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If Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God, Can’t the Forgiven and Unforgiven Too?


The latest from Wheaton College is that Larycia Hawkins and the College have agreed to part ways. In the leaks that led to this apparently amicable determination was an email from Wheaton’s provost, Stan Jones, who apologized for his handling of the incident. According to Alan Jacobs, Jones wrote: I asked Dr. Hawkins for her… Read More→

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H. L. Mencken Wasn’t Roman Catholic and He Could Write

soft crabs

First Christian presidents and now Peter Leithart explores Christian writers. Why do Christians feel the need to describe human activities in the context of sanctification? Isn’t that a tad provincial? Leithart’s argument is that because Roman Catholics rely more on sacraments than Protestants who treat them as merely symbols, Roman Catholicism produces better writers: Marburg… Read More→

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C-Folds or Rolls of Paper Towels


The resurrection of Jesus will help you decide (courtesy of neo-Calvinism): To put it another way, one who says that their commitment to the primacy of preaching, leads them to have little regard for the music, parking, greeting, signage, aesthetics, friendliness, hands-on ministry, evangelism, outreach, care-giving, announcements, and so on, is simply theologizing their laziness… Read More→

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Terry Mattingly is Tightening My Jaws


Mr. Mattingly’s point, as someone with journalistic credibility, is to point out how journalists get religion stories wrong. I get it. Reporters make mistakes. Worse, they have bias. But what if Mr. Mattingly gets journalists wrong? Case in point. He pits the New York Times’ and Boston Globe’s (via Crux) coverage of Pope Francis’ refusal… Read More→

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Do We Need Transcendence to Plow Streets?

The Wire - Season 5 - Aiden Gillen as Councilman Thomas Carcetti - Paul Schiraldi/HBO

Press Conference. Rawls, Daniels, Burrell, Carcetti.

Neo-Calvinist praise from David Koyzis for Bruce Ashford’s contention that political liberals and political conservatives both lack transcendence: Politics in the United States has, for some time, assumed a binary structure. On one side stand the Republicans, who represent conservatism. On the other side stand the Democrats, who represent progressivism. But what most Americans fail… Read More→

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Olive Kitteridge and Larry David Are Popular for a Reason


Maybe the reason is that people who watch HBO are not sanctified. But I do wonder why the Christian world seems to view niceness, friendliness, and optimism the way much of the network television audience does — as if people who are all the time happy, cooperative, and encouraging are the way we should really… Read More→

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Advancing the Conversation?

Omar and Mouzone

It was not so long ago, after Michael Brown’s death, that lots of people in Reformed circles were calling for a conversation about race. After almost two years and after listening to some of the chatter, I am not so hopeful. Anyone who wants a version of how that conversation is going among people without… Read More→

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Why This Won’t End Well For Wheaton


If Bill Smith thinks Michelle Higgins’ endorsement of Black Lives Matter at Urbana won’t end well for the PCA, imagine what will happen when the BLM folks figure out that a black professor may be about to lose her job at a white-dominated college. An African-American tenured professor!!!! HELLO! And students at Princeton think they… Read More→

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My 2016 Resolution


(Inspired — I hope — by Jonathan Edwards and New Calvinist examples): The Doug-Sowers rule now applies to VD, T. Any comment addressed to him will be deleted. May the ghost of Ben Franklin be electrified.

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Teach Us To Number Our Years

hudsucker industries

I have never understood the festivities surrounding the change of the annual calendar, especially when academic and fiscal calendars so often fail to align with the solar year. Mind you, an excuse to party is always welcome, though the advance of years means that New Year’s Eve parties throw a big wrench into the biological… Read More→

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