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Still Spooked by Constantine (or Why I Am A Disestablishmentarian)


Why do Christians believe society should be Christian? Did Christ and the apostles entertain such a belief? Keeping Israel Mosaic certainly made sense for about 1500 years of redemptive history but that did not exactly go well. Think exile. And when Christ came, did he try to put Moses back in the Mosaic Covenant? Paul… Read More→

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That Funny Thing You (military) Do


Is it wrong to be ambivalent about the U.S. military, or at least about the ways that Americans manipulate empathy for soldiers to produce a faux patriotism? A couple of recent incidents rekindled this question (which given its length may need a lot of kindling). During halftime at the Crisler Center at the University of… Read More→

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What’s to Abhor?


One of the arresting vows that church members take in Presbyterian circles is this: Do you confess that because of your sinfulness you abhor and humble yourself before God, that you repent of your sin, and that you trust for salvation not in yourself but in Jesus Christ alone? Important to consider is that this… Read More→

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Golden Oldie (part three)


From Make War No More?: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of J. Gresham Machen’s Warrior Children J. Gresham Machen may not be the gold standard for twentieth-century Reformed orthodoxy but he does stand out not only in every account of American Presbyterianism but in most accounts of religion in United States as arguably the most… Read More→

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Deadline Extended!!

OPSI_2012_view_from_Shiloh Lodge

The OPC Summer Institute is still looking for qualified young men from seminary and college who are considering the vocation of ministry in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The new deadline is May 15, 2013. For two days (June 18-20, 2013) in the delightful setting of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, church officers will lead participants in… Read More→

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Called To Communion Hype and Roman Catholic Reality


Bryan Cross’ response to Nick Batzig on the Reformed view of imputation has kicked up a little dust over at Green Baggins and for good reason, though I plan to go in a direction different from many of the Protestant complaints. Cross contends that Roman Catholics understand justification through the lens of agape while Reformed… Read More→

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If You Need Some Ecclesiology to Go with Your W-W

White Mountains

The OPC is seeking applications from college students and seminarians for its Summer Institute. This year’s sessions will be conducted again at Shiloh Lodge from June 19 to 21 in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Successful applicants will have their travel and lodging expenses covered. The Summer Institute offers a glimpse of Reformed ministry as understood… Read More→

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Moderate 2K in the OPC: No (April’s) Fooling


The April issue (online) of Ordained Servant is out and the theme is Natural Law. It features two articles that have 2k fingerprints all over them, David VanDrunen’s on natural law in Reformed theology and David Noe’s on the differences between redemption and culture and the implications of this difference for so-called Christian education. Here… Read More→

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Old Life Leaven

The new issue of Ordained Servant features the addresses that John Muether and I gave at the pre-General Assembly this past June. Here is the conclusion from Muether’s talk about the different interpreters — from Marsden and Noll to Woolley and Dennison — of Orthodox Presbyterian history: THE OPC AS BIG AND SMALL The OPC… Read More→

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