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If Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God, Can’t the Forgiven and Unforgiven Too?


The latest from Wheaton College is that Larycia Hawkins and the College have agreed to part ways. In the leaks that led to this apparently amicable determination was an email from Wheaton’s provost, Stan Jones, who apologized for his handling of the incident. According to Alan Jacobs, Jones wrote: I asked Dr. Hawkins for her… Read More→

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Today’s Lesson in Ecclesiology


From the far right: After Pope Benedict XVI resigned, there was a near-universal agreement among Church leaders that his successor should make it a top priority to bring the Roman Curia under more effective control: that is, to govern the Vatican well. In the daily conferences leading up to the 2013 conclave, one cardinal after… Read More→

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If It’s Obvious It Can’t Be True


So what is up with the Trumpophobia? This post made me think about posting about Donald Trump. Lots of people are trying to figure out how serious Christians who self-identify as evangelical could support a politician as raucous, impolitic, and self-important as Trump. I too sometimes wonder about it. But when you connect Trump to… Read More→

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Do Christians and Their Unbaptized Children Pray to the Same God?


The New Calvinists are apparently worried about teaching unbelievers to pray: While it is wise to be discerning with our children as they grow up and to not give them a false sense of security if they’re not actually Christians, I don’t know of any place that the Bible warns parents to beware of teaching… Read More→

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That Clears It Up (for the PCA)


Among the matters that Greg Jao, vice president of InterVarsity, clarified to Rod Dreher: You state that Michelle Higgins spoke as a representative of BlackLivesMatter. That is not correct. Michelle Higgins primary affiliation from Urbana’s perspective is as a minister of South City Church, a PCA congregation which engages in justice activism in St. Louis… Read More→

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Ecumenism vs. Going It Alone


The discussion of Larycia Hawkin’s situation continues. Rod Dreher thinks Wheaton is right to protect its theological borders since it has refused employment to Roman Catholics: Wheaton does police its margins carefully. Catholics are not allowed to teach there, not because Wheaton’s leadership think Catholics are bad people, but because they do not believe a… Read More→

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Why This Won’t End Well For Wheaton


If Bill Smith thinks Michelle Higgins’ endorsement of Black Lives Matter at Urbana won’t end well for the PCA, imagine what will happen when the BLM folks figure out that a black professor may be about to lose her job at a white-dominated college. An African-American tenured professor!!!! HELLO! And students at Princeton think they… Read More→

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Wheaton College: For Christ, His Kingdom, and Islam?

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Thanks to John Fea I now know about a graduate of Wheaton College, Aaron Griffith, who thinks that Dr. Larcyia Hawkins is simply doing what the institution’s founder, Charles Blanshard, would do (WWCBD?): With this history in mind, Hawkins’s activism on behalf of Muslims begins to look a lot less like an aberration and more… Read More→

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What I’ve Been Sayin’


Talk about epistemological uncertainty: “The term ‘evangelical’ is squishy because people use the term differently,” Green said in an email. “This is not uncommon — think of words like ‘middle class,’ ‘moderate,’ or ‘extreme.’” (Indeed, in one recent survey, 87 percent of Americans saw themselves as some form of “middle class.”) Consider that a Catholic… Read More→

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It’s Not A Reason to Re-Think Islam but to Wonder about Graham


John Schmalzbauer has an intriguing point about the kerfuffle at Wheaton over Christians and Muslims worshiping the same God. Previous administrators (before Phil Ryken) had signed a statement affirming solidarity between Christians and Muslims: In November 2007 Wheaton’s president, provost, and chaplain signed a major statement on Christian-Muslim understanding that appeared in The New York… Read More→

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