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Two Cities or One?


Michael Sean Winters thinks Bishop Robert McElroy’s article on the religious duties of voters has merits, but I wonder after reading this paragraph: Most important, a spiritual political conversion requires the orientation of soul that flows from the principle of solidarity that St. John Paul II powerfully outlined as a fundamental element of Catholic social… Read More→

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Do We Need Transcendence to Plow Streets?

The Wire - Season 5 - Aiden Gillen as Councilman Thomas Carcetti - Paul Schiraldi/HBO

Press Conference. Rawls, Daniels, Burrell, Carcetti.

Neo-Calvinist praise from David Koyzis for Bruce Ashford’s contention that political liberals and political conservatives both lack transcendence: Politics in the United States has, for some time, assumed a binary structure. On one side stand the Republicans, who represent conservatism. On the other side stand the Democrats, who represent progressivism. But what most Americans fail… Read More→

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We’re Closer to Turkey than You Think?


This may be the most important context for considering the controversy over Islam at Wheaton College, namely, that Americans themselves are not all that comfortable with secularity and Islam reveals where the lumps in the mattress are. Rod Dreher quoted a poignant part of Ross Douthat’s column on how the West views Islam, as either… Read More→

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How To Transformationalize the Secular


Have worship services not on Sunday but throughout the week. After all, if holding Mass desacralizes Sunday, having worship services during the week could sacralize Monday or Thursday or Tuesday or Saturday. Father Z got me thinking: Communion in the hand… Blessings instead of Communion even by lay ministers… Pianos… Mass “facing the people”… Saturday… Read More→

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Why This Won’t End Well For Wheaton


If Bill Smith thinks Michelle Higgins’ endorsement of Black Lives Matter at Urbana won’t end well for the PCA, imagine what will happen when the BLM folks figure out that a black professor may be about to lose her job at a white-dominated college. An African-American tenured professor!!!! HELLO! And students at Princeton think they… Read More→

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Machen Death Day 2016


While some put their hopes in human accomplishments, Machen reminded seminarians where to place their trust: God tells us not to be too much impressed by the unbelieving age in which we are living now. Do you think that this is a happy or a blessed age? Oh, no, my friends. Amid all the pomp… Read More→

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Do Americans and Christians Worship the Same God?


Robert Bellah said no. American civil religion involves a god different from the Christian one: What we have, then, from the earliest years of the republic is a collection of beliefs, symbols, and rituals with respect to sacred things and institutionalized in a collectivity. This religion-there seems no other word for it-while not antithetical to… Read More→

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Will We Have Bibles in Heaven?


Another version of the 1k critique of 2k, this time a review of a book about John Frame’s theology: Frame implicitly rejects a separation of the world into sacred and secular realms. If theology is the application of Scripture by persons to every area of life, then it follows that no area of life is… Read More→

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Cherry Picking Amendments


I am no fan of the National Rifle Association. Having grown up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I have no first hand knowledge with weapons — either for self-defense or sport. My own politics tell me that if I am going to support the Second Amendment (and my right to bear arms), I should also… Read More→

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This is America, not The United States of Monotheists


I am still trying to wrap my mind around the Christians who are rallying to Dr. Larcyia Hawkins from Wheaton College for her decision to wear a hijab during Advent to show solidarity with Muslims. During Advent? Whatever happened to the integrity of the church calendar!!!! What about the feelings of high church Anglicans? We’re… Read More→

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