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Maybe He Needs MmmeeeeeEEEEEE


Scott Sauls may have spent too much time with Tim Keller, the author of Center Church, because Pastor Sauls seems to think that he is at the center of Presbyterianism. The reason for saying this is that he admits that he needs to hear from those with whom he differs. Here’s his list: I don’t… Read More→

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National Cliches

Boomer Esiason responds to questions from the media at the CBS Sports Press Conference at the Super Bowl Xl Media Center in Miami, Florida on January 30, 2007. (Photo by Steve Grayson/NFL)   Original Filename: 76011906.jpg

President Obama did it again yesterday. The law professor with the most smarts in the nation’s capital (so some think) appealed to the masses by turning Tom Brady’s victory over the NFL into a case for labor unions. As Boomer Esiason pointed out this morning, the president has it all wrong. It was the NFL… Read More→

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The New Republic Is Dead. . .


Long live the New New Republic. I remember where I was when I heard that Mike Schmidt was retiring from playing third base for the Phillies. I was in the bedroom of our Wheaton, Illinois high rise apartment. I still remember also where I was when Phil Hendrie announced he was leaving the airwaves (only… Read More→

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If the Poor Become Middle Class, Are They Still Blessed?


Capitalism breeds attachment to material goods. I get it. It may even tempt — make that, cause — its users to measure happiness and the good life by worldly standards. But is socialism any different? If capitalism breeds haves, does pointing out what the have-nots don’t have really challenge materialist notions of wealth, standard of… Read More→

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What if We Thought about Marriage the Way We Think about Driving?


The fallout from the Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA and California’s Proposition 8 continues to pile up. But even before the justices tallied their votes and wrote contrary opinions, some could see that the debate over gay marriage had lost its way and that marriage in the United States was in bad shape. For instance,… Read More→

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Evangelicalism – Politics = Christianity?


Andrew Sullivan’s first experience with megachurch Praise & Worship worship came during the memorial service for David Kuo, an aid to president George W. Bush, who recently succumbed to cancer (thanks to John Fea). Sullivan was surprised by what he saw: I have never been to a mega-church service – which is something to be… Read More→

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Speaking of Moral Ambiguity

Picking Cotton

I have been reading The New Republic since grad school days. It is not as good now as it was in the days when Andrew Sullivan was editor (and I don’t say this to pay him back for a mention of my book). Back then it was provocative, funny, and well written. Stephen Glass likely… Read More→

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What’s Good for the Immanentizer is Good for the Post-Millennialist

Alan Jacobs pushes back against Andrew Sullivan’s recent denunciation of Christianism. According to Sullivan: Christians will look back on this period, I believe, with horror. The desire to control others’ lives and souls through politics is so anathema to the Gospels it will one day have to be exposed and ended. Until then, we just… Read More→

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Oldlife.org 201: Wit and Sarcasm

The first installment in this series about this blog was to clarify what a blog is. One aspect that I did not mention was that the more successful blogs are provocative – that is, they agitate readers and that’s why people come back. The most successful blogger in the world arguably is Andrew Sullivan, the… Read More→

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Why Conservatism Beats Biblicism

An earlier reference to Ross Douthat’s blog posts on gay marriage was intended to show that people in the mainstream secular media can hear an argument that is laced with Christian norms and not go running to the Supreme Court for an injunction to shut said arguer down. Douthat concluded his series of posts (defending… Read More→

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