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New Schoolers, Neo-Calvinists, and Fundamentalists


After Darrell Todd Maurina kicked up some dust with his post at the Baylyblog on 2k, he made the following comment: Men such as Dr. Darryl Hart have accused me in the past of holding the same position as the Bible Presbyterians and Carl McIntyre. That is an important accusation and it needs to be… Read More→

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At Least 2k Doesn’t Produce Carrie Nations


Or, even our Lord told Peter to put the sword away. So here is the strange sequence of events in BaylyWorld. Last Thursday (April 11), Benjamin D. Curell, a deacon at Clearnote Church (where Tim Bayly is pastor), broke into a Planned Parenthood facility, apparently carrying an ax. His action was to protest the abortions… Read More→

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