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Hart Interview on Calvinism: A History


Our very own D.G. Hart recently visited Reformed Forum to speak about his book Calvinism: A History on Christ the Center. After listening to the latest episode, browse Dr. Hart’s previous interviews and lectures in their archive. It includes an excellent series on J. Gresham Machen. Listen now.

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The Reorganization of Old Princeton

Miller Chapel

Our own Darryl Hart recently visited with the folks at Reformed Forum to speak about the reorganization of Old Princeton on Christ the Center. Darryl’s article on the subject, “The Reorganization of Princeton Theological Seminary and the Exhaustion of American Presbyterianism” is published in the 2012 issue of The Confessional Presbyterian Journal. Listen to another interesting conversation on… Read More→

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The Bible’s Forked Tongue?


Put simply, the Bible speaks narrowly to the church but broadly to believers. This, at least, is the unexamined logic of neo-Calvinism. Two-kingdom proponents and neo-Calvinists both distinguish between the institutional church and its members. This distinction allows us to recognize that Christians properly do things that the church can’t do. Christians work as artists,… Read More→

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When the World is Breaking Bad

Issy and Deelie

Mrs. Hart and I finally had the chance to watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and generally enjoyed it, though as is the case with most spy flicks, you don’t pay enough attention the first time through to figure out the villain (and once you know the villain in a second viewing the mystery that energizes… Read More→

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Muether on Warfield

Muether and Bond

Our esteemed colleague, John R. Muether recently joined the panel of Christ the Center to discuss the life and ministry of B.B. Warfield. John is currently working on a short book on Warfield. As you wait expectantly for what is sure to be an excellent read, listen to the interview at Reformed Forum.

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If You Can Put A Woman in the Pulpit, You Can Self-Serve the Lord’s Supper on the Moon


Thanks to Joe Carter comes a link to the news story about Buzz Aldrin’s observance of the Lord’s Supper (by himself no less) on the moon. Because NASA was receiving flack from Madalyn Murray O’Hair for the astronauts on Apollo 8 reading from Genesis, the federal authorities decided to let Aldrin commune on his own… Read More→

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Not All About Me (sort of)


I will be speaking tomorrow at the Front Porch Republic conference at Hope College. Here are a few specifics: Registration is now open for our Second Annual Conference to be held on September 15. This time we will be in Holland, MI on the beautiful campus of Hope College. We’ve got a stellar line-up of… Read More→

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Wheaton College

I am not in the habit of making political predictions, nor do I follow the polls or pundits sufficiently to feel comfortable doing so. But I did tweet on the eve of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare that if the President’s plan was upheld, then he would lose the November election. The reason is… Read More→

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Why Exclude Walter and the Dude?


Viewers of “The Big Lebowski” may well remember one of many memorable lines from Walter Sobchak. This one comes in the context of a discussion with Donny about the merits of nihilism. Walter will have none of an outlook that believes in nothing. As he explains to Donny, “Say what you like about the tenets… Read More→

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D.G. Hart Interviewed on the Regulative Principle of Worship

Scottish Church

Our own Dr. Darryl G. Hart was recently interviewed on Christ the Center regarding the regulative principle of worship. Listen to this interesting discussion touching on evangelicalism and the Reformed tradition.

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