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Taking Every Inch But Not The Lord’s Day Captive


We do know that Walter doesn’t roll on Shomer Shabbos. We should have also known that if Bubba Watson won at Augusta, the Allies — like clock work — would be all over it. Opportunities to root, root, root for the home team shall not be passed up, even if unbelievers may find the self-congratulations… Read More→

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All Roads Do Not Lead to Redeemer NYC


Finally an acknowledgement by the Allies that not everyone is cut out for life in Manhattan under the oversight of Presbyterian elders. In an interview with authors of a book on how to prepare kids for college, we receive the following candor: College is more expensive than ever. But with regard to future earnings prospects,… Read More→

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Pietistic (not harmonic) Convergence


I believe this was in print before we learned the theology of puff pastry: A year ago, I prepared a last minute Thanksgiving feast for my husband, kids and myself. In the end, it was a lot of food for just four people and sure enough, we had a lot of leftovers. While I was… Read More→

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To Which Church Do You Belong?


The fault line that still doesn’t show up on the Allies’ radar: The recent controversy surrounding World Vision USA’s decision to open employment to same-sex couples and the organization’s subsequent reversal reveals the fault lines in evangelicalism today. For the evangelicals distraught by World Vision’s initial decision, the controversy was never about the legitimacy or… Read More→

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Taking Every Square (Liquid) Ounce Captive


In honor of the series running over at TGC on pastries, Old Calvinists may be in the mood for a post that has less to do with flour and more with peat. The following is also a confirmation of a point made one student this morning during discussion of Progressivism and Prohibition. I had not… Read More→

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Neo-Calvinists, New Calvinists, and Roman Catholics Together?


Both have trouble thinking about Christianity apart from culture. Drawing together this vision of Scripture we see that God intends us to have dominion over the earth and the rest of creation – which means we must care for it and shape it. This is the foundation of culture, rooted in the land, which we… Read More→

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Did Jesus Die So We Could Eat German Chocolate Cake?


Do the every-square-inchers ever worry that making the gospel relevant to all of life may wind up depriving Christ’s work of its true significance? Bethany Jenkins is starting a series on the theology of dessert for the allies of the gospel (thanks to our southern correspondent). Weight gain is certainly a new way to put… Read More→

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Have These Guys Never Heard of Bandwagon Jumpers?


Thanks to John Fea for a reminder of Chris Gerhz’s aid to the anti-hype cause: I’d happily entertain attempts to persuade me that if Christians want “to have impact and effect on a society [they] must lead from the center of culture and not from the periphery.” I guess I’m wary of this “creeping New… Read More→

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No Narrative, No Clue


One of the odder aspects of the New Calvinism is how little historical awareness its proponents have. Consider the following in response to Tim Challies’ chart (which gave historical legitimacy to the movement by including the publication of George Marsden’s biography of Jonathan Edwards): There is a difference between a movement and a reformation, and… Read More→

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More Gall


Now the New Calvinists are telling us about the need for church unity: The history of Christian thought leaves no place for unbridled individualism. The Nicene Creed declares that we are “one church” (unam ecclesiam), and according to the Westminster Confession, such oneness has implications for our corporate identity: “The catholic or universal church, which… Read More→

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