read More→

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