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If Good Works are Complicated


Then so are bad ones. But Americans have a habit of looking for a single-motive that will make sense of evil. Ferguson, Missouri? Racism. Bill Cosby? Male. Tom Brady? Adulterer. Boston Marathon bombers? Islam. Dylann Roof? Confederate flag. But not so fast: The murders of nine black Americans in a Charleston South Carolina Methodist Episcopal… Read More→

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Is “Made Under Law” Gracious?


So my catechetical thought for the day is to wonder why those who insist that the Covenant of Works with Adam was a gracious arrangement don’t extend the logic to Christ’s humiliation and regard his submission to the law also as gracious. Sure, the overarching purpose of the incarnation was gracious. But was Christ’s being… Read More→

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Wire View (not W-w)


In addition to listening to NPR’s reports on the Confederate Flag controversy, we also listened to the Diane Rehm show for part of the drive across Ohio. Her guest on Monday was Evan Thomas, the author of the new biography of Richard M. Nixon. This was a great interview and sounds like a brilliant book.… Read More→

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The Sinner’s Prayer

ray charles

I worshiped at Christ Reformed Church, Washington, DC on Sunday and this was our corporate confession of sin: Our Father, we are sinful and you are holy. We recognize that we have heard in your Law difficult words, knowing how often we have offended you in thought, word and deed, not only by obvious violations,… Read More→

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Rod Dreher continues to acquire material for his next book — the one on the Benedict Option. (Make that Benedictine Option and I’m there — like yesterday.) And he posts this from a Protestant pastor who supports the notion of some kind of cultural resistance: I just wanted to let you know that your writings… Read More→

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The Sabbatarian Option for the Benedictines


Noah Millman legitimately wants specifics about the Benedictine Option (and here I thought it was an after dinner cocktail): Ok, then: monasteries were communities of celibates who held property in common. Anyone from the outside could join the community by taking the necessary vows, and non-votaries could visit, even dwell with the community for a… Read More→

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Sunday School’s Sun Sets


USA Today reports on the decline of Sunday school as an institution. The reporter finds that parents are suspicious and busy: Parents, especially middle-class ones, have become ever more concerned about the welfare of their children, whether it’s demanding chemical-free playgrounds or ensuring they get into the best preschool. At the same time, Christian churches… Read More→

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Lenten Attractions


After reading a few posts, the idea of Lent may have some appeal. First, it might be a time to catch up on films I’ve missed (though these are the sorts of films that the missus and I usually watch on the holy day): Almsgiving, prayer, fasting. “Into Great Silence” is German filmmaker Philip Gröning’s… Read More→

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Hope for Walter White


You may violate the terms of church membership if you belong to the Mafia, but if your crime is disorganized, say as disordered as the scripts for Breaking Bad were, hey, man, there’s hope: You cannot call yourself a true believer if you participate in organized crime, Pope Francis told members of the Cassano all’Jonio… Read More→

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