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There is Antinomianism and then there is Antinomianism


Protestants wouldn’t seem to have to worry too much about lacking moral fiber. Here is how H. L. Mencken perceived moralism in the United States circa 1920: The man of morals has a certain character, and the man of honour has a quite different character. No one not an idiot fails to differentiate between the… Read More→

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Seven Good Reasons to Stop Breaking the Sabbath Right Now

Superbowl Sunday

(Inspired by Tim Challies) 1. THE COST TO YOUR SOUL If you are consumed with secular activities and unwilling to devote merely one day a week to God, you have every reason to be concerned with the state of your soul. God promises that if he has saved us we will gain new passions and… Read More→

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What Must I Do to be Saved?


Questions of epistemic certainty and episcopal authority aside, the question of how we are right with God is still the issue that divides Protestants and Roman Catholics. And, surprise, it is not exactly one of the sharpest knives in Jason and the Callers arsenal. As a reminder of those differences, here is a sampling of… Read More→

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Did Evangelical or Liberal Protestants Have a Better Week?


First came the news of Mark Sanford’s victory in South Carolina’s First District to Congress. For anyone who remembers Sanford’s well publicized marital infidelity, it must have struck many observers as strange that evangelical Protestants — I hear South Carolina is thick with them — would return Sanford to public office. But they also had… Read More→

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I Am A Bigger Man Than Angelo Cataldi But Not Joe Paterno


The latest news of Joe Pa’s firing led Angelo to inaugurate his 6:00 am show today with these words, “Justice has been served.” This is a peculiar rendering of the situation. Authorities have brought allegations of sexual abuse by a former Penn State Coach. That coach is out on bail. The trial has not started.… Read More→

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Singing Lutheran Theology from a Presbyterian Hymnal

I myself have never been impressed by the adage that ordinary believers learn more theology from hymns than from sermons or teaching. But recent frequent singing of “The Law of God Is Good and Wise” (1863) has led me to hope that the adage is true. Here is the text: The law of God is… Read More→

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The Gospel Coalition’s Thin-Skinned Long Arm

I did not see Kevin DeYoung’s post at his Gospel Coalition blog about confessionalism and pietism — and for good reason. Between the time you opened the page and blinked it was gone. (And it promised to be the first of a three-part series.) (UPDATE: For those old enough to remember the Tonight Show when… Read More→

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Desiring God Enough?

I have nothing personal against John Piper. I believe him to be basically sound theologically, though I wish he were a confessional Reformed Protestant. And his earnestness is truly impressive. I do not sense that he is faking what he says or preaches. Maybe that is why, a Nathaniel Kahn’s aunt says in My Architect,… Read More→

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If Morally Indifferent, Why Not Morally Neutral?

I understand and have commented before on the scare word, neutral. The followers of Abraham Kuyper regard nothing as neutral; everything is either for or against Christ and so no secular or neutral realm exists. This has obvious appeal in Sunday school or at a political rally. But someone going to court, even to protest… Read More→

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Give ‘Em A Break

A story from the world of higher education caught my eye and started me thinking about the nature of Sunday observance among Roman Catholics. Inside Higher Education reported on a meeting of Roman Catholic bishops and university presidents to consider how their colleges and universities may preserve academic freedom while also remaining faithful to church… Read More→

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