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I Guess Crossway Will Not Be Publishing the Collected Works of John Murray Soon


From the 1966 OPC report on whether or not to admit Baptists to church membership (from our Mid-West correspondent): The committee considers, however, that to admit to communicant membership those who “refuse” to present their children for baptism would constitute a weakening of the witness the church bears to the ordinance of infant baptism as… Read More→

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How Far Is the Sidestream from the Main One?

ABC's Portraits Of The 86th Annual Academy Awards Host Ellen DeGeneres

Travels to Hungary earlier this week and a pleasant conversation with a young woman training to be a pastor in the Hungarian Reformed Church got me thinking about women, gender, and how important male clergy is to “the gospel.” This woman could not quite wrap her mind around the idea that a church still places… Read More→

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I Feel His Pain

Holy Thursday feet

And I imagine that Boniface could feel mine even though the Tiber separates us. Boniface explains why conservative or traditional Roman Catholics are worried about Pope Francis and the recent public foot washings are just one example. People prone to view conservatives as folks who don’t care for the poor or oppressed, or who think… Read More→

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Why Aren’t More Americans Gospel Allies?

yes we can

According to a recent Pew survey: Americans are more religious and Americans are more hopeful about their ability to improve their future than are other wealthy countries. Americans are more prone to think hard work will uplift, to reject thinking that outside forces control their destinies, to be happy and to prioritize religion. Over half… Read More→

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How Inorganic


Why do pseudo-Calvinists complain so much about mean Calvinists? If you thought much about total depravity in your own life, you might not be in a nice frame of mind during waking hours. Or if you pondered most of the Bible, saw what happens to law breakers or how Christ interacts with the self-righteous, you… Read More→

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Do Celebrity Pastors (like TKNY) Have Authority?


Or is fame the primary aspect of aspect of celebrity? And if a celebrity actually tries to use his fame or influence to restrain someone, does he lose his celebrity? I generated these questions when reading a response to City Church‘s (San Francisco) decision not to discriminate on the basis of sexual identity and behavior:… Read More→

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Southern Baptists and Jason and the Callers Together


SBC Today continues to press hard against Calvinism, this time by sponsoring a conference with four former “Calvinists” under the theme, “Leaving Geneva” (hello! Geneva is not in the South): Please join us for supper! We will explore the journeys of four former Calvinists who have each found a spiritual home within our tradition. Afterward,… Read More→

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Always is a Long Time


Over at Commonweal, the interpreters interpreting THE interpreter, assert something about the unchanging nature of Roman Catholic teaching: The Catholic Church has always taught that the right to private property is never absolute, and must always be subordinated to common use—making sure that the needs of all are met. And while collectivism can elevate common… Read More→

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If You Don’t Go to Church, What Do You Do with A Coalition?

Martini Feature Box

The Bar Jester, previously Calvinist now Eastern Orthodox, explains why going to church is not the way to think or even be (hence all that ontological language): It’s not quite right because “go” and “going” are words wholly inadequate to the reality of membership. It may be that in “going” to a building you enact… Read More→

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