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Finally Time to Re-Think Establishment Principle


Barna Report conducted a study of Christianity in Scotland and the results have some discouraged even if not surprised: 31% say Scotland is a Christian nation 52% identify as Christian – although 70% of them don’t believe the basics of Christian doctrine 17% of Scots claim to be born again Christians…1 in every six is… Read More→

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Same As It Ever Was


Alexis de Tocqueville on Roman Catholicism and the United States well before Bryan and the Jasons: At the present time, more than in any previous age, we find Catholics turning into unbelievers and Protestants turning Catholic. Catholicism seen from the inside seems to be losing, but seen from the outside, to be gaining. There is… Read More→

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Who’s Radical Now?


After lots of push back (at least from some readers) on gay marriage and resistance to it (the Summer of SSM), an attempt to reset the 2k thermostat might be in order. Once again, a common objection to 2k is that if you don’t oppose same sex marriage or support Kim Davis “the way I… Read More→

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Mencken Day 2015


This year is one of those not so ordinary times when the annual celebration of Mencken’s birth by the Mencken Society and Enoch Pratt Free Library actually coincides with the man’s birthday (September 12, 1880). The missus and I have descended on Charm City for the festivities and the warm associations with the city —… Read More→

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Disenchantment, Christian Style


Protestants get a lot of blame for removing the sacred canopy that covered Christendom with a sacramental presence. But when you know the history of religion maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, monotheistic faiths have regularly rejected those pieties or ideas that locate divine ways in ordinary affairs. Steve Bruce explains: The… Read More→

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Move Over Kim Davis, Say Hello to Charee Stanley


Today’s news brings this item: A Muslim flight attendant said the Atlanta-based airline ExpressJet suspended her for refusing to serve alcohol, a practice that is against her religious beliefs. Charee Stanley filed a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission last week, saying she wants to do her job without serving alcohol, as she… Read More→

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Why Does Tom Brady Prevail but not Kim Davis?


I have a few questions about the situation in Kentucky. If Tom Brady would have received a 4-game suspension for his cheating, why can’t Kim Davis merely be suspended or fired? Joe Carter is the only one that has tried to answer this one (as far as I can see): Because Davis is an elected… Read More→

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Why I Love (all about) Kuyper


From John Halsey Wood’s Going Dutch in the Modern Age: Kuyper departed from Calvin and his Reformation forbears on one critical point, a deviation that imprinted his ecclesiology with a distinctively modern tint. The church had to be absolutely separated from the state. The Reformation was right to break up Rome’s worldchurch, wherein a single… Read More→

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Are Christian W-w Voters Selfish?


A curious exchange today at American Conservative between Alan Jacobs and Noah Millman over voting for a party that both supports religious freedom and wars on behalf of liberty. Jacobs, the Christian, writes: Now, some Christians might also argue that the Church exists for others, so that promoting religious freedom, even at the cost of… Read More→

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Putting a Point on Christian America


Would the United States possibly consider a bill comparable to the Jewish State proposal of Israel, which includes the following language: The state of Israel is a Jewish and a democratic state. These two values are intertwined, and one does not outweigh the other. We promise equal rights for everyone, regardless of religion, race or… Read More→

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