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Are Christian W-w Voters Selfish?


A curious exchange today at American Conservative between Alan Jacobs and Noah Millman over voting for a party that both supports religious freedom and wars on behalf of liberty. Jacobs, the Christian, writes: Now, some Christians might also argue that the Church exists for others, so that promoting religious freedom, even at the cost of… Read More→

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So Long, Mr. Utley

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Brad Lidge, catcher Carlos Ruiz and first baseman Ryan Howard are mobbed by teammates as they celebrate after defeating the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 5 of the World Series in Philadelphia, October 29, 2008. REUTERS/Mike Segar

I hesitate to write about Philadelphia sports here because my partner in crime is a New York fan (Mets, Rangers, Jets, Knicks). But since I just learned that John Muether was at the game in Philadelphia last night where Chase Utley may have put on a Phillies uniform for the last time, all restraint is… Read More→

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Telling Fibs about Saving Lives


The Lutheran Satire pastor, Hans Fiene, is the latest to defend David Daleiden’s deceit. Thankfully, he does not mention journalism. Unthankfully, he does mention fascist Germans: The lie of the CMP is, therefore, the obliging lie — seeking to protect the lives of our littlest neighbors. It’s the same lie told by people who say… Read More→

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Spotting the Difference between Piety and Snark


Old Life regular, vd, t, offered this advice for how to respond to climate change: —Plug in your clocks only when you absolutely have to know what time it is. If you need the alarm, get up five minutes early to set it. —Al Gore says cigarettes are a significant cause of global warming, so… Read More→

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Reading Other People’s Mail


This communication to the most powerful government in the world inspired me to make public one of mine to the most powerful news reporting agency on the planet: May 18, 2005 To the editor of the New York Times: Mark Lilla’s brief for liberal biblical religion in “Church Meets State” is odd for a couple… Read More→

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Biblical Pessimism

UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1800:  (AUSTRALIA OUT) Photo of Bob HOPE  (Photo by GAB Archive/Redferns)

Today’s reading took me again to Roman Catholic and Kuyperian expressions of optimism. In the face of mounting evidence that our society is coarsening, Billy Boyce and Michael Sean Winters affirm hope. First, pastor Boyce (the Kuyperian): But there is a way forward. Kuyper’s emphasis on the antithesis keeps us humble, recognizing that there will… Read More→

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(with all that mind of Christ) Why Don’t Christians See This?


Some people think that faith makes people more discerning, more willing to subject contemporary life to a higher norm. A while back, Ross Douthat picked up on this and Rod Dreher extended the conversation in reference to Charles Taylor’s account of secularity. In essence, Douthat was arguing that a secular outlook was more limiting and… Read More→

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Boys Will Be Boys

Andrew Sullivan 3

Can’t say I’m all that pleased with the new New Republic. When the current subscription runs out, that will bring to an end thirty years of worthwhile magazine reading. Here’s part of what’s wrong. The new New Republic is so gay-friendly that its editors don’t seem to notice certain inconsistencies. For instance, in the July/August… Read More→

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Collective Guilt

people living in glass house

At first I thought I was clear because I’m not Tim Bayly, Tim Keller, or PCA: Bayly Blog has published a piece by Lucas Weeks, an assistant pastor at Clearnote Church, in which he argues that the root of abortion is feminism. He contends that the PCA soft-peddles feminism; thus the PCA is complicit in… Read More→

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Journalists and Saints Together


Push back on questioning David Daleiden’s explanation of his Planned Parenthood videos got me thinking — it sometimes happens — about the ethics of journalism. One of the strongest pushes came from those who say that Daleiden is only doing what journalists do. Which is sort of like saying that journalists don’t have to tell… Read More→

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