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Identity Economics


I thought that neo-Calvinism was supposed to do away with the sacred-secular distinction that led fundamentalists to produce the Christian Yellow Pages — you know, the phone book that allowed Christian consumers to buy goods and services from Christian providers of goods and services. Well, even in the hipster land of urban Protestantism, the logic… Read More→

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Not All, Just Some of the Bible

Malachy E. Mannion recites the oath of judgeship as his wife Peggy holds a Bible during his Investiture ceremony as a judge of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania in the William J. Nealon Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Friday. Michael J. Mullen / Staff Photographer

So 8 out of 10 Americans believe that “following the Bible’s teachings would be good for American society.” And Daniel Darling and Andrew Walker argue that Americans should follow the same divine law that Christians do: Imagine we took the same approach with a different issue—say, crime—that some do with marriage and family policy. What… Read More→

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Two Districts, One Nation


Maggie Jordan, one of the characters in Newsroom, says in one episode during Season Two that “The country is divided into people who like sex and people who are utterly creeped out by it. I’m one of the sex people.” As creepy as that description might be for those celebrity pastors who write books about… Read More→

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Pro-Business, Pro-Life


Imagine yourself the owner of an aluminum ladder company. What do you do once every home owner in the United States owns a ladder? You go after renters. But what happens when that market is saturated? You better hope the ladders fail and need to be replaced. Or you buy another company, like one that… Read More→

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Unencumbered by W-w


Noah Millman is not merely on one roll, he’s on four. See below. But his writing on contemporary events leads me again to ponder whether Christians are limited (dumber?) when it comes to non-spiritual subjects precisely because Scripture and church dogma establish limits that block creative and critical thought. (The 2k solution, by the way,… Read More→

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A Fundamentalist Is A Mean Evangelical

carter at prayer

It wasn’t supposed to work out this way. Evangelicalism of the Billy Graham variety was supposed to present a kinder gentler conservative Protestantism. But as Tommie Kidd recently observed, evangelicals rarely receive positive press these days: It’s nice to be liked. But it also comes with temptation – that of focusing all the church’s work… Read More→

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Biblical Scholar Alert


Pete Enns continues to mystify with the following: Lincoln thoughtfully and clearly articulates the responsibility of theologians and teachers to reflect on ancient creeds in terms of present states of knowledge. Frankly, I’m not sure a good argument can be made for not doing so. To think otherwise invariable leads to the bizarre thought that… Read More→

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How “Outsiders” See It


For evangelicals it seems, debates about Arizona bill SB 1062 are simply about religious freedom. But non-evangelicals often see more clearly because they have less at stake. Consider Noah Millman (once again): So, for example, if the issue is being coerced to provide services for marriage ceremonies that violate one’s religious beliefs, why not write… Read More→

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If Interpreting the Old Testament is Hard, Why Are Inerrantists Any Easier?


I was surprised to see Pete Enns post recently on fear as a driving motive of theological conflict, mainly because pop-psychology doesn’t fit with his scholarly pose. But the greater surprise is that Enns doesn’t seem to be aware that psychological accounts of conservatives have long been discredited at least in certain scholarly circles (prejudice… Read More→

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A Super Bowl Prediction


In the 2040s, the National Football League will see the emergence of two star quarterbacks who will be playing repeatedly for Conference championships and the Super Bowl. Their last names will be Tebow, sons of Tim. I could be wrong, but I have wondered throughout all the banter about Tim Tebow if the folks discussing… Read More→

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