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Imagine If Stringer Bell Had Won


The missus and I are three episodes into High Profits, a reality tv show about the legal business of producing and selling marijuana in Breckenridge, Colorado. It’s not great. But setting the drug trade — which is illegal and aggressive where illegal — on the right side of the law gives this show way more… Read More→

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Is Anyone Reliable?


First the light show at the Vatican. Then the statement that evangelism of Jews is out. Now some of the Roman Catholic intelligentsia say that Muslims and Christians worship the same God (even though they gather on different days of the week and one prays in Jesus’ name, along with Mary). Francis Beckwith, former head… Read More→

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Italian-American Trapped in a Native American’s Body

carter and cody

I did not know this (my weekly perusal of my old neighborhood weekly took me there). The Native American with the tear rolling down his cheek in the “Keep America Beautiful” ads of my yute, Iron Eyes Cody, was actually an Italian-American (must be a Roman Catholic connection somewhere): Long before his fame in the… Read More→

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He Has a Point


Anthony Bradley, our favorite provocateur, mixes it up with the urban hipster transformationalists in the pages of World magazine, no less: While urban, justice-loving evangelicals easily shame white, suburban, conservative evangelicals for their racially homogenized lives, both communities seem to share a disdain for lower-class white people. “Rednecks,” “crackers,” “hoosiers,” and “white trash” are all… Read More→

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A Bible Sampler


This looks like the best reading plan for a guy who puts things in chronological order for a living (read someone licensed to do history). But other considerations led to Max Lucado. Yikes.

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The Temporality of the Church


Looks like the Vatican is going green: When a Vatican official suggested that Pope Francis was contemplating an encyclical on the environment a year ago, he signaled that climate change and environmental degradation were such pressing concerns that the pope wanted to address them in a teaching document. No word has emerged on what the… Read More→

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Making the World Safe for Mormonism


(a line I borrow from Ken Myers) “What we offer as Catholics is to strengthen the family as the basis of society. When there is a solid family life, there is less likelihood of crime, there is less likelihood of drug use. The children grow up with a solid foundation. And that is a foundation… Read More→

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Why Ecclesiastical Diversity Is A Good Thing (or not)


First, an appreciation of traditionalist Roman Catholics (from a Protestant-turned Roman Catholic priest): I’m not a traditionalist. To quote Fr.Z, I just want to “say the black and do the red”. In other words, I want to live my life as a Catholic priest where I am today in this situation in the twenty first… Read More→

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Papacy as Rorschach Test


Jason and the Callers tell us that Protestantism doesn’t have a magisterium that can settle disputes and end disunity. They fail to mention that Protestantism also lacks ecclesiastical partisans who by interpreting the pope according to their own image function as their own magisterium. Sean Michael Winters thinks “right-of-center writers appeal to those parts of… Read More→

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What Does Reformed Modify?


Hint: the body of Christ we call church. Kevin DeYoung defends a wide berth for Reformed Protestantism and quotes Herman Bavinck for support: In particular, Bavinck claims, “From the outset Reformed theology in North America displayed a variety of diverse forms.” He then goes on to mention the arrivals of the Episcopal Church (1607), the… Read More→

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