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My Jaws Just Got Tighter

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A few days ago, Terry Mattingly, of gotcha journalism fame, mocked the Washington Post for inserting a hyphen into Marco Rubio’s comments about Jesus. Here’s the quotation: For the next few minutes, Rubio sounded more like a Sunday school teacher than a presidential candidate holding an early January town hall. He talked about John the… Read More→

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Mercy, Mercy

Please Stand By

Pope Francis has launched the Year of Mercy and so the comments about being merciful are frequent these days. But the pope may have gotten ahead of himself when he said that Jesus needed to ask forgiveness of Joseph and Mary (and only the Remnant seems to have objected): . . . to give credit… Read More→

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Get Out of Jail Free


Jesus appears to think that his return will be comparatively sudden: 36 “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only. 37 For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. 38 For as… Read More→

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How To Transformationalize the Secular


Have worship services not on Sunday but throughout the week. After all, if holding Mass desacralizes Sunday, having worship services during the week could sacralize Monday or Thursday or Tuesday or Saturday. Father Z got me thinking: Communion in the hand… Blessings instead of Communion even by lay ministers… Pianos… Mass “facing the people”… Saturday… Read More→

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The Bodh Gaya Declaration


Ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue always emerge from social and political, not theological, convictions, as the Manhattan Declaration showed in its capacity to apply the fig leaf of ecumenism to the private parts of shouting matches about American culture. But the Vatican, with its universal jurisdiction, can always outdo American Christians who can be so parochial… Read More→

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The OPC is the Church John Calvin Founded


That assertion would prompt guffaws throughout the Presbyterian and Reformed world and yet Roman Catholic apologists continue to make such a claim with even higher stakes: “the Roman Catholic Church is the church Jesus founded.” Who actually looks at history this way? To think that the OPC was a gleam in the eye of John… Read More→

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Ecumenism vs. Going It Alone


The discussion of Larycia Hawkin’s situation continues. Rod Dreher thinks Wheaton is right to protect its theological borders since it has refused employment to Roman Catholics: Wheaton does police its margins carefully. Catholics are not allowed to teach there, not because Wheaton’s leadership think Catholics are bad people, but because they do not believe a… Read More→

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Some Days You Eat the Bar


And some days the bar eats you. That equivocation is readily apparent in Father Dwight’s on-again-off-again regard for the papacy. He recently warned conservatives about being too hard on Pope Francis: Conservatives, for their part, should take a deep breath, avoid extremist language and disloyalty to the Successor of Peter. If they don’t like their… Read More→

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The Elephant in the Room


Imagine (and you don’t need to try too hard) how some Christian communions might promote their accomplishments and uniqueness. The hipsters might say something like, “we are the church of the city and for the city.” Doctrinalists might come up with something like, “we put the strict in confessional subscription.” The transformationalists (not quite as… Read More→

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What Bryan and the Jasons fail to cover in their call to Protestants obsessed by modernism (read Machen’s warrior children): Recently The Catholic Herald, one of our most reliable English Catholic weeklies, recently published an article by George Weigel on Vatican II and the subsequent fifty years called “Mission Abandoned” and carrying on the cover… Read More→

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