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More Van Tillian Than Thou


The new book that critiques republication (the idea that the Mosaic Covenant had in some sense a works principle) is curious in various respects. But one of the more glaring (if the paper originally presented to the Presbytery of the Northwest upon which the book is based is accurate) is the contention that Meredith Kline… Read More→

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Hiding Behind Kilts


The release of the new book Merit and Moses, a critique of the republication doctrine (that the Mosaic covenant was “in some sense” a republication typologically of the covenant of works) got me thinking about a certain anomaly in contemporary Reformed circles regarding a certain Mr. Murray (his given name was John and he did… Read More→

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The Evangelical Presbyterian W-w


Okay, remember this is a blog and most of the posts here are merely thinking out loud. And if all of us revealed all of our thoughts, we would likely surprise — even shock — many of those who know us. So here is today’s conundrum: why is it that John Frame is almost as… Read More→

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Would the PCUSA Hire Me?

Morris the Cat

What if I claimed to be channeling God’s Spirit, the way that More Light Presbyterians say the Holy Spirit descended upon the PCUSA’s General Assembly during its recent vote to allow Presbyterians ministers to officiate at same-sex marriages in state’s where gay marriage is legal. (If you’ve got the Spirit, feathers and all, why does… Read More→

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A Trend?


Some Roman Catholics are scratching their heads about David Brat, the economics professor who defeated Eric Cantor in Virginia Congressional primaries. Brat describes himself as a Calvinist Catholic Libertarian. For some, Roman Catholicism is as incompatible with Calvinism as it is with libertarianism, though you don’t hear as much about Calvinist theology as you do… Read More→

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Ho Hum

why do photographers take pictures when others pray

According to David Hall, not much of significance occurred at the PCA General Assembly: It was a par-for-the-course General Assembly, which pronounces another resounding “Meh,” to the idealist reformers. As is becoming customary, most of the interesting things took place off the floor as this court of the church has become largely irrelevant for the… Read More→

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Speaking of New York City Circa When Harry Met Sally


Sam Desocio thinks the shelf life of Tim Keller and urban ministry may have expired. For one thing, the reasons for doing urban ministry that motivated Keller in the 1990s are now mainstream, tired and maybe even trite: As a church planter I often have the opportunity to spend time with other ministry leaders and… Read More→

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Whose Calvinism, Which Presbyterianism

independence poverty

I continue to be fascinated by the idea of Scottish independence. In Prospect Magazine this morning I read this account of Scottish Calvinism in David Marquand’s case for a federalist solution to the United Kingdom’s discomfort: . . . the Scottish government is — implicitly at least — social-democratic. It seeks independence to protect Scottish… Read More→

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The American Jesus on the Un-American Calvin


Zach Hunt has read Calvin and he is disgusted. Here’s part of what he has to say to Calvin himself: [Quotations from Calvin on predestination and human wickedness] are, as you demonstrate so well, the logical conclusions of your theology of divine sovereignty and, therefore, at the very heart of what you believe about God.… Read More→

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When Biblicism Fails

john frame

Back in the day before Bryan Cross I was debating John Frame on worship. His tack was to say that his brief for contemporary worship was biblical while those who criticized Praise & Worship worship (note redundantly the redundancy) were simply historical or traditional. The innuendo was that Frame’s critics were in the position of… Read More→

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