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Are the New Calvinists Green or On Fire?


Tim Challies engages in a bit of introspection after the most recent kerfuffle surrounding Mark Driscoll. Challies concedes that a problem for the young sovereigntists was their lack of maturity. They were not mature or settled: Bear with me as I artificially divide Driscoll’s ministry into three parts: theology (what he said), practice (how he… Read More→

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Evangelicals Are So Sexy

Kate b

(Thanks to Alice Kinnon from Whit Stillman’s Last Days of Disco) I cannot recommend sufficiently highly the interview that Ken Myers did sometime back with Robbie George about his book on marriage. The missus and I listened to it (again for me) over the weekend and I started to wonder what kind of instruction the… Read More→

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Less American Than Thou


Thanks go to Tommie Kidd for actually recognizing that confessional Protestantism may be a category distinct from evangelicalism (all about me alert): The second group are Reformed/confessionalist Christians, often associated with traditional Presbyterian or Reformed denominations such as the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. This is the easiest category of the four, because many of these Christians… Read More→

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The Evangelical Presbyterian W-w


Okay, remember this is a blog and most of the posts here are merely thinking out loud. And if all of us revealed all of our thoughts, we would likely surprise — even shock — many of those who know us. So here is today’s conundrum: why is it that John Frame is almost as… Read More→

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The Jimmy-Carter Roots of Jerry Falwell


I have long suspected that the acrimony between left and right in U.S. politics stems not only from the Religious Right and the inevitable upping of the ante of civil matters to moral or eschatological significance, but also to the self-righteousness that accompanies the conviction (w-w alert) that one’s policy or vote is an expression… Read More→

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Giving New Meaning to Evangelicals and Catholics Together (or to the Call)

RCs gay marriage

One way of finding this meaning is to look at the increase of calls to a communion called the Evangelical Catholic Church. In the wake of media coverage of Fr. James Radloff’s recent highly public departure from the Roman Catholic Church to seek incardination into the Evangelical Catholic Church as an active priest, the little… Read More→

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In What Robes Do the U.S. Courts See Me?

JHU regalia

Russell Moore weighs in on the recent Supreme Court decision about a town opening its council meetings in prayer. He does not believe this is an establishment of religion and so defends the majority opinion. But he goes further to address the question of why have prayer at all: Some would say, further, that we… Read More→

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Less Devotion is More


Lots of Christians, evangelicals following the lead of Neo-Calvinists, like to know that their faith matters. (Thanks to Chris Gehrz) Here’s one recent appropriation of the Clapham Sect, a group of English evangelicals which included William Wilberforce, and that give evangelical activists goose bumps because of Wilberforce’s involvement in abolishing the slave trade: Clapham Spirituality… Read More→

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The Big C[elebr]ity Pastor Effect


Michelle Cottle (thanks against to Michael Sean Winters) notices the effect that Pope Francis is having on political discussions in the U.S.: In his first pastoral visit last July, the pope journeyed to Lampedusa, a tiny island off the coast of Sicily through which more than 200,000 migrants and refugees have entered Europe since 1999.… Read More→

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