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The OPC is the Church John Calvin Founded


That assertion would prompt guffaws throughout the Presbyterian and Reformed world and yet Roman Catholic apologists continue to make such a claim with even higher stakes: “the Roman Catholic Church is the church Jesus founded.” Who actually looks at history this way? To think that the OPC was a gleam in the eye of John… Read More→

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That Clears It Up (for the PCA)


Among the matters that Greg Jao, vice president of InterVarsity, clarified to Rod Dreher: You state that Michelle Higgins spoke as a representative of BlackLivesMatter. That is not correct. Michelle Higgins primary affiliation from Urbana’s perspective is as a minister of South City Church, a PCA congregation which engages in justice activism in St. Louis… Read More→

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Advancing the Conversation?

Omar and Mouzone

It was not so long ago, after Michael Brown’s death, that lots of people in Reformed circles were calling for a conversation about race. After almost two years and after listening to some of the chatter, I am not so hopeful. Anyone who wants a version of how that conversation is going among people without… Read More→

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By Their Public Policy You Shall Know Them

L'arrivee des immigres par bateau a Ellis Island a New York (on apercoit au fond dans le brouillard la statue de la Liberte), vers 1905 --- Arriving of immigrants in Ellis Island, New York, c. 1905

Mainline Presbyterians are engaged in debates about church identity thanks to the Donald. The Stated Clerk of the PCUSA has written a letter instructing Donald Trump that his views on immigration are antithetical to the communion of his baptism: Presbyterians profess a faith in Christ, whose parents were forced to flee with him to Egypt… Read More→

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Today’s Theme is Breadth


After hearing from Pastor Sauls on the valuable contributions from those who disagree, we read Mark Jones who has his own objections to the narrow road. Maybe Pastor Sauls qualifies as one of Jones’ Reformed irenics since the former is not beholden to Reformed orthodoxy. But I suspect Sauls would fall short because he doesn’t… Read More→

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Maybe He Needs MmmeeeeeEEEEEE


Scott Sauls may have spent too much time with Tim Keller, the author of Center Church, because Pastor Sauls seems to think that he is at the center of Presbyterianism. The reason for saying this is that he admits that he needs to hear from those with whom he differs. Here’s his list: I don’t… Read More→

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Why I Love (all about) Kuyper


From John Halsey Wood’s Going Dutch in the Modern Age: Kuyper departed from Calvin and his Reformation forbears on one critical point, a deviation that imprinted his ecclesiology with a distinctively modern tint. The church had to be absolutely separated from the state. The Reformation was right to break up Rome’s worldchurch, wherein a single… Read More→

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To Forgive or Not?


Forgiveness is much on my mind today after another day of cross-country travel and listening to NPR’s coverage of the Greek financial crisis. Who could forgive the Greek bank’s debt? Could someone in the international financial sector step up to forgive Greece the way that the families of Dylann Roof’s victims did? Would that kind… Read More→

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Been There, Done That


Pope Francis’ debt to Calvinism: Laudato Si’ will restate what previous popes have said on environmental destruction and its impact on the poor, but as an encyclical, the church’s highest teaching document, it will have magnified impact. The encyclical should remind us of American environmentalism’s own intensely religious and moral roots, which have mostly been… Read More→

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Rev. Kev, Bring ‘Em Home


Kevin DeYoung, on the threshold of becoming Presbyterian, lists 10 reasons he is thankful for the PCA. The last one goes like this: 10. Opportunity. The PCA is a young denomination. I’ve moved from the oldest Protestant denomination in the country to one of the newest. There are always challenges that come with youth (who… Read More→

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