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Gratitude As the Basis for Obedience

Pastor T

The title of this post is not meant to echo the Guilt-Grace-Gratitude structure of the Heidelberg Catechism but to indicate that the Obedience Men and Boys should be forever grateful to Tullian Tchividjian for providing a target for those who believe sanctification is besieged in our time. If you look around on the web for… Read More→

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The Costs and Benefits of Union


The No’s have it 55% to 45% and the United Kingdom remains intact for now. That rush you hear is the collective sigh of relief from Northern Ireland. David Robertson proved prophetic but he also comes from one of the few places that voted Yes. It raises the question of whether Pastor Robertson persuaded lots… Read More→

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Bearing Each Other’s Burden


Jeremy Jemar (apologies) Tisby is another African-American pastor in Reformed circles who is both attempting to plant a mixed race church within the PCA (Jackson, Mississippi) and is concerned about if not agitated by the ongoing effects of racism in the United States. He recently wrote about an effort to do Reformed theology from an… Read More→

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Everything Is So White


Kathy Khang reflects on the difficulty that Korean-Americans confront when attending a white church: So it came as a bit of a shock to recognize that the churches we were visiting during our search had a different feel, a different sense of community and welcoming that we recognized as being part “Christian” and part “white”… Read More→

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Development of Doctrinal Dispute Stalled


David Murray concludes his four-part series on Merit and Moses — the book that is anti-republication — by boiling it down to this: . . . my own concerns about RP have grown as I’ve increasingly come into contact with people who are using the RP to argue against any place of the law in… Read More→

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Comments Are Open

Leroy Satchel Paige

Leon Brown wants to have a conversation about race at a blog where comments are always closed. So let me help him out — servant serving servers I am — by opening up comments at a site where even spammers get through. Brown’s post about the tragic death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and… Read More→

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Between Abraham and Jeremiah


Carl Trueman thinks that we live in a time of exile (I generally agree but I think the conditions for it extend well beyond the sexual revolution — back to Peter’s first epistle): The strident rhetoric of scientism has made belief in the supernatural look ridiculous. The Pill, no-fault divorce, and now gay marriage have… Read More→

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More Van Tillian Than Thou


The new book that critiques republication (the idea that the Mosaic Covenant had in some sense a works principle) is curious in various respects. But one of the more glaring (if the paper originally presented to the Presbytery of the Northwest upon which the book is based is accurate) is the contention that Meredith Kline… Read More→

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Hiding Behind Kilts


The release of the new book Merit and Moses, a critique of the republication doctrine (that the Mosaic covenant was “in some sense” a republication typologically of the covenant of works) got me thinking about a certain anomaly in contemporary Reformed circles regarding a certain Mr. Murray (his given name was John and he did… Read More→

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The Evangelical Presbyterian W-w


Okay, remember this is a blog and most of the posts here are merely thinking out loud. And if all of us revealed all of our thoughts, we would likely surprise — even shock — many of those who know us. So here is today’s conundrum: why is it that John Frame is almost as… Read More→

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