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At Least Pretty Good?

Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park, Toroweap Overlook a vertical panorama of the Canyon from Rim to River. (Photo by: Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Is this what happens when the Bible has to take a number behind Homer and Aristotle? Our students immerse themselves in the Great Books (the Western Canon), the Good Book (the Bible), and God’s “First Book” (nature)—all of which we consider necessary for a true liberal education. Our humanities curriculum starts our freshmen off in… Read More→

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Family Trumps School (so says Bavinck)


(Thanks to our Grand Rapids correspondent) James K. A. Smith offers that latest case (in a popular form) for Christian schools and bangs all the percussion instruments that neo-Calvinists have assembled up front in their churches for worship (see what I did there?): Christian Reformed communities have long understood a commitment to Christian schools as… Read More→

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Maybe He Needs MmmeeeeeEEEEEE


Scott Sauls may have spent too much time with Tim Keller, the author of Center Church, because Pastor Sauls seems to think that he is at the center of Presbyterianism. The reason for saying this is that he admits that he needs to hear from those with whom he differs. Here’s his list: I don’t… Read More→

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Speaking of Using History


Peter Leithart comments on the way that American Protestants have immanentized the eschaton: In the introduction to What Hath God Wrought, his contribution to the Oxford History of the United States, Daniel Walker Howe quotes an 1850 Methodist women’s magazine’s ecstasies over the telegraph: “This noble invention is to be the means of extending civilization,… Read More→

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Vanilla Presbyterianism


Bryan Chapell serves a modest and healthy variety of Reformed Protestantism to Ed Stetzer: Ed Stetzer: What are some of the distinctives that make you different than other Evangelical groups? Bryan Chapell: The PCA affirms the inerrancy of Scripture and places a high value on biblical preaching and worship. This is because we believe the… Read More→

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It’s Not Exactly Growing the OPC


Jeff Gissing worries about the decline of doctrine and graying of hairs in the PCUSA. He also wonders if the loss of theology is connected to the loss of members: Theologically, the PC(USA) made the calamitous choice of choosing to abandon consistent doctrinal standards—of even the most elemental type—in favor of an ad hoc, case-by-case… Read More→

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How soon the glory has departed. The streets department in Philadelphia has barely collected the porta-potties and barricades after Pope Francis’ glitch-proof visit (minus that Kim Davis ambiguity) and Father Dwight is embracing the suck: Why are there so many Catholics who are down on Pope Francis, biting their nails over the Synod on the… Read More→

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Everything in Moderation, Including Gullibility

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A common charge against Protestantism is that it is rationalistic. By raising doubts about relics, candles, prayers to saints, pools of healing waters, sightings of Mary, or reports of the stigmata, Protestantism supposedly set into motion the kind of skepticism about the supernatural that brought down belief in God altogether. Robert Langbaum echoes this trope… Read More→

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There Goes Peer Review


Peter Leithart warns about the danger of Christians taking their complaints before the court of bloggers: Paul urges that it is better to be defrauded and wronged than to take a brother to court: “It is already a defeat for you, that you have lawsuits with one another” (v. 7). Paul urged the Corinthians to… Read More→

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Praise Militias?


I remember back in the days of the worship wars when the result were still uncertain — maybe 20 years ago. Back then I would hear the people who promoted contemporary worship, complete with praise bands, cites Psalms like 149 for support (which the missus and I read today in family worship — tmi): Praise… Read More→

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