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Machen Death Day 2016


While some put their hopes in human accomplishments, Machen reminded seminarians where to place their trust: God tells us not to be too much impressed by the unbelieving age in which we are living now. Do you think that this is a happy or a blessed age? Oh, no, my friends. Amid all the pomp… Read More→

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Cherry Picking Amendments


I am no fan of the National Rifle Association. Having grown up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I have no first hand knowledge with weapons — either for self-defense or sport. My own politics tell me that if I am going to support the Second Amendment (and my right to bear arms), I should also… Read More→

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A Platitude Pusher


I’ve been questioning for some time Tim Challies daily posting of pious aphorisms, which seem to undermine Bible memorization (for starters). Then I read Alan Jacobs on Platitude-Pushers and I think of the sentimental maxims that Tim posts (complete with — wait for it — graphics). First Jacobs: Platitude-pushers seem to do especially well on… Read More→

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Praise Militias?


I remember back in the days of the worship wars when the result were still uncertain — maybe 20 years ago. Back then I would hear the people who promoted contemporary worship, complete with praise bands, cites Psalms like 149 for support (which the missus and I read today in family worship — tmi): Praise… Read More→

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What If?


What if same-sex marriage is not that big a deal? What if same-sex marriage winds Christians up so that they play to the stereotype of cultural warriors and further their reputation for the last 30 years of playing lock step in culture-war partisan politics? What if no gay couples will seek to be married in… Read More→

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Has Aaron Sorkin been Reading John Calvin?


The Hart home has a problem. The missus and I are about 2/3 of the way through season four of The Wire (for at least the third time for the whole series), and we are also making our way pleasantly through West Wing thanks to being smitten by Newsroom. As I’ve tried to explain elsewhere,… Read More→

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What’s Missing?

The Ordination of Elders in a Scottish Kirk, 1891

The visible church, preaching, worship, and the Lord’s Day, for starters. These are what are missing from a summary of “Reformed-Evangelical” spirituality from Peter Adam (lots of redemptive historical heft there) via Justin Taylor: Christ is the mediator of the revelation of God, so this spirituality is Christ-centred, responding with faith in Jesus Christ, and… Read More→

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But How Should I Vote?


John Piper thinks we should vote as if we are not voting (no holy hedonism at the polls): 1) We should do it. But only as if we were not doing it. Its outcomes do not give us the greatest joy when they go our way, and they do not demoralize us when they don’t.… Read More→

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