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Biblical Pessimism

UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1800:  (AUSTRALIA OUT) Photo of Bob HOPE  (Photo by GAB Archive/Redferns)

Today’s reading took me again to Roman Catholic and Kuyperian expressions of optimism. In the face of mounting evidence that our society is coarsening, Billy Boyce and Michael Sean Winters affirm hope. First, pastor Boyce (the Kuyperian): But there is a way forward. Kuyper’s emphasis on the antithesis keeps us humble, recognizing that there will… Read More→

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When Did Christian America End?


For some it happened recently. This blogger doesn’t refer to the Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, but it’s hard not to think he has it in mind: The 350-year marriage of Protestant Christian theology and American popular culture is over. Christianity, it may be sadly said, is no longer the preeminent social influence in American… Read More→

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What A Call with Integrity Sounds Like

2 flags better than 1

If Bryan and the Jasons had truly been conservative Presbyterians, they would have carried suspicions of liberalism into the Roman Catholic Church with them. But that they continue to insist that Protestantism and Roman Catholicism represent two distinct paradigms while not recognizing the two paradigms that exist on both sides of the Tiber — one… Read More→

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The Basis for Unity


What if Protestants are actually orthodox by Roman Catholic standards? After all, both sets of western Christians affirm the Nicene Creed and some of us actually use it as the basis for catechetical instruction. Is the difference simply that Protestants are not in fellowship with the Bishop of Rome? And is it that Protestants will… Read More→

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The Healthy Influence of Meredith Kline


His Vossian eschatology and two-kingdom outlook gave some of us room to avoid this: Have you heard of the Benedict Option? If not, you will soon. It’s the name of a deeply pessimistic cultural project that’s capturing the imaginations of social conservatives as they come to terms with the realization that the hopes and assumptions… Read More→

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Sunday School’s Sun Sets


USA Today reports on the decline of Sunday school as an institution. The reporter finds that parents are suspicious and busy: Parents, especially middle-class ones, have become ever more concerned about the welfare of their children, whether it’s demanding chemical-free playgrounds or ensuring they get into the best preschool. At the same time, Christian churches… Read More→

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Will Heaven Be Boring?


Maybe not the most sanctified question but after reading a fascinatingly sobering piece about the “troubles” in Northern Ireland I had to ask. Sure the idea of no more suffering has appeal: 1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and… Read More→

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Not Flourishing, Enduring


The Bar Jester keeps it real about human existence: I don’t want an early spring. I don’t want the buds to get duped. I don’t want the fruit trees to flower and then get stung. I just want the trouble—the full brunt of the trouble until it’s time, really time, for the darling buds of… Read More→

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Still Spooked by Constantine (or Why I Am A Disestablishmentarian)


Why do Christians believe society should be Christian? Did Christ and the apostles entertain such a belief? Keeping Israel Mosaic certainly made sense for about 1500 years of redemptive history but that did not exactly go well. Think exile. And when Christ came, did he try to put Moses back in the Mosaic Covenant? Paul… Read More→

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Glass Half-Full Kind of Guy that (all about) I Am


So who is more optimistic or pessimistic? Two-kingdom folks are generally dismissive of efforts to Christianize society and so are known for being overly sour about the possibilities of human “flourishing.” Theonomists, neo-Calvinists, and transformationalists, in contrast, are much more hopeful about the prospects of improving the world and doing so through Christian influence (however… Read More→

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