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Zmirak is on a Roll


Why stop with one feisty post from a “liberal” Roman Catholic, when another is so handy? In this case, Zmirak speaks truth to Dawson (one of those powerful writers who pines for Christendom): Dawson warns that the bourgeois spirit is a vampire which must be staked straight through its heart, and he summons as alternatives… Read More→

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What Talking to Bryan Cross Feels Like


John Zmirak (apparently no relation to Zrim) has frustrations remarkably similar to mine. Liberal Roman Catholics and Protestants together: Q: Do you think that Vatican II taught heresy when it said that the use of coercion by the state in matters of religion is a violation of natural law—you know, like sodomy or (even worse)… Read More→

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At Least Jesus Gets A Week


You don’t even give up politics for Lent? I’m not feeling politics right now. We’ve got wars and rumors of wars over a large swath of the world. Pro life people are battling killer legislation in Colorado and corporate raiders are raiding the public treasury everywhere and in every way they can. There are runaway… Read More→

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Why Not Lutheranism?


In my ongoing effort to monitor the way that Calvinism has captured the imagination of Americans, the following: Now here in America, we live in the Land of Calvinist culture and Calvinism—being a particularly potent form of heresy—has mutated into its opposite with peculiarly potent force. It retains its joylessness and icy fear that someone,… Read More→

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Pietistic (not harmonic) Convergence


I believe this was in print before we learned the theology of puff pastry: A year ago, I prepared a last minute Thanksgiving feast for my husband, kids and myself. In the end, it was a lot of food for just four people and sure enough, we had a lot of leftovers. While I was… Read More→

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Do Bishops Use A Different Standard from Pollsters?


Michael New complains that the Pew poll on Roman Catholics in the U.S. does not distinguish between average and serious church members: The “Public Religion Research Institute” released a fact sheet a few weeks ago on the attitudes of Roman Catholics which had the mainstream media swooning. It found that majorities of Catholics disagree with… Read More→

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Neo-Calvinists, New Calvinists, and Roman Catholics Together?


Both have trouble thinking about Christianity apart from culture. Drawing together this vision of Scripture we see that God intends us to have dominion over the earth and the rest of creation – which means we must care for it and shape it. This is the foundation of culture, rooted in the land, which we… Read More→

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Defying Logic


Let me see if I get this straight. You can qualify to have performed a miracle if someone prays to you and their petitions receive the requested outcome. That, anyway is what might push Archbishop Fulton Sheen over the top to become a full-blown saint: Bonnie Engstrom, whose completely healthy son, James Fulton, is the… Read More→

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No Ecclesiology, No Identity


Here are a few quotations to support the earlier claim that World Vision and evangelicalism more generally is infected with modernist Protestantism: World Vision now has staff from more than 50 denominations—a handful of which have sanctioned same-sex marriages or unions in recent years, including the United Church of Christ, The Episcopal Church, the Evangelical… Read More→

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Giving Old Meaning to Celebrity Pastor


Can you imagine the mayor of Grand Rapids taking a delegation of city officials to Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, the home of the OPC’s headquarters, to solicit last year’s moderator of General Assembly to attend this year’s assembly in Grand Rapids? I can’t. You can’t. No one can. The reason is that a moderator of an… Read More→

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