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Is Grace Everywhere?


So Mark Jones keeps telling us and since we have no way to comment at his blog we will once again adopt the role of servants serving servers by opening up comments here. First, Jones says that lots of Reformed theologians, backed up by Richard Muller — apparently Jones favorite strategy for finding room to… Read More→

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A W-w App?


If this story is any indication, we may not have much longer to wait: PURITANISM, wrote H.L. Mencken, is “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy.” Half a century later, the prissiest Americans are haunted by a different fear: that they may buy cheese made by someone whose opinions they do not share.… Read More→

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Show Me the Currency!


Why the Scots should listen to economists more than pastors when it comes to temporal affairs: One of the strongest practical arguments against Scottish independence, made by Paul Krugman this weekend, is that an independent Scotland would actually wind up with less control over its economy than it does now – because it would have… Read More→

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The Old Testament Solution to the NFL’s Ray Rice Problem


Don’t fire him. Keep him on the team and playing with the starters. Let me explain. I have yet to see anyone opine that this imbroglio reflects the ongoing problem of race relations in the U.S. but I am not sure why. When did professional sports’ servant leaders come down as hard on white players… Read More→

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From “The Wire” to Ferguson

HBO's"Treme"Season #1

David Simon, the creator of The Wire (say that in hushed tones), wrote this before Missouri authorities revealed the identity of the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown. It reinforces the point that police and law enforcement professionals bear an enormous responsibility for the health of race relations in the U.S. But Simon also… Read More→

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Degrees of Pain

Six Degrees of Separation

Ligon Duncan links to a piece by Bryan Loritts on his reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown. Loritts explains why others need to hear him about his pain: If you sense exasperation from we African-American’s over yet another news story of a black man slain at the hands of a white man, this is… Read More→

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Why Sex and Candor Don’t Mix


H. L. Mencken weighs in: In the relations between the sexes all beauty is founded upon romance, all romance is founded upon mystery, and all mystery is founded upon ignorance, or, failing that, upon the deliberate denial of the known truth. To be in love is merely to be in a state of perceptual anaesthesia—to… Read More→

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Ann Coulter Is Not Sexy But She May Have a Point


The right’s answer to Bill Maher, the lovely, the talented, Ann Coulter seems to have touched a nerve with her post about Dr. Kent Brantly, the physician who contracted Ebola in Liberia and is now (after being evacuated) receiving treatment in Atlanta. Ann thinks the $2 million spent on the Dr.’s medically air-tight flight will… Read More→

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Evangelicals Are So Sexy

Kate b

(Thanks to Alice Kinnon from Whit Stillman’s Last Days of Disco) I cannot recommend sufficiently highly the interview that Ken Myers did sometime back with Robbie George about his book on marriage. The missus and I listened to it (again for me) over the weekend and I started to wonder what kind of instruction the… Read More→

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Machen Day (on the Julian Calendar almost)


Celebrations of Machen’s birthday (July 28, 1881) took me to an undisclosed location where Internet access was impossible. In the spirit of jaywalking, limited government, and Reformed theology, here is Machen on friendship: Now I know perfectly well that friendships cannot be made to order — it is far too subtle a thing for that:… Read More→

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