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Who Is Scratching Whose Head?


A number of bloggers are struggling with Pope Francis’ comment about family planning and Roman Catholics “breeding like rabbits.” On the one side are those who think Francis is only speaking to the wider public and would choose his words more carefully if addressing the faithful exclusively: When Francis speaks to the mainstream media, like… Read More→

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If No Call to Prayer at Duke . . .

Princeton University Chapel, Princeton, New Jersey

What’s with the High Mass at Princeton? After leading an Ignatian retreat in Boston, Father Carlos Hamel FSJC will be coming to Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey and publicly offering a High Mass in the University Chapel at 9 PM on Tuesday February 3 for the Aquinas Institute. There will be a reception afterwards.… Read More→

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The State of the Boom

original hope

Why is it called “The State of the Union” instead of “The State of the Republic”? Maybe because we fought a war to preserve union without paying too close attention to what it means for republicanism? This is a backhanded way of saying I didn’t listen to the President’s address last night. I never do,… Read More→

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If We Can Yawn about Blasphemous Cartoons . . .


what about public schools? Paris has some Kuyperians thinking: The tradition in which I am currently immersed–the Kuyperian tradition–tends to use the term secular like a curse word. The argument usually begins and ends by showing that there is no such thing – there is no neutrality or objectivity. Everything has a direction, a telos,… Read More→

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The Problem and the Solution

hollande and obama

That would be liberalism in relation to the demands of radical Islam. According to Robert Reilly, if the contest is really between Islam and secular society, freedom without meaning, Islam will win. So he proposes a return to an overtly religious society: Islamists are not the problem; we are the problem. Were we still a… Read More→

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I Am Mario Cuomo


The media attention devoted to Mario Cuomo’s death highlighted the tension in the former governor’s thought between his personal moral convictions and his responsibilities and work as an elected official. Put simply, is it possible to be personally committed to Roman Catholic morality but in public life follow a different moral standard? Here’s how Crux… Read More→

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What Did Charlie Hebdo Accomplish?


The drive back from the annual American Historical Association meeting (and other points northeastern) brought the missus and me lots of coverage of the killings of editors and cartoonists at the offices of Charlie Hebdo yesterday in Paris. As unnerving and tragic as those deaths were and as close to the events as reporters still… Read More→

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Who Created Christmas?


One answer looks either to fourth-century emperors who devised December 25 to compete with pagan holidays or to popes who established Christmas as a festival for the western church. Another might point toward the tradition of Lessons and Carols which have become a Protestant (Anglican) way to observe the festivities. But the point of the… Read More→

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If Priests Created the Secular . . .


So reasons Peter Leithart: Our secular age can be sustained only if the secular has been carefully distinguished from the sacred, and only if the boundary between the two is vigorously, not to say violently, guarded. But boundary-drawing between the sacred and profane is the work of a priest. It is the sacred act par… Read More→

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