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Kevin Swanson is not Tim Keller


Some critics of the OPC and 2k wonder why Old Life has been silent about Kevin Swanson, the Generations with Vision Director who pastors and OPC congregation in Elizabeth, CO. A simple reason is that Pastor Swanson has no following (to my knowledge) in the OPC say the way Lig Duncan, or Harry Reeder, or… Read More→

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Today’s Topic for the Epistemology Seminar

E&E Seminar Stephen Darwall by G Vong 19-07 10-Sep-2013 4571

Mark Powell’s new book Papal Infallibility: A Protestant Evaluation of an Ecumenical Issue shows that the path from papal infallibility to epistemic certainty is hardly uniform or successful. First, maximal infallibility: [Henry Edward Cardinal] Manning’s maximal infallibility, which stressed the problems of private judgment in theological reflection, looked to the pope to decisively settle theological… Read More→

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Could Christ Have Preached Christ and Him Crucified?


Rick Phillips introduces a tension — though that was not his intention — between Jesus’ preaching and Paul’s. We have the old was-Paul-the-second-founder-of-Christianity problem. Here‘s is what Christ preached according to Phillips: I noted 4 main types of ministry emphases highlighted by Jesus in Mark: 1. Jesus declaring his deity as Messiah, together with his… Read More→

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There Goes Peer Review


Peter Leithart warns about the danger of Christians taking their complaints before the court of bloggers: Paul urges that it is better to be defrauded and wronged than to take a brother to court: “It is already a defeat for you, that you have lawsuits with one another” (v. 7). Paul urged the Corinthians to… Read More→

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In 1960 JFK Had to Explain Himself to Texas Baptists


In 2015 Hillary Clinton, a Methodist, needs to explain herself to Roman Catholics. And she does so by jumping on the Pope Francis bus (which is about to leave nation): For the first time in history, we are within reach of eradicating hunger and extreme poverty. But climate change threatens that progress. Thanks to President… Read More→

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Imagine if Tim Read Tim


Would Tim Challies tweak this post on how to lose your zeal for Christ for Tim Keller’s discomfort? Love the world. “How can we be zealous for heaven when our hearts are wrapped up in earthly civic things? How can we lift our spirits heavenward when our minds are weighed down with the cares of… Read More→

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Where Do You Stop?

spanish empire

If you object to the Confederate Flag, why not to Alabama’s and Florida’s. If you notice the design, you have a diagonal cross similar to the Scottish flag, but with a white background and maroon bars. Historians of Florida are currently debating whether the Florida flag owes its features to the Confederate one. But how… Read More→

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Wire View (not W-w)


In addition to listening to NPR’s reports on the Confederate Flag controversy, we also listened to the Diane Rehm show for part of the drive across Ohio. Her guest on Monday was Evan Thomas, the author of the new biography of Richard M. Nixon. This was a great interview and sounds like a brilliant book.… Read More→

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The Sinner’s Prayer

ray charles

I worshiped at Christ Reformed Church, Washington, DC on Sunday and this was our corporate confession of sin: Our Father, we are sinful and you are holy. We recognize that we have heard in your Law difficult words, knowing how often we have offended you in thought, word and deed, not only by obvious violations,… Read More→

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What’s Missing?

The Ordination of Elders in a Scottish Kirk, 1891

The visible church, preaching, worship, and the Lord’s Day, for starters. These are what are missing from a summary of “Reformed-Evangelical” spirituality from Peter Adam (lots of redemptive historical heft there) via Justin Taylor: Christ is the mediator of the revelation of God, so this spirituality is Christ-centred, responding with faith in Jesus Christ, and… Read More→

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