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Machen Death Day 2016 No, Not One What I’ve Been Sayin’ My 2016 Resolution

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Did God Rest In One Day?


Volume four of the Nicotine Theological Journal is now available at the back issues page. Here is a whiff, from the April number: . . . [Morton] Smith’s study of John Murray is an example of how sabbatarian-creation logic fails. Murray understood as well as anyone the importance of creation for Sabbath-keeping: “The weekly sabbath… Read More→

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No Assembly Required

Ikea (1)

Another batch of back issues from the Nicotine Theological Journal has been posted. The July 1999 issue proves just how cutting edge the NTJ is. Well before Keller or Piper were debating multi-site congregations, other technologically driven pastors were conceiving of an entirely different understanding of gathering with the saints and angels. Here is an… Read More→

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All Christians


More archived issues of the Nicotine Theological Journal have been uploaded to the Back Issues page. One of those (April 1998) includes a piece entitled “Sectarians All.” (Again, beware the anomalies included in transferring from WordPerfect to PDF.) Herewith an excerpt: SUPPOSE A HISTORY PROFESSOR at an evangelical liberal arts college were teaching a course… Read More→

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Still Smokin’


In an effort to make back issues of the Nicotine Theological Journal available on-line, readers may be interested to see that volume one of the journal glorified newsletter has been added to our page of back issues. (Please beware that the PDF versions will not capture the original layout in WordPerfect.) To tempt readers to… Read More→

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Winter 2012 NTJ


The print publication that preceded has been out of circulation for some time. But the Nicotine Theological Journal returns to the world of the living with the Winter 2012 issue. If features two separate reflections by Baptist-turned-Presbyterian baby boomers on their parents and church life of their youth, an assessment of Presbyterian church growth,… Read More→

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Muslims Have Their Scarves, Christians Their Sandwiches


Political religion takes different forms. For political Islam, a women wearing a head scarf is a symbol of devotion and of defiance against western secularism. For American Christians, it looks like eating a chicken sandwich is a signal of a citizen’s belief, morality, and politics. All of a sudden, biting into a fried chicken sandwich… Read More→

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Of Choice Meats and Good Cigars

Our friendly interlocutor, Zrim, took a dose of exception to the recent post here about drinking and smoking with Mike Horton – not with Mark Dever. He makes the plausible point that many Reformed types have graduated from a fundamentalist piety to the full-orbed one of smoking, drinking, and maybe even cussing, as part of… Read More→

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Ad Hominem or, How to Read Criticism

Here are a couple hypotheticals. Both have to do with the ways people may take offense selectively. First, say I am a political theorist who greatly admires the Federalist Papers (which I am not) and the arguments found there about the need for a Constitution that specifies the branches of a new federal government and… Read More→

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The Great Debate Concluded

(Reprinted from NTJ, April 1997) From: Glenn Morangie To: T. Glen Livet Date: 9/23/96 5:03pm Subject: Re: Psalmody -Reply -Reply -Reply -Reply Glen, I have been so long in responding because they actually want me to do work here. Go figure. I also couldn’t help but revel in your remark that I was “right on… Read More→

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