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Hard or Soft?

soft crispy steak tacos-1

Yesterday I participated in an ETS panel on The New Calvinism. (Here is one of the presentations. Here is evident of another ETS sighting.) One thing that I kept asking myself and then asked everyone in open discussion was why so few New Calvinists ask hard questions about the movement. People talk a lot about… Read More→

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Is Warren Cole Smith an Evangelical?


On the one hand, the associate publisher of World Magazine warns about people who call themselves evangelical but aren’t: 3. Not everyone who calls himself an evangelical is an evangelical. We have an old saying in my part of the South: “Just because my dog sleeps in the garage, that doesn’t make him a pick-up… Read More→

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Piece o’ Cake?

Martha with pieces

Not only can Christians put sin to death, they can also take charge of email (and more and more and more). Tim Challies explains how. Here’s point 7 out of 9 on the sin front: #7. BATTLE Battle hard against the first awakenings of that sin. Never, ever allow yourself to play with sin. Never… Read More→

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Is This What A McDonald’s “Chef” Says To Himself?


That’s the analogy that Kevin DeYoung and Ryan Kelly’s brief for the Gospel Coalition brought to mind. They begin by asking: Should Christians who share many of the most important theological commitments partner across denominational lines for mutual support and collaborative ministry? Are there historical precedents for the kind of gospel networks we see flourishing… Read More→

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Does My Local Church Have the Authority to Contradict George Whitefield?


A recent survey indicated that 90 percent of evangelicals think the local church has no authority to declare whether a person is a believer. The responses from evangelical leaders indicated that upwards of 90 percent of those with authority in the church think the church has authority. Go figure. Here are a few of the… Read More→

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Reformation Day Sobriety Test

The Killing (Season 1)

Travels and responsibilities from a former life have taken me to Wheaton College this weekend for the closing public events of the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals. I directed the place from 1989 to 1993 and learned much from the Institute’s senior directors and many programs. In reflecting on my time at the… Read More→

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Can We Reach Them (and Can We Afford To)?


Are sounds of doubt and uncertainty beginning to echo out of the Big Apple? First, Tim Keller writes a book notice on Matthew Bowman’s The Urban Pulpit: New York City and the Fate of Liberal Evangelicalism. Although he sounds confident that New York City now has churches who teach “historic orthodox doctrine” and are “also… Read More→

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Mark Driscoll is to Ray Rice . . .


what Tim Keller is to Roger Goodell. At least that’s how TKNY’s quotation in the New York Times story about Driscoll occurred to me: A front-page story in The New York Times on August 23 had suggested that Driscoll’s empire was “imploding.” “He was really important—in the Internet age, Mark Driscoll definitely built up the… Read More→

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What Must I Do to be Left Behind from Evangelicalism?


I have long complained that evangelicalism is one of those associations from which it is impossible to extricate yourself. Ron Wells, one of the editors of The Reformed Journal, used to joke that he would be glad to return his evangelical membership card but didn’t know where to send it. The bigger joke may have… Read More→

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Calvinism without Charisma


Donald McLeod makes astute observations about the real danger of the so-called New Calvinism: it is clueless about worship. McLeod writes (thanks to our southern correspondent): . . . just as the grey squirrel threatens our native reds with extinction, so this brash New Calvinism threatens our historic Scottish Calvinism. It will eat us up,… Read More→

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