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Without Sabbath Observance We Could Not Identify Christians

How do you spot a Christian? That may be easy compared to defining religion. Damon Linker had a go at religion recently: Religion is any set of norms, practices, and beliefs that establishes a comprehensive way of life that is held out as the right or best way of life for those who adhere to… Read More→

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Could Christ Have Preached Christ and Him Crucified?


Rick Phillips introduces a tension — though that was not his intention — between Jesus’ preaching and Paul’s. We have the old was-Paul-the-second-founder-of-Christianity problem. Here‘s is what Christ preached according to Phillips: I noted 4 main types of ministry emphases highlighted by Jesus in Mark: 1. Jesus declaring his deity as Messiah, together with his… Read More→

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2K: Giving Life to Christian Intellectuals


Over at U.S. Intellectual History Blog, Tim Lacy reflects on recently deceased Theodore Hesburgh, former president of the University of Notre Dame. Lacy considers Hesburgh to be an example of a Roman Catholic intellectual, and here’s why: I define a religious intellectual as a self-identified religious person who displays the ability and willingness to bracket… Read More→

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Glass Half-Full Kind of Guy that (all about) I Am


So who is more optimistic or pessimistic? Two-kingdom folks are generally dismissive of efforts to Christianize society and so are known for being overly sour about the possibilities of human “flourishing.” Theonomists, neo-Calvinists, and transformationalists, in contrast, are much more hopeful about the prospects of improving the world and doing so through Christian influence (however… Read More→

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Spooked by Monarchy


A curious wrinkle in the differences between Presbyterians and Reformed Protestants is the way the former talk about Christ as king. Both teach about the mediatorial offices of Christ as prophet, priest, and king. But when it comes to church order, Presbyterians refer to Christ as king of the church while Reformed speak of Christ… Read More→

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Spirituality of the Church Roman Style

(c) Bodleian Libraries; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Pius XI gets it right (for a graph or two anyway): 14. Let Us explain briefly the nature and meaning of this lordship of Christ. It consists, We need scarcely say, in a threefold power which is essential to lordship. This is sufficiently clear from the scriptural testimony already adduced concerning the universal dominion of… Read More→

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Neo-Calvinism’s Whiggish W-w


In his piece for Christian Renewal (March 26, 2014) Bill Evans expands on his earlier critique of 2k. And he commits again two important mistakes. The first is to assert that 2kers identify the church with the kingdom of God. Wrong. 2kers follow the Confession of Faith in identifying the kingdom of Christ with the… Read More→

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Without 2k, Thomas Sowell becomes an Orthodox Reformed Protestant


Celebrants of America’s Christian founding take note. Our Protestant Rabbi interlocutor sometime back came to the defense of Bill Evans’ critique of 2k. I understand in part the frustration with 2k for folks like Rabbi Bret because it denies the certainty that supposedly comes with finding the solutions to social woes in Scripture, which in… Read More→

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How To Tell If Your Religious Liberties Are Under Siege

Jay S

Our Pennsylvania correspondent sent word of this post which contains this chart: This is helpful and puts the difficulties that North American Christians face in a category different from the one Eritrean Christians endure. But isn’t the issue for most neo-Calvinists and subscribers to w-w ideology that you know your rights are being violated when… Read More→

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