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Trump is What Conservatives Do (or have done since 1950)


Maybe Trump’s 45 minutes of fame (he certainly has more than the rest of us) are coming to an end. But I continue to be surprised by the woe-is-me-conservatism that accompanies his candidacy and appeal (and I am not going to vote for him — there). He is an insurgent, he is a populist, he… Read More→

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Terry Mattingly is Tightening My Jaws


Mr. Mattingly’s point, as someone with journalistic credibility, is to point out how journalists get religion stories wrong. I get it. Reporters make mistakes. Worse, they have bias. But what if Mr. Mattingly gets journalists wrong? Case in point. He pits the New York Times’ and Boston Globe’s (via Crux) coverage of Pope Francis’ refusal… Read More→

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If It’s Obvious It Can’t Be True


So what is up with the Trumpophobia? This post made me think about posting about Donald Trump. Lots of people are trying to figure out how serious Christians who self-identify as evangelical could support a politician as raucous, impolitic, and self-important as Trump. I too sometimes wonder about it. But when you connect Trump to… Read More→

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Olive Kitteridge and Larry David Are Popular for a Reason


Maybe the reason is that people who watch HBO are not sanctified. But I do wonder why the Christian world seems to view niceness, friendliness, and optimism the way much of the network television audience does — as if people who are all the time happy, cooperative, and encouraging are the way we should really… Read More→

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The Calories that Bind


Rod Dreher quotes a piece from Jonathan Haidt about the polarization of the United States: If you were on a selection committee tasked with choosing someone to hire (or to admit to your university, or to receive a prize in your field), and it came down to two candidates who were equally qualified on objective… Read More→

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Teach Us To Number Our Years

hudsucker industries

I have never understood the festivities surrounding the change of the annual calendar, especially when academic and fiscal calendars so often fail to align with the solar year. Mind you, an excuse to party is always welcome, though the advance of years means that New Year’s Eve parties throw a big wrench into the biological… Read More→

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Now They Follow SEC’s Rules?


I have been known to have my issues with customer service representatives of big corporations. Just earlier this week, I was on the phone with my dental insurance provider. I had called to question the company’s refusal to cover part of the expenses from my last visit to the dentist. Before I could even talk… Read More→

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Between the Times


Curmudgeon reminds me of a thought I had last night while looking at holiday decorations on homes in the neighborhood. We are in that mysterious and wondrous period when Halloween decorations are still up and Christmas ones have dawned. Further proof that the U.S. the greatest nation on God’s green (and getting greener thanks to… Read More→

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Dining in the Chesapeake


Class preparations this morning made (all about) me unusually hungry: The gentry at their tables have commonly 5 dishes or plates of which Pigg meat and greens is generally one, and Tame fowl another. Beef mutton, veal, and lamb make another. Pudding, often in the middle, makes the 5th. Venison, Wild fowl, or fish a… Read More→

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I’ve likely watched too many episodes of that HBO Series that shall remain nameless for the sake of the weaker siblings, but was anyone else struck by the timing this week of Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden? While Hilary goes before Congress to carry the water for the Obama administration in Libya — it was… Read More→

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