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Has Aaron Sorkin been Reading John Calvin?


The Hart home has a problem. The missus and I are about 2/3 of the way through season four of The Wire (for at least the third time for the whole series), and we are also making our way pleasantly through West Wing thanks to being smitten by Newsroom. As I’ve tried to explain elsewhere,… Read More→

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No It’s Not


Evangelicalism’s greatest problem is its beliefs. So thinks Jake Meador: Evangelicalism’s biggest problem with regards to those outside evangelicalism isn’t our image, it’s our beliefs. That’s why Louie Giglio was uninvited from President Obama’s second inaugural. That’s why there was a mass freakout about Chick-fil-a despite the fact that even gay rights activists admitted that… Read More→

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The Sabbatarian Option for the Benedictines


Noah Millman legitimately wants specifics about the Benedictine Option (and here I thought it was an after dinner cocktail): Ok, then: monasteries were communities of celibates who held property in common. Anyone from the outside could join the community by taking the necessary vows, and non-votaries could visit, even dwell with the community for a… Read More→

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Woe to Dualism

holistic orb

Is Neo-Calvinism the gateway drug to Islam? Here‘s why I ask: Western observers have difficulty making sense of this Renewal because of our Western biases concerning religion and politics: “The most important source of Western confusion about the meaning of the Renewal is the insistence on distinguishing between Islam as religion and so-called political Islam.… Read More→

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Why Larry Sanders Is Brilliant


John Fea is sad to see David Letterman go. I am too, even though I haven’t watched late night television for a long time. I am equally sad to see a younger generation of Americans (as in my students) with no familiarity with late night talk shows. When I was a kid, getting to stay… Read More→

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The Land of the Free and the Free Lance


The Mencken Society, with which I am delighted to be associated, is republishing H. L. Mencken’s Free Lance columns daily for the next four-and-a-half years: On the 8th of May, We begin daily publication (with the exclusion of Sundays) of Mr Mencken’s Free Lance columns, each column posted on its its anniversary date. Mr Mencken… Read More→

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Rush Hour in Kampen

amsterdam (1)

Over a decade ago I participated in a conference at Kampen sponsored by the theological institute of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands Liberated. After clearing my head from the cobwebs of jet lag, I looked out my downtown hotel window to observe teams of Dutch cyclists. They were not out for exercise but dressed… Read More→

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Can We Talk About Prayer Meetings?


Paul Levy and I have, but the differences of our talk may be worth considering. Like many evangelicals who seem to need to show their piety (despite our Lord’s warning about praying that others can see us at prayer), Levy provides a number of reasons for the week night “gathering” that seem to have less… Read More→

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Where are B-s Detectors When You Need Them?

Baltimore Park Ave

AJ reminds via Saul Bellow that New York City is good at business but not at culture: New York is a publishing center, the business center of American culture. Here culture is prepared, processed and distributed. Here the publishers with their modern apparatus for printing, billing, shipping, editing, advertising and accounting, with their specialized personnel,… Read More→

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