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Terry Mattingly is Tightening My Jaws


Mr. Mattingly’s point, as someone with journalistic credibility, is to point out how journalists get religion stories wrong. I get it. Reporters make mistakes. Worse, they have bias. But what if Mr. Mattingly gets journalists wrong? Case in point. He pits the New York Times’ and Boston Globe’s (via Crux) coverage of Pope Francis’ refusal… Read More→

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Does Anyone Remember Claudette Colvin?


That’s Colvin, not Calvin. She was the fifteen-year old African-American girl who could have been Rosa Parks. Other African-Americans had previously refused to give their seats to white passengers, says Hoose. “What was without precedent, though, is Colvin wanted to get a lawyer and she wanted to fight,” he says. The lawyer she chose was… Read More→

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Putting a Point on Christian America


Would the United States possibly consider a bill comparable to the Jewish State proposal of Israel, which includes the following language: The state of Israel is a Jewish and a democratic state. These two values are intertwined, and one does not outweigh the other. We promise equal rights for everyone, regardless of religion, race or… Read More→

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Muslims and Baptists Together (Calvinists too)


Barry Hankins observes that Baptists are beginning to understand the experience of Muslims in the United States: what if Baptists, like Muslims, wanted to live by a different set of laws than the state of Texas or the United States? Funny you should ask, since in the run up to the Supreme Court’s gay marriage… Read More→

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Can Israel Save U.S.?


News that Charles Stanley is declining an award from the Jewish National Fund prompted me to wonder if U.S. support for Israel would wane if the State of Israel legalized gay marriage. First the news about Stanley: Megachurch pastor Charles Stanley has turned down an award from a pro-Israel Jewish group, citing controversy over his… Read More→

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Thought Experiment

Soma Church Indianapolis

Is the persecution that U.S. Christians face comparable to that experienced by Syriac Christians? On the situation in the U.S.: If the media, the law and our elite institutions succeed in lumping Christian sexual morals in with white racism, how long will it be before believing Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox (and many religious minorities) find themselves… Read More→

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A Fundamentalist Is A Mean Evangelical

carter at prayer

It wasn’t supposed to work out this way. Evangelicalism of the Billy Graham variety was supposed to present a kinder gentler conservative Protestantism. But as Tommie Kidd recently observed, evangelicals rarely receive positive press these days: It’s nice to be liked. But it also comes with temptation – that of focusing all the church’s work… Read More→

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Jason and the Callers’ Worst Day


Pope Francis denies the rationale for Called to Communion: “Our shared commitment to proclaiming the Gospel enables us to overcome proselytism and competition in all their forms,” Francis said. “All of us are at the service of the one Gospel!” Although Francis has repeatedly called on Christians to invite others to the faith, he has… Read More→

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Would the PCUSA Hire Me?

Morris the Cat

What if I claimed to be channeling God’s Spirit, the way that More Light Presbyterians say the Holy Spirit descended upon the PCUSA’s General Assembly during its recent vote to allow Presbyterians ministers to officiate at same-sex marriages in state’s where gay marriage is legal. (If you’ve got the Spirit, feathers and all, why does… Read More→

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If Christians Thought of Themselves Less as Transformers and More as Pilgrims


They might receive better treatment. Ross Douthat brings up a good contrast between the Amish and social conservatives: . . . let’s pause for a moment to consider the substance of the well-known case she cites, Wisconsin v. Yoder, in which the Supreme Court ruled that Amish families had the right to withdraw their children… Read More→

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