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If I Don’t Open the Car Door for My Wife . . .


Do I risk dissolving the marriage? This was a question I considered after reading an interview with our favorite neo-anti-antinomian, Mark Jones about his book on antinomianism. He uses this example to make his point about personal holiness improvement: I need to be told to love my wife more. I remember being in South Africa… Read More→

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All about (Me) Another Blog


I am starting to post over at Patheos (around 2 times a week) and have written my first entry. It was inspired in part by Tim Challies confusing (but pious) post about Canada’s prime minister: On February 6, 2006, Stephen Harper stood before the Governor General of Canada and recited the oath of office: “I,… Read More→

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Sanctification Jihad?

sword w bible

In light of recent events, Tim Challies might want to choose a different set of metaphors: “How?” people ask. “How do we make this happen in our churches? I’ve always believed that prayerful, word-driven ‘vine work’ was the essence of ministry, and you’ve reminded me of that. But how do we get our people fired… Read More→

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Talk about High Expectations


Forget about WWJD. Be Jesus. In other words, there is more, much more to being a disciple of Jesus Christ than simply trying to imitate him. How dull is that? Instead we’re talking about becoming Jesus Christ alive in the world today. He wants to do more, much more than we can ask or imagine,… Read More→

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I Wonder if This Applies to All Sins


Including racism: Although we are in a daily fight against sin, the war has already been won. Christ is victorious. He has freed us from the penalty of sin (justification) and the power of sin (sanctification), and one day He will free us from the presence of sin (glorification). But while we remain on this… Read More→

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Resoluteness is Next to Godliness


Tim Challies never uses the word sanctification in connection with New Year’s resolutions, but why you would encourage Christians to pray about resolving to improve oneself (like walking more and talking less) is uncertain: HOW TO MAKE A RESOLUTION THAT STICKS Do you want to make a resolution that sticks? Then here’s what you can… Read More→

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The Unintended Outcomes of Obedience


H. L. Mencken was surrounded by Obedience Boys and Girls while he was growing up. His name for them was Puritan. Their example to him was not one of emulation but a self-righteousness that bred revulsion: The service that [Anthony Comstock] performed, in his grandiose way, was no more than a magnification of humble Y.M.C.A.… Read More→

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How about Every Single Second of Every Single Day?


Tim Challies would have us believe — channeling John Owen — that temptations to sin come in seasons, the way the leaves turn colors: We live in a world that is full of temptation. There is no rest from sin and no rest from temptation to sin. There is not a single moment when we… Read More→

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Lutheran Obedience Boy


I will hand it to Rick Phillips. At least when he talks about good works he doesn’t try to yuck it up as certain Canadian pastors try to have a laugh while being earnestly Owenian. Even so, I’m not sure that Phillips captures the biblical motivation for good works because of an apparent need to… Read More→

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