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Do We Need a Federal Agency to Regulate Religious Identity?


I was reading this piece over the weekend on home schooling and the author struck me with her use of identifications: From its inception, the movement included both religious homeschoolers who sought to remove secular influences from their children’s lives, and secular homeschoolers whose motivations were based on beliefs about child development. After the Supreme… Read More→

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Is This Constitutional?


The similarities between neo-Calvinist and Roman Catholic transformers continue to be remarkable (at least to all about me). Adding to the remarkableness is that the inspiration for cleaning up public life or for motivating Christians to become involved can go in either politically conservative or liberal directions. What is more, the ideas don’t need to… Read More→

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Set Your Sights Even Higher


Forget about trying to be Jesus. Now be creator. . . . teaching our children how to cooperate with God in the work of creation is a perfectly fitting job for us as Catholic parents. Genesis points out five tasks given the human race in the Garden: marriage, fruitfulness, rule, work, and worship. In all… Read More→

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Could This Happen in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod?


Would confessional Lutherans have ever fallen for the Alex Marlarkey story of dying and going to heaven and coming back to life? (Wasn’t the last name a tip-off?) Would confessional Presbyterians be so gullible for that matter? Here’s one account of what happened: Tyndale House Publishers has stopped production of the book and DVD of… Read More→

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Forget New Calvinism


Next up New Anglicanism: Editors’ note: At the 2015 National Conference, TGC will be hosting a workshop on Anglicanism, “The Anglican Book of Common Prayer: What Relevance Does It Have to Today’s Contemporary Worship?” and a focus gathering, “The Resurgence of Reformation Anglicanism.” Both sessions will be led by John Yates III and John Yates… Read More→

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Bow Your Heads, and Close Your Eyes


While you read a blog post prayer: My Good and Gracious Father, You have brought me safely through another year. This was a year in which I saw and experienced so much of your goodness. You were good when you gave, and you were good when you took away; you were good when the sun… Read More→

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Resoluteness is Next to Godliness


Tim Challies never uses the word sanctification in connection with New Year’s resolutions, but why you would encourage Christians to pray about resolving to improve oneself (like walking more and talking less) is uncertain: HOW TO MAKE A RESOLUTION THAT STICKS Do you want to make a resolution that sticks? Then here’s what you can… Read More→

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Redefining Declension So Numbers Ascend


When you are having trouble with lack of resolve and dwindling numbers among the communicants (and clergy), you find a different paradigm that allows you to turn defeat into victory. For instance, David Robertson reported on efforts within the Church of Scotland to advance Christianity and extend membership: Rev John Chalmers, Moderator of the Church… Read More→

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New Calvinism is Warmed-Over New Evangelicalism with a Hint of Hipster


John Turner’s post about Henrietta Mears reminded me of a thought I have had for some time — namely, that the New Calvinism and Gospel Coalition are simply trying to do what Carl Henry and Harold John Ockenga were trying to do in the world of Protestantism outside the mainline churches. Mears was arguably the… Read More→

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