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The Bible Can’t Speak To All of Life


That’s why you need the Roman Catholic Church. That, anyway, is the logic of a golden-oldie from U.S. Roman Catholic teaching about the dangers of fundamentalism: Biblical fundamentalists are those who present the Bible, God’s inspired word, as the only necessary source for teaching about Christ and Christian living. This insistence on the teaching Bible… Read More→

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Proto-Protestant On A Roll


And Constantinians (all kinds) should be very afraid: Leithart’s Christ is not the Christ of Scripture. I say that not as a theological liberal who views Christ as a type of Gandhi and finds the idea of a coming Judgment to be abhorrent. I say this as a follower of Christ who understands the nature… Read More→

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2K: Giving Life to Christian Intellectuals


Over at U.S. Intellectual History Blog, Tim Lacy reflects on recently deceased Theodore Hesburgh, former president of the University of Notre Dame. Lacy considers Hesburgh to be an example of a Roman Catholic intellectual, and here’s why: I define a religious intellectual as a self-identified religious person who displays the ability and willingness to bracket… Read More→

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Do We Need a Federal Agency to Regulate Religious Identity?


I was reading this piece over the weekend on home schooling and the author struck me with her use of identifications: From its inception, the movement included both religious homeschoolers who sought to remove secular influences from their children’s lives, and secular homeschoolers whose motivations were based on beliefs about child development. After the Supreme… Read More→

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Neo-Calvinist Reality Check


David Koyzis can’t help but notice that Kuyperianism didn’t work out so well: As a young man I was shocked during a visit to Amsterdam to see the proliferation of “sex shops” and the brazenness of the city’s red light district. In the four decades since then the Netherlands has come to be known for… Read More→

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Would Canadians Even Object to This?


I know Thomas Jefferson gets bad press among certain Christians and some conservatives, but what exactly is wrong with this understanding of government? About to enter, fellow-citizens, on the exercise of duties which comprehend everything dear and valuable to you, it is proper you should understand what I deem the essential principles of our Government,… Read More→

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Can’t We All Get Along?


Generally speaking, American Christians have a tough time perceiving Muslims as anything but a threat if they are promoting Sharia. But why oh why are not Christians similarly concerned about how threatening they might seem to those non-Christians with whom they share North American civil society? Two examples suggest that Christians have as hard a… Read More→

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Even More Angst about Selective Sensitivity


Bruce Baugus is worried about assaults on religious liberty coming at Christian vendors who refuse to provide services for gay weddings. The issue is the old Kuyperian one of how deep down does my religious identity go? Does it involve primarily acts of worship and devotion or does it extend to all of life so… Read More→

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If We Can Yawn about Blasphemous Cartoons . . .


what about public schools? Paris has some Kuyperians thinking: The tradition in which I am currently immersed–the Kuyperian tradition–tends to use the term secular like a curse word. The argument usually begins and ends by showing that there is no such thing – there is no neutrality or objectivity. Everything has a direction, a telos,… Read More→

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Will the Real Kuyper Stand Up?

Kuyper Mens Basketball Cropped

From Crawford Gribben’s recent review of George Marsden’s book on 1950s America (and more): His conclusion draws from the philosophy and political strategies of Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920), the renowned theologian, newspaper editor, and founder of the Free University in Amsterdam, who also found time to become the Prime Minister of the Netherlands (1901–05). Kuyper’s theory… Read More→

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