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Church Membership beats W-w


Thanks to Ross Douthat who notes that “conservative Protestants who attend services rarely have slightly higher divorce rates than the religiously-unaffiliated, while nominally-Catholic young adults have divorce rates that are slightly lower than the unaffiliated but more than three times (!) as high as the rate for frequent mass-goers.” In other words, think you’re religious… Read More→

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Beware Where Anti-Dualism Takes You


It is of some interest to see the ties between the heavy hand of BBist transformationalism and the more palatable forms among progressive neo-Calvinists. Pinch hitting for Tim and David, Craig French may stretch to the breaking point the BBs opposition to 2k and its affirmation of the spirituality of the church: Whatever we do… Read More→

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Whom Are You Going to Believe?


Is Christianity a religion of salvation? Christianity is a salvation religion, and it offers to save us from is sin. According to the Christian story, God became incarnate in Jesus Christ, and then suffered and died on the cross, to save us from our sins. The premise upon which all this is grounded is, of… Read More→

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Would the PCUSA Hire Me?

Morris the Cat

What if I claimed to be channeling God’s Spirit, the way that More Light Presbyterians say the Holy Spirit descended upon the PCUSA’s General Assembly during its recent vote to allow Presbyterians ministers to officiate at same-sex marriages in state’s where gay marriage is legal. (If you’ve got the Spirit, feathers and all, why does… Read More→

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Seven Good Reasons to Stop Breaking the Sabbath Right Now

Superbowl Sunday

(Inspired by Tim Challies) 1. THE COST TO YOUR SOUL If you are consumed with secular activities and unwilling to devote merely one day a week to God, you have every reason to be concerned with the state of your soul. God promises that if he has saved us we will gain new passions and… Read More→

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Speaking of Celebrity Pastors


I don’t know how many times I’ve read Roman Catholic authors complain about Pope Francis’ treatment in the press. Here‘s one of the latest: Following Jesus without deviating will get you smeared every time. I think it’s a rule of some sort, written by Satan a couple of thousand years ago. It even happened to… Read More→

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Celebrity Wives of Pastors

Private Lives of Nashville Wives

More ruminations of celebrity pastors by Tom Chantry has Carl Trueman commenting on the danger of ministers becoming too big to fail. He even thinks it plausible for a pastor in a celebrity context to do things that are otherwise unjustifiable: It is always interesting to speculate as to why otherwise good, intelligent and thoughtful… Read More→

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If Christ Is Preparing a Place, What Are Transformationalists Doing?


It is an odd thought if you partake of the neo-Calvinist w-w, the thought being that Christ has ascended and is now preparing a place for his people (John 14:2-3). Neo-Calvinists are trying to take every square inch captive here while their Lord, the one who says, “mine!” is preparing a place there where all… Read More→

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Here I stand

Somewhere during the past few weeks I recall reading something about the origins of the episcopate and Ambrose’s contention that obedience to the bishop was of the essence of episcopacy. (That may generate titters from those in the Episcopal Church or the Reformed Episcopal Church, but it still goes with the territory of a universal… Read More→

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Speaking of New York City Circa When Harry Met Sally


Sam Desocio thinks the shelf life of Tim Keller and urban ministry may have expired. For one thing, the reasons for doing urban ministry that motivated Keller in the 1990s are now mainstream, tired and maybe even trite: As a church planter I often have the opportunity to spend time with other ministry leaders and… Read More→

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