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If Saints Hear Prayer


. . . what do sinners hear and see? They may not be looking down on us, but even looking from a different direction, don’t the damned see and hear as much as the saved? In which case, Osama bin Laden must be getting a big chuckle out of what he sees. Every time I… Read More→

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From DGH on Carl Trueman: An Appreciation on 2014/10/09 at 4:58 pm

Mark, please try to persuade Carl to come back to Ref21. He’s the most interesting writer you have and I fear everyone else is going to go earnest without his occasional brickbats and glass shards. Send him a bottle of scotch if need be. And by the way, in taglines try to maintain the same… Read More→

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When You Know You’re a Protestant

College Hall on the UPenn campus.Weekend in Philadelphia with Emily.

I’ve traveled far and wide the past few days (only Cordelia and Mark Jones care) — to Samford University for a conference on teaching Augustine in the Great Books curriculum, to Trinity PCA in Montgomery, Alabama, to teach Sunday school on Christianity and politics, and now to Philadelphia for Christian Education Committee meetings for the… Read More→

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If I Were More Sanctified, Would Wife Like My Music?


How far does sanctity go? How extensive is w-w? All of me belongs to Jesus and I am a new man in Christ, but what does this mean for taste? Can holiness account for taste? Last night I was listening to a sequence of Klangkarussell mixes on Youtube. Who the Hades are Klangkarussell, you ask?… Read More→

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W-w is Hard


Well, there’s the brother-in-law who thinks he’s a chicken: Some things are more important than football. A lot of things are more important than what kind of nasal strip a particular player wears while he plays football. I have written before about how image-obsessed the NFL relative to racial issues; these recent events have offered… Read More→

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The Costs and Benefits of Union


The No’s have it 55% to 45% and the United Kingdom remains intact for now. That rush you hear is the collective sigh of relief from Northern Ireland. David Robertson proved prophetic but he also comes from one of the few places that voted Yes. It raises the question of whether Pastor Robertson persuaded lots… Read More→

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But Will I Still Be Able to Listen to Rob da Bank?


Our guide to all things British (and dispensational), Crawford Gribben, has addressed the question of Scottish independence in ways that should console American conservatives. It will mean smaller government and a setback for liberalism. (What really matters to me, though, is whether the BBC will continue to produce the kind of television, movies, and radio… Read More→

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Scottish Nation? Yes. Scottish State? No.


Have the pollsters or pastors understood the difference? Jonathan Chaplin explains it: . . . it is obviously true that the demand for Scottish independence is substantially animated by a widespread popular identification with and affection for the ‘nation’ of Scotland. That may be the fuel in the tank, but it is not the question… Read More→

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Mencken Day 2014


What to do when government shuts down the breweries and distilleries: I was taught to brew by Harry Rickel, of Detroit. He was a lawyer but his people had been in the malting business for years, and he knew all about brewing. He sent me not only detailed directions but also my first supplies, and… Read More→

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Show Me the Currency!


Why the Scots should listen to economists more than pastors when it comes to temporal affairs: One of the strongest practical arguments against Scottish independence, made by Paul Krugman this weekend, is that an independent Scotland would actually wind up with less control over its economy than it does now – because it would have… Read More→

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