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Making the World Safe for Mormonism


(a line I borrow from Ken Myers) “What we offer as Catholics is to strengthen the family as the basis of society. When there is a solid family life, there is less likelihood of crime, there is less likelihood of drug use. The children grow up with a solid foundation. And that is a foundation… Read More→

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Why Ecclesiastical Diversity Is A Good Thing (or not)


First, an appreciation of traditionalist Roman Catholics (from a Protestant-turned Roman Catholic priest): I’m not a traditionalist. To quote Fr.Z, I just want to “say the black and do the red”. In other words, I want to live my life as a Catholic priest where I am today in this situation in the twenty first… Read More→

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Papacy as Rorschach Test


Jason and the Callers tell us that Protestantism doesn’t have a magisterium that can settle disputes and end disunity. They fail to mention that Protestantism also lacks ecclesiastical partisans who by interpreting the pope according to their own image function as their own magisterium. Sean Michael Winters thinks “right-of-center writers appeal to those parts of… Read More→

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What Does Reformed Modify?


Hint: the body of Christ we call church. Kevin DeYoung defends a wide berth for Reformed Protestantism and quotes Herman Bavinck for support: In particular, Bavinck claims, “From the outset Reformed theology in North America displayed a variety of diverse forms.” He then goes on to mention the arrivals of the Episcopal Church (1607), the… Read More→

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Independence with a Twist


(Thanks to John Fea.) A. A. Gill has a new book coming out on America, an excerpt of which appeared at Vanity Fair. A few excerpts might help the coals burn faster for an Independence Day barbecue: When I was a child, there was a lot of talk of a “brain drain”—commentators, professors, directors, politicians… Read More→

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And the Solution Is?


Prizes and Consumables: The Super Bowl as a Theology of Women Seminar Speaker: Dr. Matt Vos, Professor of Sociology, Covenant College The Superbowl is the most watched event in American culture. Along with millions of other Americans, Christians make elaborate plans for watching the event. Despite its popularity, the Superbowl—both the action on the field… Read More→

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The Proverbial Pot and Its Black Friend


From the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up department comes the Baylys’ complaint about the doings in Vatican City. Turns out, the U.S. pastors for whom almost everything is sexual, believe Rome’s problem reduces to sex. The Cardinals, you see, dress like girls, so how could you ever trust them? Serious men do not parade in embroidered dresses. Men who… Read More→

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A.D.D. for The Young and Restless?


It started with such promise. The allies of the gospel were going to run a series of posts on Princeton Seminary to commemorate the institution’s bicentennial this year. Granted, the view of Princeton from TGC did not exactly do justice to the school’s Old School Presbyterianism. Even so, I was hoping that the anniversary might… Read More→

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Muslims Have Their Scarves, Christians Their Sandwiches


Political religion takes different forms. For political Islam, a women wearing a head scarf is a symbol of devotion and of defiance against western secularism. For American Christians, it looks like eating a chicken sandwich is a signal of a citizen’s belief, morality, and politics. All of a sudden, biting into a fried chicken sandwich… Read More→

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Tech Troubles…


We apologize for the sparse availability of the website lately. The site admin has been dealing with several technical issues —including what appear to be the results of a malicious hacker. Please bear with us while we address these issues and take measures to make sure the Old Lifers continue to get their fix.

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