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Why Expect Mid-Westerns to Transcend Time and Place?


If other folks are products of their environment, why should the faculty and administration at Wheaton College be any different? Alan Jacobs, though, thinks that Wheaton College is provincial (and implicitly that non-white evangelicals coming through graduate school and advanced degrees hold on to their inherited culture): I believe — I have good reason to… Read More→

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Spotting the Difference


Those who don’t distinguish between the sacred and secular: Daniel Kirk: There’s a lot of that going on in the Lectionary readings for the second week of Christmas. My podcast guest, Eric Barreto, looks at the heavenly, cosmic imagery of Ephesians and warns us not to too sharply draw the line between heaven and earth.… Read More→

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At Least Pretty Good?

Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park, Toroweap Overlook a vertical panorama of the Canyon from Rim to River. (Photo by: Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Is this what happens when the Bible has to take a number behind Homer and Aristotle? Our students immerse themselves in the Great Books (the Western Canon), the Good Book (the Bible), and God’s “First Book” (nature)—all of which we consider necessary for a true liberal education. Our humanities curriculum starts our freshmen off in… Read More→

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I Guess He’s Not Heard of Neo-Calvinism


From a piece about Roger Scruton‘s religious convictions: In I Drink Therefore I Am, Scruton ventured this thought: “A great wine is a cultural achievement, not available to Protestants, atheists or believers in progress, since it depends on the survival of local gods. One of the greatest goods bestowed on France by the Catholic Church… Read More→

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Having Your Organism and Organizing It Too


Tim Keller devotes several chapters to cultural engagement in his book Center Church. In it he shows that he may have as much time as Fr. Dwight does for reading and reflection beyond sermon prep. Keller sees problems in both the transformational model and 2k, and in his ever constant search for a “third” way,… Read More→

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The Sabbatarian Option for the Benedictines


Noah Millman legitimately wants specifics about the Benedictine Option (and here I thought it was an after dinner cocktail): Ok, then: monasteries were communities of celibates who held property in common. Anyone from the outside could join the community by taking the necessary vows, and non-votaries could visit, even dwell with the community for a… Read More→

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How Others See U.S.


They sound a lot like U.S. The Good: America is a blessed nation. Visiting New York and seeing Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty is a great reminder of how much blessing has been brought to and through America. For many decades, with all its faults, the USA has been a bastion of liberty… Read More→

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What if Culture, Like the Heavens and Earth, is Ephemeral?


Just to follow up on what to do about a culture in decay, I couldn’t help but notice what the Psalmist writes in Ps. 102: 25 Of old you laid the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands. 26 They will perish, but you will remain; they will all… Read More→

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Would the Benedict Option Allow for Gay Abbots?


Not to be a mean Calvinist jerk, but the discussion of Christians leaving the cultural mainstream for a Christian enclave — the so-called Benedict Option — strikes me increasingly as just one more way that modern Christians can think of themselves either as superior or victim while paying not much heed to the idea of… Read More→

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