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Missing Logic


A couple of items that all apologists might want to chew over, especially the homers we know as Jason and the Callers. First, notice the absence of logic in Russ Saltzman’s tu quoque-like decision to become a Roman Catholic: While certainly Neuhaus was – crap, still is – a tremendous influence on me, Dianne’s announcement… Read More→

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Folded or Dirty

tin men

It’s still laundry that most of us don’t get to see. It’s a little old at this point, but the exchange between Ross Douthat and James Martin, editor at large of America magazine, displayed an honesty that conversations between conservatives and liberals in American Protestantism never revealed. It also exposed us outsiders to a range… Read More→

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The Call Goes Only So Far


To communion but not to education: The ascendant liberalism at modern Catholic colleges is a problem that has perplexed parents with traditional Catholic beliefs for decades now. Bishop Sheen went so far as to recommend that Catholic parents steer their children toward state and private colleges rather than Catholic institutions, contending it would be better… Read More→

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Building Bridges or Revoking the Call


Rick Warren thinks he is trying to find common ground between Roman Catholics and Protestants. He doesn’t realize he just cut off Jason and the Callers at the knees: Warren, whose Purpose Driven Life and Purpose Driven Church books have sold millions of copies around the world, recorded a video interview for the Catholic News… Read More→

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Do You See What I See?

side show bob

Haven’t heard the carol yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. This post from Guy Noir at the Pertinacious Papist brought the Christmas carol to mind and it concerns our peaceful interlocutor, Bryan Cross, and why he doesn’t see what others do. First Guy quotes a critic of Called to Communion but does not link to… Read More→

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Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

Ed, Pete and Jim Elliot

I don’t think Dwight Longenecker meant to imply this, and maybe the pitch for contributions to his parish hampered his thinking, but when he suggests that the shortage of priests stems from bad liturgical architecture, I was hardly persuaded: As I travel around the country and see archive photographs of our Catholic churches it is… Read More→

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Jason and the Callers to the Rescue


The Pertinacious Papist worries that devout conservative Roman Catholics cannot receive support from Pope Francis. He quotes from a recent John Allen piece on the pope: … many on the Catholic right can’t help but suspect that the recent preponderance of conservatives who’ve found themselves under the gun isn’t an accident. Some perceive a through-the-looking-glass… Read More→

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Gizzards, Pigskins, and Carbs


I am not sure why you might feel the need to turn Thanksgiving into another testimonial for Holy Mother Church. Can’t Protestants have anything to themselves? The converts say no. Taylor Marshall claims: The first American Thanksgiving was actually celebrated on September 8 (feast of the birth of the Blessed Virgin) in 1565 in St.… Read More→

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Does Bryan Need to Talk to John and Francisco?


The way the Callers discuss infallibility you’d almost think that apostasy for the visible Roman Catholic Church is impossible. If truth is what the infallible magisterium determines, if a system of truth does not stand over the magisterium to which they need to conform, if Christian truth depends on the determinations of popes and councils… Read More→

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Methodists and Roman Catholics Together

Bolen and Chapman

Looks like Jason and the Callers need to rethink their call to Protestants. Their pontiff just declared hostilities between Protestants and Roman Catholics to be sin: Catholics and Evangelicals should not wait for theologians to reach agreement before praying and working together, Pope Francis recently told a group of Pentecostal Anglican bishops in Rome. To… Read More→

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