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How To Transformationalize the Secular


Have worship services not on Sunday but throughout the week. After all, if holding Mass desacralizes Sunday, having worship services during the week could sacralize Monday or Thursday or Tuesday or Saturday. Father Z got me thinking: Communion in the hand… Blessings instead of Communion even by lay ministers… Pianos… Mass “facing the people”… Saturday… Read More→

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Seeker Sensitivity Comes Home


Wasn’t this the rationale for megachurches and Praise & Worship worship? “The church’s teaching is quite clear,” said Wuerl. “But the church’s pastoral life is the application of the teaching to where people are. And that’s always been the pastoral challenge of the church.” “You have to speak with clarity, but then knowing what the… Read More→

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Praise Militias?


I remember back in the days of the worship wars when the result were still uncertain — maybe 20 years ago. Back then I would hear the people who promoted contemporary worship, complete with praise bands, cites Psalms like 149 for support (which the missus and I read today in family worship — tmi): Praise… Read More→

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No Rest, No Worship


I wish Bethany Jenkins would try to find the work for which she trained in law school. To graduate from Columbia, she must be bright. But I’m not sure she has captured the high points of Reformed theology and worship. I think that means that I also wish the Gospel Allies would not give spiritual… Read More→

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Radio Worship


Yesterday’s call to worship came from Hebrews 12: For you have not come to what may be touched, a blazing fire and darkness and gloom and a tempest and the sound of a trumpet and a voice whose words made the hearers beg that no further messages be spoken to them. For they could not… Read More→

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Bow Your Heads, and Close Your Eyes


While you read a blog post prayer: My Good and Gracious Father, You have brought me safely through another year. This was a year in which I saw and experienced so much of your goodness. You were good when you gave, and you were good when you took away; you were good when the sun… Read More→

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Preparation for Worship


I had to scratch my head after reading this one: Why are you part of a church community? Why are you a member of a church? Why do you go to the public gatherings of the church on Sunday morning? Broadly speaking there can be two reasons: You go for the good of yourself, or… Read More→

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Calvinism without Charisma


Donald McLeod makes astute observations about the real danger of the so-called New Calvinism: it is clueless about worship. McLeod writes (thanks to our southern correspondent): . . . just as the grey squirrel threatens our native reds with extinction, so this brash New Calvinism threatens our historic Scottish Calvinism. It will eat us up,… Read More→

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Creatures of Habit


Just watch students over the course of a semester. They have free wills to choose whichever seat they want. After the first week of classes, they have found the seat from which they will not depart for the rest of the semester. It is “his” seat. We have no need for assigned seating. We create… Read More→

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