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Hey Pastor Fosdick, The Fundamentalists Did Win


First it was smoking. I grew up in a fundamentalist home where smoking was off limits. I have also related the story of how devastated I was when I first saw Richie (later Dick) Allen smoking in the Phillies’ dugout. But now the world has turned into the Hart home (of my parents). Thankfully, the… Read More→

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Reimagine Humility

Penalty flag on the turf during an NFL game between the Detroit Lions and the St. Louis Rams in Detroit, Sunday, Sept, 9, 2012. (AP Photo/Rick Osentoski)

Bethany Jenkins gives us a window into the path to true humility (thanks to our southern correspondent): To live out the fullness of our liberty, though, we must get rid of our arrogant, controlling, slow-to-hear, quick-to-speak, know-it-all spirits. In a 1995 sermon titled “Growth Through Hearing Truth,” Tim Keller highlights three characteristics of a proud… Read More→

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Could Christ Have Preached Christ and Him Crucified?


Rick Phillips introduces a tension — though that was not his intention — between Jesus’ preaching and Paul’s. We have the old was-Paul-the-second-founder-of-Christianity problem. Here‘s is what Christ preached according to Phillips: I noted 4 main types of ministry emphases highlighted by Jesus in Mark: 1. Jesus declaring his deity as Messiah, together with his… Read More→

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Will Believers be Judged for Not Knowing English Historical Theology?


Apparently, Mark Jones believes Lee Irons stands condemned: I am flabbergasted at the cocksure way by which Irons makes these claims. He castigates Piper for several errors, but ends up making a few blunders himself. One in particular stands out. He says: “Faith has never been viewed as a condition of justification in Reformed theology…”… Read More→

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Collective Guilt

people living in glass house

At first I thought I was clear because I’m not Tim Bayly, Tim Keller, or PCA: Bayly Blog has published a piece by Lucas Weeks, an assistant pastor at Clearnote Church, in which he argues that the root of abortion is feminism. He contends that the PCA soft-peddles feminism; thus the PCA is complicit in… Read More→

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Journalists and Saints Together


Push back on questioning David Daleiden’s explanation of his Planned Parenthood videos got me thinking — it sometimes happens — about the ethics of journalism. One of the strongest pushes came from those who say that Daleiden is only doing what journalists do. Which is sort of like saying that journalists don’t have to tell… Read More→

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The Un-Christian Option

A Man for All Seasons Paul Scofield

The maker of the videos producing so much outrage about Planned Parenthood conducted an interview with Christianity Today. Among the statements made: How did you get people to talk to you? There have been other undercover videos about Planned Parenthood in the past, so you would think they’d be more skeptical. It’s reasonable to think… Read More→

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If Good Works are Complicated


Then so are bad ones. But Americans have a habit of looking for a single-motive that will make sense of evil. Ferguson, Missouri? Racism. Bill Cosby? Male. Tom Brady? Adulterer. Boston Marathon bombers? Islam. Dylann Roof? Confederate flag. But not so fast: The murders of nine black Americans in a Charleston South Carolina Methodist Episcopal… Read More→

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Is “Made Under Law” Gracious?


So my catechetical thought for the day is to wonder why those who insist that the Covenant of Works with Adam was a gracious arrangement don’t extend the logic to Christ’s humiliation and regard his submission to the law also as gracious. Sure, the overarching purpose of the incarnation was gracious. But was Christ’s being… Read More→

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Wire View (not W-w)


In addition to listening to NPR’s reports on the Confederate Flag controversy, we also listened to the Diane Rehm show for part of the drive across Ohio. Her guest on Monday was Evan Thomas, the author of the new biography of Richard M. Nixon. This was a great interview and sounds like a brilliant book.… Read More→

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