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Where Did He Learn that Evangelicalism Is the Same as Presbyterianism?


When I read Pete Enns on evangelicalism, I sense that he thinks of it as if it were the PCA (or the OPC), that these are really “evangelical” denominations. That is, he sees in evangelicalism a narrowness and uniformity that would make sense if, as Roger Olson sees the world, Reformed Protestants really did dominate… Read More→

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If They’re So Smart . . .

Lisa and Plath

couldn’t evangelical academics have found jobs elsewhere? Pete Enns is almost as worried about the plight facing evangelical biblical scholars as Congress is about Obamacare: Folks, we have a real problem on our hands, and everyone has to bear some responsibility. Here’s the familiar scenario. The “best and brightest” students in Evangelical seminaries work hard… Read More→

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Escondido Magic


For all with blogs to read, a wonderful time of unanimity among neo-Cals, 2kers, theonomists, experimental Calvinists, and neo-Turretinis has prevailed. In the presence of a common foe — infallible popes, antiquity without apostles or prophets, and overdetermined historical narratives — Reformed partisans are breaking bread on various blogs, all singing in one Protestant voice.… Read More→

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Psychological Disorder or Simply Bad Manners?


Here is a plea to Kevin C. Rhoades, bishop of the Roman Catholic parish of Ft. Wayne/South Bend: call off Christian Smith! Please!! Apparently, Smith is so caught up in his conversion to Rome that he has failed to join his fellow communicants in their Fortnight for Freedom. As many may know, Smith has not… Read More→

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The Eric Liddell (as opposed to Tim Tebow) Way of Preparing for the Lord’s Day


While Tim is watching game films and his carbohydrate intake in preparation for his showdown with Tom Brady, Old Lifers may want a better way to spend their weekend (which does not include Sunday). The Westminster Seminary California annual conference begins this evening. This year’s theme is “The Unfolding Mystery: Reading and Applying the Bible.”… Read More→

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It’s All About Bob

Godfrey that is. But actually, it’s also about Aimee and Updike. It in this case is Always Reformed: Essays in Honor of W. Robert Godfrey, the festschrift to honor Westminster California’s lovely and talented president (just released and available at the WSC bookstore). As readers may wonder after perusing the table of contents, when was… Read More→

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Machen Day 2010

But biblical theology is not all the theology that will be taught at Westminster Seminary, for systematic theology will be at the very center of the seminary’s course. At this point an error should be avoided: it must not be thought that systematic theology is one whit less biblical than biblical theology is. But it… Read More→

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Westminster Seminaries’ PR Problem (and Covenant Seminary’s Teflon)

Now that Glenn Beck seems to have moved on from the faith of the founders to the faith behind the Pledge of Allegiance, taking stock of the minor celebrity of a Westminster Seminary president courtesy of the talk-show enfomationist is possible. What stands out is how little controversy Peter Lillback’s ideas about the faith of… Read More→

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Where’s Waldo Wednesday: Has WTS Been Liberated from Its Westminster Captivity?

This post from a professor at Regent University’s School of Divinity deserves more interaction for what it says about evangelicalism. But for now the following excerpt is worth pondering for ongoing considerations about union with Christ. What is particularly noteworthy, from this oldlifer’s perspective, is how much WTS during the era of union hegemony, has… Read More→

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The Spirit of Machen Lives at Westminster California

To honor and mark the thirtieth anniversary of the seminary where police do enforce jaywalking laws, to offer some encouragement to the faculty and staff who labor and the students who study there, and to remind readers about the point of Westminster Seminary come the following paragraphs from the institution’s first convocation. Of course, J.… Read More→

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