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C-Folds or Rolls of Paper Towels


The resurrection of Jesus will help you decide (courtesy of neo-Calvinism): To put it another way, one who says that their commitment to the primacy of preaching, leads them to have little regard for the music, parking, greeting, signage, aesthetics, friendliness, hands-on ministry, evangelism, outreach, care-giving, announcements, and so on, is simply theologizing their laziness… Read More→

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Do We Need Transcendence to Plow Streets?

The Wire - Season 5 - Aiden Gillen as Councilman Thomas Carcetti - Paul Schiraldi/HBO

Press Conference. Rawls, Daniels, Burrell, Carcetti.

Neo-Calvinist praise from David Koyzis for Bruce Ashford’s contention that political liberals and political conservatives both lack transcendence: Politics in the United States has, for some time, assumed a binary structure. On one side stand the Republicans, who represent conservatism. On the other side stand the Democrats, who represent progressivism. But what most Americans fail… Read More→

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Kevin Swanson is not Tim Keller


Some critics of the OPC and 2k wonder why Old Life has been silent about Kevin Swanson, the Generations with Vision Director who pastors and OPC congregation in Elizabeth, CO. A simple reason is that Pastor Swanson has no following (to my knowledge) in the OPC say the way Lig Duncan, or Harry Reeder, or… Read More→

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Why Credit Schaeffer but not Aristotle?

Credit card terminal (POS-terminal) for payment

This is my problem with w-w proponents. When they explain the accomplishments of people with the wrong w-w they play the “common grace” card. Why, of course, folks without a proper w-w understand some truth because ultimately God set it up that way. Listen to a recent account of Aristotle’s abilities: This does raise the… Read More→

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Will We Have Bibles in Heaven?


Another version of the 1k critique of 2k, this time a review of a book about John Frame’s theology: Frame implicitly rejects a separation of the world into sacred and secular realms. If theology is the application of Scripture by persons to every area of life, then it follows that no area of life is… Read More→

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Another Case for the Gateway Drug


Once again comes a suggestion that neo-Calvinism in its desire for comprehensiveness paves the way for Roman Catholicism: As it happened, the young pastor Abraham Kuyper found something to like in the “Syllabus [of Errors]” too, and said so on no less an occasion than his Reformation Day sermon in 1865! The pope went too… Read More→

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In Defense of Neutrality


When did “neutral” become such a dirty word (along with Lutheran; is it because Lutheran’s cuss?)? It’s a perfectly fine word to use on colors such as beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and white. It also works when describing countries like the United States before 1917 or Switzerland to this day. It’s a word that… Read More→

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Identity Economics


I thought that neo-Calvinism was supposed to do away with the sacred-secular distinction that led fundamentalists to produce the Christian Yellow Pages — you know, the phone book that allowed Christian consumers to buy goods and services from Christian providers of goods and services. Well, even in the hipster land of urban Protestantism, the logic… Read More→

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Family Trumps School (so says Bavinck)


(Thanks to our Grand Rapids correspondent) James K. A. Smith offers that latest case (in a popular form) for Christian schools and bangs all the percussion instruments that neo-Calvinists have assembled up front in their churches for worship (see what I did there?): Christian Reformed communities have long understood a commitment to Christian schools as… Read More→

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Just A Goat Breeder


The Christian Curmudgeon has moved to “Just a Curmudgeon.” The reason could be that he doesn’t think Christians own being curmudgeonly any more than folks who trust Jesus (or Abraham Kuyper) own the secrets of goat breeding: I heard Eugene Osterhaven wonder if some take the Kuyperian world-and-life-view too far. The instance he cited was… Read More→

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