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Family and Sabbath

Darryl G. Hart and Camden Bucey converse about family and Sabbath through the writings of Wendell Berry. Download the audio Books by Wendell Berry What are People For? Hannah Coulter A World Lost The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays of Wendell Berry Jayber Crow Sex, Economy, Freedom and Community: Eight Essays

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Caritas in Flagrande

Caleb Stegall over at Front Porch Republic has already asked a good question about a recent evangelical statement, “Doing the Truth in Love,” that commends the pope’s recent encyclical Caritas in Vertate to the wider evangelical world. Caleb asked, “how many evangelicals does it take to comment on an encyclical?” The answer is a whole… Read More→

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What You Buy in Las Vegas, Stays in Las Vegas

Actually, that was not the point of Jeremy Beer’s post over at Front Porch Republic.   It was instead to encourage a way to support local businesses in local economies made up of local residents.  It is called the 3/50 Project.   And its logic is simple: “Pick 3.  Spend 50. Save your local economy.”  That is the… Read More→

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Speaking of Front Porch Republic

Caleb Stegall, a descendant of five generations of Covenanter preachers — so you know he must be good (and odd), tells about his experience with preparing a hog to go to the butcher.  Aside from being funny, it is a reminder to all of us would-be agrarians that the trade off between soul-killing office work… Read More→

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Is (or Was) Sam Walton Your Neighbor?

(From NTJ, January 1998) A report on NPR about a sermon by a priest in the Church of England prompted some thoughts about the implications of the Eighth Commandment. The news service copy indicated that this priest had told his parishioners that shoplifting from supermarket chains was not stealing. His reasoning was that such chains… Read More→

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