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Ho Hum

why do photographers take pictures when others pray

According to David Hall, not much of significance occurred at the PCA General Assembly: It was a par-for-the-course General Assembly, which pronounces another resounding “Meh,” to the idealist reformers. As is becoming customary, most of the interesting things took place off the floor as this court of the church has become largely irrelevant for the… Read More→

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Speaking of New York City Circa When Harry Met Sally


Sam Desocio thinks the shelf life of Tim Keller and urban ministry may have expired. For one thing, the reasons for doing urban ministry that motivated Keller in the 1990s are now mainstream, tired and maybe even trite: As a church planter I often have the opportunity to spend time with other ministry leaders and… Read More→

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No Need to Apologize to Me


Though a short note to Tullian Tchividjian (hereafter Double T because who can spell that?) may be in order. Mark Jones apologizes to me — 15 seconds of my 15 minutes? — in his double-dare to Double T to debate sanctification: Commenting on what typically happens after times of revival – sorry, D.G. Hart –… Read More→

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Pietistic (not harmonic) Convergence


I believe this was in print before we learned the theology of puff pastry: A year ago, I prepared a last minute Thanksgiving feast for my husband, kids and myself. In the end, it was a lot of food for just four people and sure enough, we had a lot of leftovers. While I was… Read More→

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Imagine if You Were Orthodox Presbyterian

french creek

John Zmirak is back to pester (unintentionally) Jason and the Callers with an explanation for what conservative or traditionalist Roman Catholic culture is so weird. He thinks the problem is numerical. Not as many good Roman Catholics exist as “Sunday Catholics”: How many people in America actually believe all the central truths of the Catholic… Read More→

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A Saturday Morning Joke


Why is Redeemer PCA, NYC, not in the Gospel Coalition’s Church Directory? Because TKNY is a brand and the Coalition is only an outlet. Not sure that is as funny as “how many Teamsters does it take to change a light bulb? Ten, you got a problem with that?” But it was a curious discovery… Read More→

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PCA Blues

SLagle Quartet

Maybe I can beat Aquila Report with the scoop on this one (thanks to our chortling correspondent). In response to Lane Keister’s post about how the Federal Visionaries won a rightful place within the PCA, Lee — a Pirates fan who pastors in Nebraska, so he must be reliable (whatever) — posits this (which is… Read More→

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Presbyterian Borderlands


Thanks to an our Old Life Tennessee correspondent I came across a recent conversation about evangelicals in the Presbyterian world (including mainline and sideline denominations). First, the post about the state of so-called conservatives in the PCUSA: I am in the ordination track for the Presbytery of Charlotte. And if that were not enough, I… Read More→

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What a Difference Three Decades Make


In 1981 the PCA turned down the OPC’s decision to join the PCA. The context was something called J&R, joining and receiving. The PCA had invited the RPCES (denominational patron of Covenant College and Covenant Seminary) and the OPC to join and be received by the PCA into one denomination. The RPCES cleared the hurdle.… Read More→

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Fixing the PCA — Again

pca partners

First came “good faith” subscription, then an proposal for women deaconesses, followed by the Strategic Plan. Now comes the National Partnership. It was a semi-private group of PCA pastors whose aim was to help the PCA out of the predicament that Tim Keller once celebrated — its diversity, that is, the inability of officers and… Read More→

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