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The Land of the Free and the Free Lance


The Mencken Society, with which I am delighted to be associated, is republishing H. L. Mencken’s Free Lance columns daily for the next four-and-a-half years: On the 8th of May, We begin daily publication (with the exclusion of Sundays) of Mr Mencken’s Free Lance columns, each column posted on its its anniversary date. Mr Mencken… Read More→

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The Philonomian Temptation

Since some readers consider me clueless about the law to the point of being antinomian, the following essay, originally printed in the October 2002 issue of the NTJ, may be useful for clarifying the concerns of Oldlife. Ever since the sixteenth century Protestants have had to bear the accusation of being antinomian. The logic was,… Read More→

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The Baptized Luther, Part One

(From the April 2001 NTJ) The basic problem for any evangelical historian approaching Martin Luther is, of course, the centuries of mythology, literary, visual, anecdotal, that have come to surround the man and the Reformation in the evangelical tradition. How many third rate Protestant artists have painted their pictures of an angry Luther nailing the… Read More→

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The Unconverted Calvin, Part One

From the NTJ, October 2000 Ask any living Calvinist if he believed in conversion and ninety-nine percent of the responses would be unabashedly affirmative. And yet, if you followed up with a question about where the Reformed creeds and catechisms teach about conversion, the answer would probably not be so swift or positive. One reason… Read More→

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Gentlemen, You May Smoke

Take Lincoln and Wilberforce off the list and I’d be tempted to sign this Declaration of Independence.

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Just Grow Up

(From NTJ, January 1999) A recent visit to Yale, complete with watching a Yale-Princeton hockey game, reminded us of the suffocating ubiquity of post-1950s popular culture. Being some twenty years removed from college life it was curious to see Yale undergraduates participating in the rah-rah spirit that college students of our generation studiously avoided in… Read More→

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The Great Debate: Psalms vs. Hymns III

(From NTJ Jan 1997 and April 1997) From: Glenn Morangie To: T. Glen Livet Date: 9/3/96 3:21pm Subject: Psalmody -Reply -Reply Glen, Are you a ninny or what? How can you say that Reformed worship is not centered on the Word and then in the next sentence write, “God speaks to us and we speak… Read More→

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So You Don’t Need a Brown Paper Bag

(From NTJ, January  1998) Nicotine of Hippo     We recently heard a wonderful suggestion about the name of our journal, one that might help readers who want their church libraries to take the NTJ but fear what other church members will make of the title and its association with the evil weed. Why not tell… Read More→

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Is (or Was) Sam Walton Your Neighbor?

(From NTJ, January 1998) A report on NPR about a sermon by a priest in the Church of England prompted some thoughts about the implications of the Eighth Commandment. The news service copy indicated that this priest had told his parishioners that shoplifting from supermarket chains was not stealing. His reasoning was that such chains… Read More→

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Year 2000 Recipes

(From NTJ July 2000) For readers who may have stockpiled various kinds of dried foods in preparation for the computer crash to end all computer crashes, we offer the following recipe as a tasty of way of serving beans in the new millennium. It comes from the Ontario White Bean Producers. Rigatoni and White Beans… Read More→

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