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Without 2k, Thomas Sowell becomes an Orthodox Reformed Protestant


Celebrants of America’s Christian founding take note. Our Protestant Rabbi interlocutor sometime back came to the defense of Bill Evans’ critique of 2k. I understand in part the frustration with 2k for folks like Rabbi Bret because it denies the certainty that supposedly comes with finding the solutions to social woes in Scripture, which in… Read More→

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How To Tell If Your Religious Liberties Are Under Siege

Jay S

Our Pennsylvania correspondent sent word of this post which contains this chart: This is helpful and puts the difficulties that North American Christians face in a category different from the one Eritrean Christians endure. But isn’t the issue for most neo-Calvinists and subscribers to w-w ideology that you know your rights are being violated when… Read More→

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The Limits of Kuyper’s Appeal


First, Jim Bratt raises questions about the triumphalism that traffics under the banner of all things Kuyper: Kuyper himself favored military images. His newspapers were named The Standard and The Herald, and he often used metaphors of combat, titanic struggle, desperate battle. Of course, it was an age of heroic language, the era of muscular… Read More→

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American Exceptionalism as Civil Religion


Two Peters are debating the current health of American conservatism. Peter Beinart and Peter Berkowitz are assessing the hold that American exceptionalism has on Americans and who is to blame for this understanding’s decline. I am less concerned about the merits of American exceptionalism or who is responsible for tarnishing the nation’s image than I… Read More→

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Why Religion Goes Private


This story about religious dissenters at Ontario York University is one of those reality checks for 2k’s critics who say that the notion of faith being a private affair is audaciously perverse or perfidious: J. Paul Grayson, a professor of sociology at Ontario’s York University, received what he described as an unusual request from a… Read More→

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Forget the Integration, Live the Disjunction


Be 2k. Peter Leithart summarizes Oliver O’Donovan in ways that warm any 2ker’s heart — specifically on the difference between God’s final judgment and judgments in the civil realm (the quotations are from O’Donovan): Earlier Christian legal theory “from Gratian to Grotius” taught “that lex divina was available to knowledge from a variety of sources,… Read More→

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May I Buy 2 Consonants and 2 Vowels?


The Shorter Catechism says that prayer is the offering up of our desires unto God, for things agreeable to his will, in the name of Christ, with confession of our sins, and thankfulness for his mercies. I don’t expect popes necessarily to conform to this definition precisely, but is it too much to ask why… Read More→

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Keeping it Eschatologically Real


Some time back I wondered about the lack of support for 2k among Vossians. Recently over at Reformed Forum Jared Oliphint seemed to give some eschatological encouragement to 2kers when he wondered about the possibility of redeeming the stuff of creation: What about the rest of creation? Is it being redeemed? Did Christ accomplish redemption… Read More→

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Telling the Difference between A Christian W-W and a Really Christian W-W


In looking around for a Christian outlook on Shakespeare, and whether a literature professor at a Christian college might teach Shakespeare differently from a non-Christian, I came across this: “Why Shakespeare for Christian Students?” The author, Ralph Allan Smith says: Well, first of all, and contrary to the opinion of some scholars, Shakespeare is profoundly… Read More→

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Contemporary Cosmic Christology and Contemporary Christian Music


In his endless and zealous quest to see Abraham Kuyper prevail as the vice-regent of all things, Dr. K. (Nelson Kloosterman) keeps translating and quoting Kuyper as if such invocations will settle debates over 2k. Somehow, Kloosterman believes that 2kers deny Christ’s kingship over all things. When I respond that Jesus was Lord even over… Read More→

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