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The Sabbatarian Option for the Benedictines


Noah Millman legitimately wants specifics about the Benedictine Option (and here I thought it was an after dinner cocktail): Ok, then: monasteries were communities of celibates who held property in common. Anyone from the outside could join the community by taking the necessary vows, and non-votaries could visit, even dwell with the community for a… Read More→

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Sunday School’s Sun Sets


USA Today reports on the decline of Sunday school as an institution. The reporter finds that parents are suspicious and busy: Parents, especially middle-class ones, have become ever more concerned about the welfare of their children, whether it’s demanding chemical-free playgrounds or ensuring they get into the best preschool. At the same time, Christian churches… Read More→

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Lenten Attractions


After reading a few posts, the idea of Lent may have some appeal. First, it might be a time to catch up on films I’ve missed (though these are the sorts of films that the missus and I usually watch on the holy day): Almsgiving, prayer, fasting. “Into Great Silence” is German filmmaker Philip Gröning’s… Read More→

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Hope for Walter White


You may violate the terms of church membership if you belong to the Mafia, but if your crime is disorganized, say as disordered as the scripts for Breaking Bad were, hey, man, there’s hope: You cannot call yourself a true believer if you participate in organized crime, Pope Francis told members of the Cassano all’Jonio… Read More→

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Can Obedience Boys Covet?


They might if they see this: “Being sensible that I am unable to do anything without God’s help, I do humbly entreat him by his grace to enable me to keep these Resolutions, so far as they are agreeable to his will, for Christ’s sake.” – Jonathan Edwards These are the inspired words that begin… Read More→

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If I Don’t Open the Car Door for My Wife . . .


Do I risk dissolving the marriage? This was a question I considered after reading an interview with our favorite neo-anti-antinomian, Mark Jones about his book on antinomianism. He uses this example to make his point about personal holiness improvement: I need to be told to love my wife more. I remember being in South Africa… Read More→

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All about (Me) Another Blog


I am starting to post over at Patheos (around 2 times a week) and have written my first entry. It was inspired in part by Tim Challies confusing (but pious) post about Canada’s prime minister: On February 6, 2006, Stephen Harper stood before the Governor General of Canada and recited the oath of office: “I,… Read More→

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Sanctification Jihad?

sword w bible

In light of recent events, Tim Challies might want to choose a different set of metaphors: “How?” people ask. “How do we make this happen in our churches? I’ve always believed that prayerful, word-driven ‘vine work’ was the essence of ministry, and you’ve reminded me of that. But how do we get our people fired… Read More→

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