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What’s Good for the Goose. . .


If you’re tempted to think Protestantism is bankrupt (inspired by Dwight Longenecker): 1. Remember History – Every Catholic Protestant should read some church history. An excellent, readable summary is Eamon Duffy’s Saints and Sinners which is a history of the papacy. The history of the church reads like the Old Testament. In other words, it… Read More→

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An Extra Helping of Conscience


That’s the advice to Cafeteria Roman Catholics from the Boston Globe‘s new website: Q | Dear OMG, What of those who cannot accept in good conscience various teachings of the magisterium [official Church policy]? Are we still to consider ourselves Catholic, or should we go elsewhere? A | Dear Albert, Ah, the age-old identity questions.… Read More→

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Assembly Envy?


What makes a synod extraordinary? For Reformed Protestants and Presbyterians an assembly, synod, presbytery, or classis is ordinary. The OPC even has all sorts of rules that govern its assemblies and that read like the owner’s manual that comes with the purchase of a toaster. But for Roman Catholics, synods are extraordinary. One reason may… Read More→

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The Call’s Fine Print

Dolan and Bloomberg

Still waiting for Jason and the Callers to weigh in on these matters: In life, Archbishop Fulton Sheen was exceptional, a riveting Catholic preacher on radio who outpolled star comedian Milton Berle in the early days of television, winning two Emmys and a following that was the envy of Bible-thumping Protestants. After his death in… Read More→

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Reporting as Cheerleading


Here’s another sign that the world is not going to the secularist dogs: the Boston Globe has started a website devoted to covering Roman Catholicism. Here’s one early story about the effort (and another): Crux joins a small, and growing, network of sites connected to the paper, including,, BDCWire, and the most recently… Read More→

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Isn’t It Really Justification by Baptism?

godfather church

The substitute caller for Jason of the Callers has tried to reverse the table and claim Roman Catholicism as the real home of justification by faith: In the Protestant view, for man to enter Heaven he needs to have kept God’s Law perfectly. This means Salvation for the Protestant is purely based upon human “works,”… Read More→

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The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways


Some say the Holy Spirit was at work at the recent PCUSA General Assembly. Now, according to one Sister, God may have been at work in LeBron James’ decision to go play for Cleveland. Things are pretty close to paradise around here in northeast Ohio, and it’s not because we’re hosting the 2016 Republican National… Read More→

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Welcome to Protestant Land


William Oddie wonders about the state of Roman Catholicism in ways never conceived by Jason and the Callers: What exactly is going on, when Bishops and parish priests can so radically differ about the most elementary issues of faith and morals—about teachings which are quite clearly explained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church—and when… Read More→

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