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Another Trend?

kicking the-big-ass-can down the road

Is w-w in decline? Has OL been on the cutting edge (while pushing the envelope and kicking the can down the road)? Is this why Peter Leithart left Idaho? . . . you’ve hit on a pet peeve. I’m ready to delete “worldview” from Christian vocabulary. It’s an especially clunky category for evaluating art. Drama… Read More→

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Political Theologians Pleading Specially


Why does Peter Leithart find this encouraging, uplifting, or persuasive? Why does the inadequacy of secularism somehow prove the sufficiency of God-drenched conceptions of the world? The task is not simply to expose the inadequacy of a world without God or to show the collaborative spirit of religious engagement in the common good. It surely… Read More→

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Why the Bible Cuts Both Ways — two-edged sword and all that

Zedekiah taken Captive

Peter Leithart’s comments on Eran Shalev’s American Zion: The Old Testament as a Political Text from the Revolution to the Civil War reminded me of what I learned from Sunday’s sermon (a week ago) from II Chronicles 36, the culmination of Judah’s fall from grace, the destruction of Jerusalem, and the beginning of the people… Read More→

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Should Federal Visionaries Model the Protestant Future?


Peter Leithart clarifies some of the points he made about Christian unity in the discussion of Protestantism’s future at Biola: One key difference between us is this: Carl thinks that unity is a “desirable” goal. I think that’s far too weak a way to capture the New Testament’s teaching. Unity is an evangelical demand. It’s… Read More→

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Liberalism Rampant


While the man in the hat (not the funny one the pope wears), Bryan Cross, and I debate the extent and significance of liberalism within the Roman Catholic Church, the pile of links that warrant a perception that Rome is far from conservative — so why would a conservative Protestant go there, mainline Protestant may… Read More→

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Peter Leithart is reading about the French Enlightenment and Revolution and comments on Tocqueville‘s observations: The root of the hatred was not dogma but the church’s role as a “political institution.” Because of the church’s role in the old society, it too had to be “dashed to pieces” to make way for the new society.… Read More→

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Forget the Integration, Live the Disjunction


Be 2k. Peter Leithart summarizes Oliver O’Donovan in ways that warm any 2ker’s heart — specifically on the difference between God’s final judgment and judgments in the civil realm (the quotations are from O’Donovan): Earlier Christian legal theory “from Gratian to Grotius” taught “that lex divina was available to knowledge from a variety of sources,… Read More→

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More Cosmopolitan Than Thou

Orhan Pamuk, Turkish novelist and winner

The piece is a little old now, but in the October 7, 2013 issue of The New Republic, Abbas Milani thinks out loud about what to make of Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani: The searing image of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the last Iranian president–all bombast and spite–makes the details in his successor’s archival folder jump from… Read More→

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Who Me (all about Stellman)?

Mad Men

Jason Stellman feels singled out by Peter Leithart’s post about the “tragedy” of conversion. Leithart wrote: Apart from all the detailed historical arguments, this quest makes an assumption about the nature of time, an assumption that I have labeled “tragic.” It’s the assumption that the old is always purer and better, and that if we… Read More→

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Of course, Old Life is a place where you don’t mess with Machen. So it will come as no surprise that Peter Leithart’s recent objections to Machen’s dying words will receive some vinegary blow back. It is said that as J. Gresham Machen died, he spoke of the comfort he took in the imputation of… Read More→

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