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Why Not Great Friday?


I would not normally be thinking about Good Friday or a Easter ham if it were not for a much needed break from teaching over the next few days. The experience of a confessional Presbyterian over the next 72 hours must be like that of some non-Christians — grateful for the time off but not… Read More→

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Why My Pants Were Damp Yesterday


While visiting Notre Dame this week I encountered bathrooms that had gone green. That is, they had signs that instructed me (while still giving me the option) that using an electric hand dryer was environmentally positive, while using paper towels was environmentally insensitive. Why, I wondered, was something that required electricity more eco-friendly than a… Read More→

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Taking Every Square (Liquid) Ounce Captive


In honor of the series running over at TGC on pastries, Old Calvinists may be in the mood for a post that has less to do with flour and more with peat. The following is also a confirmation of a point made one student this morning during discussion of Progressivism and Prohibition. I had not… Read More→

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Where You Can’t Buy a Vowel


I have some Welsh in me from my mother’s side but then again so do most people who have a Jones in the family. While singing in church I have long observed the similarities between Welsh and Hebrew, as in both languages feature consonants. Here are the top ten Welsh hymn tunes according to one… Read More→

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Play Ball!


A hymn for the beginning of the baseball season: Time, like an ever rolling stream, Bears all its sons away; They fly, forgotten, as a dream Dies at the opening day. That used to be a stanza that one could well imagine a Cubs’ fan singing poignantly. This year, it may well apply to the… Read More→

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Having More Fun than a Visiting Professor Should


I continue to find amusing pieces in H. L. Mencken’s oeuvre as I try to frame a book on the Baltimore journalist and the conventions of American Christianity that conflicted with his own enjoyment of life. The latest comes from a book he co-wrote, Europe after 8:15, a guide to night life in various cities.… Read More→

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Golden Oldie (part one)


From the archives of Modern Reformation, excerpt from “The Incarnation and Multiculturalism“: One of the ways, however, where the church has become conformed to the world concerns this very notion of how Christ is like us. One of the assumptions which governs so much of our lives is the idea that it is impossible for… Read More→

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After The Wire They Broke the Mold . . .


The missus and I finally polished off Walter White, the high school chemistry teacher turned meth cooker and dealer, the principal character of Breaking Bad. As I have indicated several times, Breaking Bad always left me (and the wife) feeling manipulated. Walt never seemed like a real character with genuine demons. He came across, instead,… Read More→

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Be Not Conformed to this World

Ernie Kovacs

Which would be an argument for lighting up, at least judging by this review: Oh, what fun smokers won’t be having in 2014. As of New Year’s Day, Boston joined six other large cities banning smoking in its 251 city parks. The fine for violation is $250 and includes anyone caught “vaping” a smokeless electronic… Read More→

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The Phebe Bartlet Syndrome

4 year old

Leon Brown wonders: Asked differently, should we put a smile on our faces for a hour and a half on Sunday mornings when things are truly chaotic in the home? No sooner than we depart the church building, we are met by disobedient children and dueling spouses. Our pornography addiction resurfaces; our anger meets us… Read More→

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