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How soon the glory has departed. The streets department in Philadelphia has barely collected the porta-potties and barricades after Pope Francis’ glitch-proof visit (minus that Kim Davis ambiguity) and Father Dwight is embracing the suck: Why are there so many Catholics who are down on Pope Francis, biting their nails over the Synod on the… Read More→

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Everything in Moderation, Including Gullibility

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A common charge against Protestantism is that it is rationalistic. By raising doubts about relics, candles, prayers to saints, pools of healing waters, sightings of Mary, or reports of the stigmata, Protestantism supposedly set into motion the kind of skepticism about the supernatural that brought down belief in God altogether. Robert Langbaum echoes this trope… Read More→

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There Goes Peer Review


Peter Leithart warns about the danger of Christians taking their complaints before the court of bloggers: Paul urges that it is better to be defrauded and wronged than to take a brother to court: “It is already a defeat for you, that you have lawsuits with one another” (v. 7). Paul urged the Corinthians to… Read More→

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Praise Militias?


I remember back in the days of the worship wars when the result were still uncertain — maybe 20 years ago. Back then I would hear the people who promoted contemporary worship, complete with praise bands, cites Psalms like 149 for support (which the missus and I read today in family worship — tmi): Praise… Read More→

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Imagine if Tim Read Tim


Would Tim Challies tweak this post on how to lose your zeal for Christ for Tim Keller’s discomfort? Love the world. “How can we be zealous for heaven when our hearts are wrapped up in earthly civic things? How can we lift our spirits heavenward when our minds are weighed down with the cares of… Read More→

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Where is the PCA’s Glenn Loury?


Recent travels sent me again to the inter-web in search of podcasts that inform, provoke, and keep me awake. My latest favorite source for vigorous exchanges is The Glenn Show at You can watch the discussion on-line — it’s the weird images of talking heads in Skype session. Or you can download a show… Read More→

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Calvin, the Fundamentalist


Or so that is how the anti-dualists or the opponents of otherworldiness (hint, the neo-Calvinists) would have us read Calvin on Christ’s own stupendous words from Mark 8: If any man would come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. 35For whosoever would save his life shall lose… Read More→

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Disenchantment, Christian Style


Protestants get a lot of blame for removing the sacred canopy that covered Christendom with a sacramental presence. But when you know the history of religion maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, monotheistic faiths have regularly rejected those pieties or ideas that locate divine ways in ordinary affairs. Steve Bruce explains: The… Read More→

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What If Historical Inquiry Isn’t Comforting


Kevin DeYoung has a pretty positive spin on John Witherspoon’s commitment to Protestant unity without lapsing into doctrinal indifferentism: Although he remained staunchly committed to and invested in Presbyterianism his whole life, Witherspoon was not a man of narrow party spirit. In his Treatise on Regeneration (1764), Witherspoon noted, “I am fully convinced, that many… Read More→

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Can You Confess Sins To Yourself?


Rick Phillips’ post about corporate confession of sins got me thinking about the PCA’s proposed resolution on race and civil rights. That personal resolution from Ligon Duncan and Sean Lucas confesses the church’s complicity with racial injustice. Phillips attempts to find a biblical procedure for such confession. But if he were to use the Book… Read More→

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