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Spooked by Monarchy


A curious wrinkle in the differences between Presbyterians and Reformed Protestants is the way the former talk about Christ as king. Both teach about the mediatorial offices of Christ as prophet, priest, and king. But when it comes to church order, Presbyterians refer to Christ as king of the church while Reformed speak of Christ… Read More→

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Less American Than Thou


Thanks go to Tommie Kidd for actually recognizing that confessional Protestantism may be a category distinct from evangelicalism (all about me alert): The second group are Reformed/confessionalist Christians, often associated with traditional Presbyterian or Reformed denominations such as the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. This is the easiest category of the four, because many of these Christians… Read More→

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The Preferred Outlook for Ecclesial Reformed Protestants — You Guessed It


Bill Evans recently wrote about the importance of ecclesiology and made recommendations for seminarians. Nothing wrong with the post except that Evans doesn’t seem to notice that 2kers are the ones who have been arguing for the importance of ecclesiology (as opposed to the Unionists, transformationalists, theonomists, and New Calvinists). My own bona fides (all… Read More→

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Let My People Go


If the Israelis can distinguish between an Arab Christian and an Arab Muslim, why can’t Americans tell the difference between an evangelical and a Reformed Protestant? (Supply your own punchline.) This thought experiment came to mind when reading this: An Israeli bill will grant legal distinction between Israel’s Muslim and Christian Arabs for the first… Read More→

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Does the L in TULIP Stand for Living in Denial?


A while back Bill Smith, Presbyterian in exile, made this observation about the ongoing debates in Reformed circles over antinomianism and sanctification: I think I understand the problem the “obedience boys” have with the “grace boys.” It is that the “grace boys” can seem to teach grace in such a way as to make people… Read More→

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How To Tell If Your Religious Liberties Are Under Siege

Jay S

Our Pennsylvania correspondent sent word of this post which contains this chart: This is helpful and puts the difficulties that North American Christians face in a category different from the one Eritrean Christians endure. But isn’t the issue for most neo-Calvinists and subscribers to w-w ideology that you know your rights are being violated when… Read More→

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At Least They Can’t Blame the United States


Tracey Rowland, one of the Augustinian Thomists, who is no fan of Whig Thomists, the ones who like the United States and argue for Roman Catholicism’s compatibility with it, wonders what’s going on in Belgium, the Roman Catholic country that just passed a child euthanasia bill: I first visited Belgium in 2004 to attend a… Read More→

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Why Do the Critics of 2K and Heterodox Political Theorists Sound So Similar?


I wonder if Rabbi Brett, the BBs, and other transformers of culture (neo-Calvinist or not) would be troubled by Ronald Beiner’s observations in “Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Rousseau on Civil Religion” (Review of Politics, Autumn 1993). According to Machiavelli, Christianity: devalued honor and glorified passive martyrdom, has taught me to be humble, self-abnegating and contemptuous of… Read More→

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American Exceptionalism as Civil Religion


Two Peters are debating the current health of American conservatism. Peter Beinart and Peter Berkowitz are assessing the hold that American exceptionalism has on Americans and who is to blame for this understanding’s decline. I am less concerned about the merits of American exceptionalism or who is responsible for tarnishing the nation’s image than I… Read More→

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