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Why Not Lutheranism?


In my ongoing effort to monitor the way that Calvinism has captured the imagination of Americans, the following: Now here in America, we live in the Land of Calvinist culture and Calvinism—being a particularly potent form of heresy—has mutated into its opposite with peculiarly potent force. It retains its joylessness and icy fear that someone,… Read More→

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No Narrative, No Clue


One of the odder aspects of the New Calvinism is how little historical awareness its proponents have. Consider the following in response to Tim Challies’ chart (which gave historical legitimacy to the movement by including the publication of George Marsden’s biography of Jonathan Edwards): There is a difference between a movement and a reformation, and… Read More→

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An Easy Way to tell a New Calvinist from an Old Calvinist — Say Lutheranism!


This is inspired by R. Phillips’ post on why Old Calvinists should be encouraged by, even rejoice over, New Calvinism. The word inspired is key because inspiration does not come easily to Old Calvinists unless we are talking the doctrine of Scripture. Temperamentally, we tend to be phlegmatic souls who see almost nothing new under… Read More→

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What’s Wrong with Calvinism?


If you can attribute American patriotism or the Tea Party to Calvinism, you have a term that is almost as much of a wax nose as evangelicalism. This is why the phrase Reformed Protestant is better than Calvinism. Reformed Protestant has a definite meaning that Calvinism doesn’t. And this is why the so-called New Calvinism… Read More→

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The New Calvinism is not the Old Calvinism


We can be sure of that thanks to Jared Oliphint: Twelve Thirteen features of the New Calvinism: 1.The New Calvinism, in its allegiance to the inerrancy of the Bible, embraces the biblical truths behind the five points (TULIP), while having an aversion to using the acronym or any other systematic packaging, along with a sometimes… Read More→

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Would You Give Up Whiskey for Lent?


It’s a curious post for early in a period some call Lent, but Robert Christian thinks Roman Catholics have a drinking problem: From parishes to parochial schools to university classrooms, the Church is failing in its responsibility to talk about the pernicious impact of alcohol (and even drugs) on so many people in our society,… Read More→

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Let My People Go


If the Israelis can distinguish between an Arab Christian and an Arab Muslim, why can’t Americans tell the difference between an evangelical and a Reformed Protestant? (Supply your own punchline.) This thought experiment came to mind when reading this: An Israeli bill will grant legal distinction between Israel’s Muslim and Christian Arabs for the first… Read More→

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Golden Oldie (part two)


An excerpt from “‘Reformed’ or ‘Revived’: Why Words Matter”, Modern Reformation (July/August 1998): Perhaps a better way of showing these differences is to contrast the words “revive” and “reform.” These words connote the same difference already noted between Tennent and the Second Helvetic Confession. The word, “revive,” suggests an effort to recover genuine spiritual existence… Read More→

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Imagine if You Were Orthodox Presbyterian

french creek

John Zmirak is back to pester (unintentionally) Jason and the Callers with an explanation for what conservative or traditionalist Roman Catholic culture is so weird. He thinks the problem is numerical. Not as many good Roman Catholics exist as “Sunday Catholics”: How many people in America actually believe all the central truths of the Catholic… Read More→

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Show Me Ze Money, Lebowski


If you ever wanted proof of how wealthy American Christians are and how little the ordinary means of grace receive from believers’ charitable contributions, just take a look stories like this: In its fourth annual State of Giving report, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) reveals that charitable giving to more than 1,600 of… Read More→

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