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Speaking of White Culture

We have heard of cultural Roman Catholics or cultural Judaism, now we have “culturalist” Presbyterians. The former are generally religious adherents who aren’t all that serious in their commitment to the church or synagogue. Here’s one description of a cultural Roman Catholic: The majority of Catholics in the world probably fit into the category of… Read More→

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Do Driscoll’s Enablers Need to Take Some Blame?

Imus in the morning

Of course, this post has the potential to sound like I told you so. I didn’t, actually. I never saw the appeal of Driscoll partly because celebrity pastors have never appeared to be serious. If you grow up with Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell on the airwaves, maybe you build up immunity. So I have… Read More→

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Are the New Calvinists Green or On Fire?


Tim Challies engages in a bit of introspection after the most recent kerfuffle surrounding Mark Driscoll. Challies concedes that a problem for the young sovereigntists was their lack of maturity. They were not mature or settled: Bear with me as I artificially divide Driscoll’s ministry into three parts: theology (what he said), practice (how he… Read More→

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Inerrancy’s Big God


Pete Enns thinks that inerrantists harbor a view of God that is too small: Perhaps the root theological misgiving for me is that inerrancy prescribes biblical interpretation too narrowly because it prescribes God too narrowly. The premise all inerrantists hold to on some level—albeit in varying degrees—is that an inerrant Bible is the only kind… Read More→

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In a Wilsonian Frame of Mind


That is Doug as opposed to Woodrow (to whom Mencken is giving it good and hard in my morning readings). Our Pennsylvania correspondent sent me a piece that Doug Wilson posted about church officers who voted for President Obama: Any evangelical leader — by which I mean someone like a minister or an elder —… Read More→

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Tim Asks, I Respond


Instead of a call to communion, Tim Bayly calls for clarity: After years trying to explain Federal Vision to confused souls, I’ve taken to putting it this way: “Federal Vision theology is a program being carried out by certain men of Lutheran background, tastes, or sensibilities who are working to import Lutheran errors into the… Read More→

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Church Membership beats W-w


Thanks to Ross Douthat who notes that “conservative Protestants who attend services rarely have slightly higher divorce rates than the religiously-unaffiliated, while nominally-Catholic young adults have divorce rates that are slightly lower than the unaffiliated but more than three times (!) as high as the rate for frequent mass-goers.” In other words, think you’re religious… Read More→

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Beware Where Anti-Dualism Takes You


It is of some interest to see the ties between the heavy hand of BBist transformationalism and the more palatable forms among progressive neo-Calvinists. Pinch hitting for Tim and David, Craig French may stretch to the breaking point the BBs opposition to 2k and its affirmation of the spirituality of the church: Whatever we do… Read More→

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Whom Are You Going to Believe?


Is Christianity a religion of salvation? Christianity is a salvation religion, and it offers to save us from is sin. According to the Christian story, God became incarnate in Jesus Christ, and then suffered and died on the cross, to save us from our sins. The premise upon which all this is grounded is, of… Read More→

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