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Identity Economics


I thought that neo-Calvinism was supposed to do away with the sacred-secular distinction that led fundamentalists to produce the Christian Yellow Pages — you know, the phone book that allowed Christian consumers to buy goods and services from Christian providers of goods and services. Well, even in the hipster land of urban Protestantism, the logic… Read More→

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Who’s Afraid of a Secular Faith?


Chris Gerhz is worried about Islamophobia among evangelicals in the United States: In the 2015 edition of its annual American Values Survey, PRRI asked about a number of topics, but coming a day after multiple Republican candidates proposed that Christian and Muslim refugees be treated differently as they seek asylum in the U.S., this finding… Read More→

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By Their Public Policy You Shall Know Them

L'arrivee des immigres par bateau a Ellis Island a New York (on apercoit au fond dans le brouillard la statue de la Liberte), vers 1905 --- Arriving of immigrants in Ellis Island, New York, c. 1905

Mainline Presbyterians are engaged in debates about church identity thanks to the Donald. The Stated Clerk of the PCUSA has written a letter instructing Donald Trump that his views on immigration are antithetical to the communion of his baptism: Presbyterians profess a faith in Christ, whose parents were forced to flee with him to Egypt… Read More→

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Finally Time to Re-Think Establishment Principle


Barna Report conducted a study of Christianity in Scotland and the results have some discouraged even if not surprised: 31% say Scotland is a Christian nation 52% identify as Christian – although 70% of them don’t believe the basics of Christian doctrine 17% of Scots claim to be born again Christians…1 in every six is… Read More→

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Who’s Radical Now?


After lots of push back (at least from some readers) on gay marriage and resistance to it (the Summer of SSM), an attempt to reset the 2k thermostat might be in order. Once again, a common objection to 2k is that if you don’t oppose same sex marriage or support Kim Davis “the way I… Read More→

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Calvin, the Fundamentalist


Or so that is how the anti-dualists or the opponents of otherworldiness (hint, the neo-Calvinists) would have us read Calvin on Christ’s own stupendous words from Mark 8: If any man would come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. 35For whosoever would save his life shall lose… Read More→

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What If Historical Inquiry Isn’t Comforting


Kevin DeYoung has a pretty positive spin on John Witherspoon’s commitment to Protestant unity without lapsing into doctrinal indifferentism: Although he remained staunchly committed to and invested in Presbyterianism his whole life, Witherspoon was not a man of narrow party spirit. In his Treatise on Regeneration (1764), Witherspoon noted, “I am fully convinced, that many… Read More→

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Having Your Organism and Organizing It Too


Tim Keller devotes several chapters to cultural engagement in his book Center Church. In it he shows that he may have as much time as Fr. Dwight does for reading and reflection beyond sermon prep. Keller sees problems in both the transformational model and 2k, and in his ever constant search for a “third” way,… Read More→

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Putting a Point on Christian America


Would the United States possibly consider a bill comparable to the Jewish State proposal of Israel, which includes the following language: The state of Israel is a Jewish and a democratic state. These two values are intertwined, and one does not outweigh the other. We promise equal rights for everyone, regardless of religion, race or… Read More→

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