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The Numbers Don’t Lie

Josiah Bartlett

Actually, they may. But Rod Dreher uses them to introduce some other observations that will continue to miss the brain matter of the Roman Catholic interlocutors who hand around Old Life. First, Rod tracks Leah Libresco’s further dissecting of Pew’s numbers on Christianity in the U.S.: If conversions went on as they do today and… Read More→

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Move Over Paradigm, Make Room for W-w


In response to the Pew report that has Christians scrambling to say it’s not as bad as it seems (an overview is here), Ross Douthat opines that three w-ws compete for outlooks in the United States: Many Americans still … accept the New Testament as factual, believe God came in the flesh, and endorse the… Read More→

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Rod & Carl v. Brad (let charity leak)


Rod Dreher is just getting around to Carl Trueman’s review of Brad Gregory’s Unintended Reformation, a book featured here in a series of posts. The quotations are juicy in a no rocks, peaty, neat sort of way. Both authors observe the singular defect in Roman Catholic apologists — the denial of glaring realities out of… Read More→

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The Gospel According to Mark


No Mary immaculately conceived, no gospel: In light of the Incarnation, it is profoundly mistaken to think that humanity is necessarily or naturally sinful. It isn’t. Sin is normal, but never natural. Nature is not corrupt; corruption is corrupt. Sin is precisely what is contrary to our human nature. It is damage to nature, not… Read More→

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Where Sometimes Is Heard a Realistic Word


This is a conversion story that Bryan is not going to feature (I saw this REALLY before sdb commented): I was raised as a secular Jew in New York City. (No religious education at all, no Bar Mitzvah, etc.) In my undergraduate and graduate education, I learned a lot about Christian theology and always found… Read More→

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The Spirit Neglected


I’m not sure what branch of Protestantism Father Dwight belonged to before he converted, but surely you don’t need to be a speaker of tongues to know the importance of the Holy Spirit in accounting for true faith Protestant-style. Somehow, though, Father Dwight believes that faith invariably proceeds from reason (and not from the mysterious… Read More→

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The Spirit Disconnected

sea breeze

When you decouple Word and Spirit, you can find the Spirit blowing almost anywhere: There are so many good things going on in our world today, so many pulls and tugs. The Spirit’s gift of prudence is really an important one to make sound decisions. You can’t be right 100 percent of the time, but… Read More→

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Making Straight the Way of the Green

Old book with plant growing out of it

Lots of excitement in certain quarters of the Roman Catholic Church about Pope Francis’ forthcoming encyclical about the environment, but Protestants wonder where the energy was when Protestants beat the papacy to the punch. First, what’s coming: Vatican officials announced Tuesday that Pope Francis’ much-anticipated encyclical letter on the environment is now finalized and is… Read More→

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Social Gospels


Sometimes art imitates life. Sometimes Rome follows Geneva or Philadelphia. It looks like Pope Francis is about to issue an encyclical about the environment that will likely repeat what mainline and evangelical Protestants have already said. That pattern of repetition also occurred during the heady days of social ferment and church reform in the late… Read More→

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Which Call?


The University of Notre Dame’s Center for the Study of Religion and Society hosted a conference on polarization in the Roman Catholic Church in the United States. Those who want to see the plenary session round table may go here. I haven’t watched this yet, but again the message that mainstream Roman Catholic institutions communicate… Read More→

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