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What Talking to Bryan Cross Feels Like


John Zmirak (apparently no relation to Zrim) has frustrations remarkably similar to mine. Liberal Roman Catholics and Protestants together: Q: Do you think that Vatican II taught heresy when it said that the use of coercion by the state in matters of religion is a violation of natural law—you know, like sodomy or (even worse)… Read More→

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How A Biblical W-w Conflicts with American Conservatism


This may explain further how the so-called Religious Right is an untrustworthy ally to political conservatives, an interview with Jonathan Compton, the author of The Evangelical Origins of the Living Constitution: JC: I was intrigued by the fact that many nineteenth-century evangelicals were openly critical of certain aspects of the constitutional system. The example of… Read More→

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Who Says the U.S. Lacks a Religious Establishment?


From Dwight Eisenhower’s December 22, 1952 speech as president-elect before the Freedoms Foundation’s directors: I had a friend, a man who really turned out to be quite a good friend, and who suffered for it. His name was Marshal Zhukov, of the Red Army. In fact, his later disgrace came about because of the fact… Read More→

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Religious Tests for Having an Opinion


This piece reminded me of a thought I have had for a long time. It first came to me when studying neo-Calvinism and the demands of w-w thinking. But it continued to haunt me when dealing with the logician-paradigmatists over at Deduced Into Church. The thought is that Christian “conservatives” insist that philosophy precedes religion,… Read More→

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Let My People Go


If the Israelis can distinguish between an Arab Christian and an Arab Muslim, why can’t Americans tell the difference between an evangelical and a Reformed Protestant? (Supply your own punchline.) This thought experiment came to mind when reading this: An Israeli bill will grant legal distinction between Israel’s Muslim and Christian Arabs for the first… Read More→

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Persuasion by Innuendo


Bill Evans is baaaaaaaaaack with another dismissive post about 2k. I am not sure why he grinds this ax, though I have ideas. Also, I detect another attempt to tarnish 2kers with unmentioned and unmentionable implications of their position — the guilt by association technique: We will cheerfully admit that 2K advocates have some legitimate… Read More→

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How To Tell If Your Religious Liberties Are Under Siege

Jay S

Our Pennsylvania correspondent sent word of this post which contains this chart: This is helpful and puts the difficulties that North American Christians face in a category different from the one Eritrean Christians endure. But isn’t the issue for most neo-Calvinists and subscribers to w-w ideology that you know your rights are being violated when… Read More→

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How “Outsiders” See It


For evangelicals it seems, debates about Arizona bill SB 1062 are simply about religious freedom. But non-evangelicals often see more clearly because they have less at stake. Consider Noah Millman (once again): So, for example, if the issue is being coerced to provide services for marriage ceremonies that violate one’s religious beliefs, why not write… Read More→

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This is So Un-American


While Rome burns with Pentecostal fire, Jason and the Callers continue to play mind games. The latest Protestant to try to ascend Bryan’s holy cap is Mark Hausam, who is, according to his blog, “a member at Christ Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City, UT, a catechumen with the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland,… Read More→

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