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Biblical Scholar Alert


Pete Enns continues to mystify with the following: Lincoln thoughtfully and clearly articulates the responsibility of theologians and teachers to reflect on ancient creeds in terms of present states of knowledge. Frankly, I’m not sure a good argument can be made for not doing so. To think otherwise invariable leads to the bizarre thought that… Read More→

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How “Outsiders” See It


For evangelicals it seems, debates about Arizona bill SB 1062 are simply about religious freedom. But non-evangelicals often see more clearly because they have less at stake. Consider Noah Millman (once again): So, for example, if the issue is being coerced to provide services for marriage ceremonies that violate one’s religious beliefs, why not write… Read More→

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If Interpreting the Old Testament is Hard, Why Are Inerrantists Any Easier?


I was surprised to see Pete Enns post recently on fear as a driving motive of theological conflict, mainly because pop-psychology doesn’t fit with his scholarly pose. But the greater surprise is that Enns doesn’t seem to be aware that psychological accounts of conservatives have long been discredited at least in certain scholarly circles (prejudice… Read More→

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A Super Bowl Prediction


In the 2040s, the National Football League will see the emergence of two star quarterbacks who will be playing repeatedly for Conference championships and the Super Bowl. Their last names will be Tebow, sons of Tim. I could be wrong, but I have wondered throughout all the banter about Tim Tebow if the folks discussing… Read More→

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Admirable Atheists


A number of Christian bloggers have felt obligated to comment on Christopher Hitchens’ recent death. Doug Wilson, who wrote the obituary for Christianity Today (and subsequently prompted Baylyan angst — how could a transformer write for a squishy evangelical publication?), set the tone for most Christian reflections: Christopher knew that faithful Christians believe that it… Read More→

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