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Taking Every Inch But Not The Lord’s Day Captive


We do know that Walter doesn’t roll on Shomer Shabbos. We should have also known that if Bubba Watson won at Augusta, the Allies — like clock work — would be all over it. Opportunities to root, root, root for the home team shall not be passed up, even if unbelievers may find the self-congratulations… Read More→

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This is not Your Father’s Dallas Seminary


Another example of how conservatism does not come easily to evangelicals (even fundamentalists): Because Protestants do not celebrate saints’ days, we miss out on learning about many great women in Christian history. One such example is Hilda, Abbess of Whitby, the 7th-century woman celebrated every November 17. She led a large community of men and… Read More→

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How A Biblical W-w Conflicts with American Conservatism


This may explain further how the so-called Religious Right is an untrustworthy ally to political conservatives, an interview with Jonathan Compton, the author of The Evangelical Origins of the Living Constitution: JC: I was intrigued by the fact that many nineteenth-century evangelicals were openly critical of certain aspects of the constitutional system. The example of… Read More→

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No Ecclesiology, No Identity


Here are a few quotations to support the earlier claim that World Vision and evangelicalism more generally is infected with modernist Protestantism: World Vision now has staff from more than 50 denominations—a handful of which have sanctioned same-sex marriages or unions in recent years, including the United Church of Christ, The Episcopal Church, the Evangelical… Read More→

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If Christians Thought of Themselves Less as Transformers and More as Pilgrims


They might receive better treatment. Ross Douthat brings up a good contrast between the Amish and social conservatives: . . . let’s pause for a moment to consider the substance of the well-known case she cites, Wisconsin v. Yoder, in which the Supreme Court ruled that Amish families had the right to withdraw their children… Read More→

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More Gall


Now the New Calvinists are telling us about the need for church unity: The history of Christian thought leaves no place for unbridled individualism. The Nicene Creed declares that we are “one church” (unam ecclesiam), and according to the Westminster Confession, such oneness has implications for our corporate identity: “The catholic or universal church, which… Read More→

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Why Do You Need to be A Christian to Feed the Hungry?


The flip-flop of World Vision on gay marriage has attracted lots and lots of comments but no one seems to be asking a couple of important questions. That’s why we have confessional Reformed Protestantism. 1) As the title here suggests, why is it necessary for Christians to dispense aid to the poor and hungry through… Read More→

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The New Calvinism is not the Old Calvinism


We can be sure of that thanks to Jared Oliphint: Twelve Thirteen features of the New Calvinism: 1.The New Calvinism, in its allegiance to the inerrancy of the Bible, embraces the biblical truths behind the five points (TULIP), while having an aversion to using the acronym or any other systematic packaging, along with a sometimes… Read More→

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What If We Are In Communion with Celebrity Pastors?


Carl Trueman takes stock of the celebrity pastor phenomenon and calls on the revived Presbyterians to spend some of their leadership capital (is Tim Keller paying attention?): But here is the rub: If there are people out there who still believe that there is such a thing as reformed evangelicalism as a trans-denominational movement, if… Read More→

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If Only He Had Read the Book All the Way Through


Pete Enns introduces his forthcoming book: If we come to the Bible expecting (as so many do) something like a spiritual owner’s manual complete with handy index, a step-by-step field guide to the life of faith, an absolutely sure answer-book to unlock the mystery of God and the meaning of life, we are setting up… Read More→

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