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Today’s Theme is Breadth


After hearing from Pastor Sauls on the valuable contributions from those who disagree, we read Mark Jones who has his own objections to the narrow road. Maybe Pastor Sauls qualifies as one of Jones’ Reformed irenics since the former is not beholden to Reformed orthodoxy. But I suspect Sauls would fall short because he doesn’t… Read More→

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Maybe He Needs MmmeeeeeEEEEEE


Scott Sauls may have spent too much time with Tim Keller, the author of Center Church, because Pastor Sauls seems to think that he is at the center of Presbyterianism. The reason for saying this is that he admits that he needs to hear from those with whom he differs. Here’s his list: I don’t… Read More→

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Vanilla Presbyterianism


Bryan Chapell serves a modest and healthy variety of Reformed Protestantism to Ed Stetzer: Ed Stetzer: What are some of the distinctives that make you different than other Evangelical groups? Bryan Chapell: The PCA affirms the inerrancy of Scripture and places a high value on biblical preaching and worship. This is because we believe the… Read More→

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Where is the PCA’s Glenn Loury?


Recent travels sent me again to the inter-web in search of podcasts that inform, provoke, and keep me awake. My latest favorite source for vigorous exchanges is The Glenn Show at bloggingheadstv.com. You can watch the discussion on-line — it’s the weird images of talking heads in Skype session. Or you can download a show… Read More→

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Can You Confess Sins To Yourself?


Rick Phillips’ post about corporate confession of sins got me thinking about the PCA’s proposed resolution on race and civil rights. That personal resolution from Ligon Duncan and Sean Lucas confesses the church’s complicity with racial injustice. Phillips attempts to find a biblical procedure for such confession. But if he were to use the Book… Read More→

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Collective Guilt

people living in glass house

At first I thought I was clear because I’m not Tim Bayly, Tim Keller, or PCA: Bayly Blog has published a piece by Lucas Weeks, an assistant pastor at Clearnote Church, in which he argues that the root of abortion is feminism. He contends that the PCA soft-peddles feminism; thus the PCA is complicit in… Read More→

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Where Do You Stop?

spanish empire

If you object to the Confederate Flag, why not to Alabama’s and Florida’s. If you notice the design, you have a diagonal cross similar to the Scottish flag, but with a white background and maroon bars. Historians of Florida are currently debating whether the Florida flag owes its features to the Confederate one. But how… Read More→

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The Old Life Interlocutor Who Has Listened to the Most TKNY . . .

pca venn copy

The ten-most frequently mentioned authors in TKNY’s sermons are: 1. C. S. Lewis 2. Jonathan Edwards 3. Martin Luther 4. John Newton 5. Martin Lloyd-Jones 6. Augustine 7. Charles Spurgeon 8. J. R. R. Tolkien 9. John Stott 10. J. I. Packer The contestants who guessed the most names are: Martin Downs 8 Pete 5… Read More→

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Bearing Each Other’s Burden


Jeremy Jemar (apologies) Tisby is another African-American pastor in Reformed circles who is both attempting to plant a mixed race church within the PCA (Jackson, Mississippi) and is concerned about if not agitated by the ongoing effects of racism in the United States. He recently wrote about an effort to do Reformed theology from an… Read More→

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Speaking of White Culture


We have heard of cultural Roman Catholics or cultural Judaism, now we have “culturalist” Presbyterians. The former are generally religious adherents who aren’t all that serious in their commitment to the church or synagogue. Here’s one description of a cultural Roman Catholic: The majority of Catholics in the world probably fit into the category of… Read More→

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