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Gratitude and Motivation


The good (loaded term?) folks over at Gospel Reformation Network state the following: We deny that gratitude for justification is the only valid motivation for holiness, making all other motivations illegitimate or legalistic. I am not sure how many critics of neonomianism or flattening insist that gratitude is the exclusive motivation for good works. But… Read More→

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When You Hear Covenant of Grace Do Your Thoughts Turn to “Ministry of Death”?

serious teen

(Inspired by a mealtime conversation at OPC HQ.) If a pastor or elder talked about Moses’ ministry as one of death, he might be the object of a committee investigation. If an inspired author of holy writ says it, we may want to pay heed. Now if the ministry of death, carved in letters on… Read More→

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Is Original Sin a Legal Fiction?


Lane Keister responds to Roman Catholic criticisms that justification by faith alone depends on an understanding of the imputed righteousness of Christ that turns salvation into a “legal fiction” — we are righteous but not really because, in the words of John Kinnaird, it is not real and personal. That post got me wondering about… Read More→

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Court of Sanctification?


While wading through the snow yesterday during my Sabbath constitutional, I listened to the Reformed Forum’s interview with Mark Jones about his book on antinomianism. Again, questions surrounding justification and sanctification are still in play. At one point in the discussion, in relation to the notion that good works are filthy rags, Jones remarked that… Read More→

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Forensic Friday: Talking about Holiness with a Protestant Accent


The following excerpt from Martin Luther’s 1525 sermon (W.A. 17.1.155f) should be a reminder to would-be perfectionists and neo-nomians about the dangers of misconstruing personal righteousness: This is the main article which we have to learn. It gives us authority, even if we feel the lust of our flesh or even fall into sin, to… Read More→

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The Sin Paradigm


Jason Stellman and the crew continue to debate the merits of an agape or list paradigm, as Bryan Cross described them way back when. What I find hard to fathom is the plausibility of the so-called agape paradigm if human sinfulness really is as profound as Christianity and Judaism have taught. If human beings really… Read More→

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Speaking of Obscure Publishers

John Frame

Next Step Resources, Inc. is the publisher of a new book on Norman Shepherd and the controversy that led to his dismissal from Westminster Theological Seminary. The author of Trust and Obey is Ian Lewiston and John Frame writes the foreword. Why a company that specializes in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School materials would… Read More→

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Where’s Waldo Wednesday: Dazed and Confused

Why is it that discussions of the law and sanctification invariably circle back to union with Christ? My own hunch, expressed several times, is that union becomes the way to cement sanctification to justification, especially if neither is prior to the other but union precedes both. This way, supposedly, Protestants can look Roman Catholics straight… Read More→

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At Least He Has An Ergo

Nelson Kloosterman and Brad Littlejohn have been tag-team reviewing David VanDrunen’s recovery and defense of two-kingdom theology. Apparently, VanDrunen is deficient because he does not follow Abraham Kuyper (according to Klooserman’s pious desires) or Richard Hooker (by Littlejohn’s Anglophilic standards). Never mind that VanDrunen may have historical, theological, or biblical reasons for arguing the case… Read More→

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