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What Would Jesus Do?


Don’t bake those remains. Bury them. . . . my postmortem body continues to embody memories of who I am. Let’s say that death has come calling for me. What will my wife and children, my parents and sister, see when they see me? They’ll see the man whom they still love. They will not… Read More→

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What Would John McWhorter Say?


For one, he might say that this afternoon’s conversation about race, sponsored by the Gospel Coalition, is not really necessary: Despite frequent claims that America “doesn’t want to talk about race,” we talk about it 24/7 amidst ringing declamations against racism on all forms. Over the past year’s time, I need only mention Trayvon Martin,… Read More→

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Back to the Regularly Schedule Outrage

Martin Luther King Jr.

So as I was cooking yesterday morning in preparation for last night’s congregational hymn sing and December (near Christmas) pot providence supper, I had NPR on with Diane Rehm leading a group of men through a discussion of the Senate’s report on CIA torture. And I’m thinking, first Ferguson, then Ray Rice, then Eric Garner.… Read More→

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All that Flesh, and No Where to Put It


Mark Jones departs from the Puritan opposition to Advent and Christmas by posting about the incarnation. But once again his excitement to make a point may get the better of him: This shows us just how much God loves “flesh” (i.e., human nature). God is forever identified with humanity because of the incarnation. Thus, heaven… Read More→

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Do You See What I See?

side show bob

Haven’t heard the carol yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. This post from Guy Noir at the Pertinacious Papist brought the Christmas carol to mind and it concerns our peaceful interlocutor, Bryan Cross, and why he doesn’t see what others do. First Guy quotes a critic of Called to Communion but does not link to… Read More→

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Mickey Rooney

Tim Challies identifies five ugly qualities of the anti-elder (do they have beautiful features?): The anti-elder is a dictator. Paul says, “He must not be arrogant.” The anti-elder is marked by arrogance and aggression, and therefore he makes decisions that are to his own advantage rather than to the advantage of the people in his… Read More→

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Speaking of Chaplains


The authors of the Marriage Pledge are arguing that Christian (Protestant and Roman Catholic) ministers can no longer participate in civil wedding ceremonies because the new definition of marriage compromises the Christian one — never mind that Roman Catholics and Protestants do not actually agree on the definition of Christian marriage (sacrament or not?). They… Read More→

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Piece o’ Cake?

Martha with pieces

Not only can Christians put sin to death, they can also take charge of email (and more and more and more). Tim Challies explains how. Here’s point 7 out of 9 on the sin front: #7. BATTLE Battle hard against the first awakenings of that sin. Never, ever allow yourself to play with sin. Never… Read More→

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Women Grow Up


The flower fades. The photographs that comprise the New York Times’ story about a photographer, Nicholas Nixon, who as taken shots of his wife and her three sisters every year for four decades are truly remarkable (thanks to our domestic correspondent). It is the photographic version of the Up Series. Throughout this series, we watch… Read More→

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Why Don’t Hard Questions Occur to Christians?

dunbar wi

So if you were a historic Southern Baptist institution located in one of the former border states — think Kentucky — where would you want to start a branch campus? Dunbar, Wisconsin? You betcha. The town was founded in 1888 during a period of thriving logging industry in the Wisconsin northern woods. At that time… Read More→

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