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If Priests Created the Secular . . .


So reasons Peter Leithart: Our secular age can be sustained only if the secular has been carefully distinguished from the sacred, and only if the boundary between the two is vigorously, not to say violently, guarded. But boundary-drawing between the sacred and profane is the work of a priest. It is the sacred act par… Read More→

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Still Spooked by Constantine (or Why I Am A Disestablishmentarian)


Why do Christians believe society should be Christian? Did Christ and the apostles entertain such a belief? Keeping Israel Mosaic certainly made sense for about 1500 years of redemptive history but that did not exactly go well. Think exile. And when Christ came, did he try to put Moses back in the Mosaic Covenant? Paul… Read More→

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Gizzards, Pigskins, and Carbs


I am not sure why you might feel the need to turn Thanksgiving into another testimonial for Holy Mother Church. Can’t Protestants have anything to themselves? The converts say no. Taylor Marshall claims: The first American Thanksgiving was actually celebrated on September 8 (feast of the birth of the Blessed Virgin) in 1565 in St.… Read More→

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Speaking of Chaplains


The authors of the Marriage Pledge are arguing that Christian (Protestant and Roman Catholic) ministers can no longer participate in civil wedding ceremonies because the new definition of marriage compromises the Christian one — never mind that Roman Catholics and Protestants do not actually agree on the definition of Christian marriage (sacrament or not?). They… Read More→

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Cherry Picker in Chief

obama hope

If you appeal to Exodus for an immigration policy tweak, what do you do with Leviticus? Tonight President Barack Obama outlined his executive action on immigration reform, which could impact up to 5 million immigrants. He gave two citations: one from former President George W. Bush, and one from Exodus 23. “Scripture tells us that… Read More→

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Is It the Offense of 2k, or Just Nebraska?


Ben Sasse won handily in the Nebraska senate election yesterday and thus keeps alive any hopes I have of spending a night in the White House (should he ever decide to run for president). Finding anyone to take notice is another matter. The Huffington Post story is all of five sentences. The Daily Nebraskan did… Read More→

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But How Should I Vote?


John Piper thinks we should vote as if we are not voting (no holy hedonism at the polls): 1) We should do it. But only as if we were not doing it. Its outcomes do not give us the greatest joy when they go our way, and they do not demoralize us when they don’t.… Read More→

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Must I Give Up Libertarianism To Be Saved?


With all the discussion of marriage of late by Roman Catholic bishops and observers of the Roman church, we may forget that back in the Spring the hot topic of conversation was libertarianism (and the implicit argument that Pope Francis had pitted solidarity against hyper-individualism). Here is how one interlocutor described the relationship between Roman… Read More→

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Woman Up


While love was hoping all things, the BBs have piled on the situation in Houston in a way that raises a number of interesting questions about persecution. Tim Bayly himself insists that the difficulties contemporary Christians confront increasingly resembles what Chicken Little faced: . . . the persecution suffered by Christians in this country is… Read More→

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