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Jason and the Callers’ Worst Day


Pope Francis denies the rationale for Called to Communion: “Our shared commitment to proclaiming the Gospel enables us to overcome proselytism and competition in all their forms,” Francis said. “All of us are at the service of the one Gospel!” Although Francis has repeatedly called on Christians to invite others to the faith, he has… Read More→

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Would the PCUSA Hire Me?

Morris the Cat

What if I claimed to be channeling God’s Spirit, the way that More Light Presbyterians say the Holy Spirit descended upon the PCUSA’s General Assembly during its recent vote to allow Presbyterians ministers to officiate at same-sex marriages in state’s where gay marriage is legal. (If you’ve got the Spirit, feathers and all, why does… Read More→

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If Christians Thought of Themselves Less as Transformers and More as Pilgrims


They might receive better treatment. Ross Douthat brings up a good contrast between the Amish and social conservatives: . . . let’s pause for a moment to consider the substance of the well-known case she cites, Wisconsin v. Yoder, in which the Supreme Court ruled that Amish families had the right to withdraw their children… Read More→

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Why Do You Need to be A Christian to Feed the Hungry?


The flip-flop of World Vision on gay marriage has attracted lots and lots of comments but no one seems to be asking a couple of important questions. That’s why we have confessional Reformed Protestantism. 1) As the title here suggests, why is it necessary for Christians to dispense aid to the poor and hungry through… Read More→

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How “Outsiders” See It


For evangelicals it seems, debates about Arizona bill SB 1062 are simply about religious freedom. But non-evangelicals often see more clearly because they have less at stake. Consider Noah Millman (once again): So, for example, if the issue is being coerced to provide services for marriage ceremonies that violate one’s religious beliefs, why not write… Read More→

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What if We Thought about Marriage the Way We Think about Driving?


The fallout from the Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA and California’s Proposition 8 continues to pile up. But even before the justices tallied their votes and wrote contrary opinions, some could see that the debate over gay marriage had lost its way and that marriage in the United States was in bad shape. For instance,… Read More→

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Fresh from the afterglow of a recent post on sex, I’ll take another stab with a remark about gay marriage. Noah Millman observes in passing an exchange between David Frum and Andrew Sullivan which went like this: the question – as Andrew Sullivan posed it repeatedly to David Frum over the years, Frum being well-aware… Read More→

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Defining Idolatry Down


Now that Roman Catholics have a pope, attention has turned to Washington D.C. and arguments before the Supreme Court over the Defense of Marriage Act. A couple of posts by the Allies caught (all about) my eye. The first came from Joe Carter who went all in by tying Christian tolerance of gay marriage to… Read More→

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Calling Jon Stewart’s Bluff


I am a Jon Stewart fan even though I only occasionally see clips of the Daily Show. Stewart was Larry Sander’s permanent guest host on the Larry Sanders Show, which earns Stewart high marks in the Hart household, the Sanders Show being a brilliant homage and parody of the late night talk show genre. Stewart… Read More→

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Why Conservatism Beats Biblicism

An earlier reference to Ross Douthat’s blog posts on gay marriage was intended to show that people in the mainstream secular media can hear an argument that is laced with Christian norms and not go running to the Supreme Court for an injunction to shut said arguer down. Douthat concluded his series of posts (defending… Read More→

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