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So Long, Mr. Utley

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Brad Lidge, catcher Carlos Ruiz and first baseman Ryan Howard are mobbed by teammates as they celebrate after defeating the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 5 of the World Series in Philadelphia, October 29, 2008. REUTERS/Mike Segar

I hesitate to write about Philadelphia sports here because my partner in crime is a New York fan (Mets, Rangers, Jets, Knicks). But since I just learned that John Muether was at the game in Philadelphia last night where Chase Utley may have put on a Phillies uniform for the last time, all restraint is… Read More→

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The State of the Nation


Another round of travel allowed for more sustained sampling of the news and those matters that afflict our great pretty good land. A few random thoughts: Forgiveness Can Bill Cosby ever receive the forgiveness that Dylann Roof has found (at least from the AME church members in Charleston — the government of the United States… Read More→

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When Did Christian America End?


For some it happened recently. This blogger doesn’t refer to the Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, but it’s hard not to think he has it in mind: The 350-year marriage of Protestant Christian theology and American popular culture is over. Christianity, it may be sadly said, is no longer the preeminent social influence in American… Read More→

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Anti-Intellectual, Picky, or Not Willing to Share?

pastors study

Why don’t pastors use libraries, especially if they have to prepare two sermons a week? In a 2010 study of ministers’ information use, all ten of the ministers interviewed indicated that they did not use libraries.[4] A 1974 survey intended specifically to aid in helping the Case Memorial Library of the Hartford Seminary Foundation better… Read More→

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Flag Waving


Not sure which commenter linked to the piece in the Washington Post about why every state flag is wrong. Whoever you are thanks. It’s worth a glance. Here’s a sample of Alexandra Petri’s wit upon contemplating the Michigan State Flag (I wonder if she’s the granddaughter of Rob and Laura Petri): “Yes, of course we… Read More→

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Feeling at Home

Gay Pride Flag

I used this quote over at Patheos but given the excitements round hyeh the last week or so, a reminder about being strangers and aliens from a Roman Catholic intellectual invoking Augustine might be useful. I will include as well Peter Lawler’s comments about the Confederate Flag for good measure: I really was quite moved… Read More→

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Straights You can Live With


Since I’m on the road I am (all about meEEEE!) listening to more national public media than to sports talk radio. That means I have heard a lot about how the United States took three big steps forward this past week. The Confederate Flag is now a disgrace. Government health insurance survived and millions of… Read More→

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States’ Rights, States’ Flags

MD flag

After crossing the eastern half of the country and listening to NPR for at least 10 per cent of it, you’d have thought that the Confederate Flag shot those AME church members in Charleston (though it sure did knock Laudato Si below the fold). Nothing about Dylann Roof and his family or background, nothing about… Read More→

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My father may have had problems with the post about same-sex marriage, but my mother, Ellen, who was born on this day in 1923, would appreciate H. L. Mencken’s view of marriage (minus the cocktails): Every man, I daresay, has his own notion of what constitutes perfect peace and contentment, but all of those notions,… Read More→

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June 10 2015.image

Picking up on yesterday’s reflections, what if my father were alive to read the post about same-sex marriage? Chances are he wouldn’t have read it. I don’t think he or my mother ever owned a computer. But what if I read the post to him? My sense is that he would have did what he… Read More→

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