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Gratitude and Motivation


The good (loaded term?) folks over at Gospel Reformation Network state the following: We deny that gratitude for justification is the only valid motivation for holiness, making all other motivations illegitimate or legalistic. I am not sure how many critics of neonomianism or flattening insist that gratitude is the exclusive motivation for good works. But… Read More→

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From DGH on Knowing Jesus Submitted on 2014/09/25 at 9:58 am


Mark, since Ref21 doesn’t take comments, I’ll carry the discussion on over here at OL. I am responding to your latest post, which appears to address my (and others, not all about me this time) insufficient knowledge of Christ. That may not be the way you meant it — to prompt me to doubt myself.… Read More→

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Was Victoria Osteen Channeling Jonathan Edwards?


I was not planning to write about this since discussing the Osteens is like mistaking Bill O’Reilly for Michael Oakeshott. But I am intrigued by the experimental Calvinist response to Pastorette Osteen’s remarks on the importance of experiencing happiness in worship. The issue is conceivably whether we pit God’s glory with our experience in worship.… Read More→

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Are the New Calvinists Green or On Fire?


Tim Challies engages in a bit of introspection after the most recent kerfuffle surrounding Mark Driscoll. Challies concedes that a problem for the young sovereigntists was their lack of maturity. They were not mature or settled: Bear with me as I artificially divide Driscoll’s ministry into three parts: theology (what he said), practice (how he… Read More→

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And A Lutheran Will Lead Them


Amid all the clamor over sanctification (and perhaps the not so sanctified aims of improving one’s own standing by taking down a ministerial rock star), what seems to be missing are the very basic categories that animated the differences between Protestants (yes, that includes — ugh!! — Lutherans) and Roman Catholics. When you consider this… Read More→

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Less Devotion is More


Lots of Christians, evangelicals following the lead of Neo-Calvinists, like to know that their faith matters. (Thanks to Chris Gehrz) Here’s one recent appropriation of the Clapham Sect, a group of English evangelicals which included William Wilberforce, and that give evangelical activists goose bumps because of Wilberforce’s involvement in abolishing the slave trade: Clapham Spirituality… Read More→

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Christ and City, City and Celebrity


I followed Dr. Kloosterman’s advice (is this a two-way advice street?) and listened to Tim Keller’s sermon on politics. It strikes me that Keller’s rendering of Render unto Caesar is a way to avoid partisan politics while also keeping the flame of political engagement bright and inflaming. TKNY will not be captive to either liberals… Read More→

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Have These Guys Never Heard of Bandwagon Jumpers?


Thanks to John Fea for a reminder of Chris Gerhz’s aid to the anti-hype cause: I’d happily entertain attempts to persuade me that if Christians want “to have impact and effect on a society [they] must lead from the center of culture and not from the periphery.” I guess I’m wary of this “creeping New… Read More→

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The Presbyterian Narrative


If Ref21 had commboxes with their posts, I could simply make this point (or set of points) in response to Rick Phillips over there. But I guess ACE stands for Anti-Commbox Evangelicals. At the risk of offending Bill McClay (as if he reads OL) who wrote a very fine piece on the “American narrative,” the… Read More→

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An Easy Way to tell a New Calvinist from an Old Calvinist — Say Lutheranism!


This is inspired by R. Phillips’ post on why Old Calvinists should be encouraged by, even rejoice over, New Calvinism. The word inspired is key because inspiration does not come easily to Old Calvinists unless we are talking the doctrine of Scripture. Temperamentally, we tend to be phlegmatic souls who see almost nothing new under… Read More→

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