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Sense and More Sense


This may explain the appeal of the English, especially when they can see through the bombast of American exceptionalism under the cover of religious zeal: Much as we all admire the United States and have great affection for many of its citizens, I rather feel your post of July 4th. showed up one of the… Read More→

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The Queen’s Speech


I have long thought that the monarchy in Europe is largely ornamental. And given the press’ coverage of the papacy, I also wondered if Pope Francis has more authority than, say, Queen Elizabeth. But yesterday, the Queen of England spoke to Parliament and outlined the policies that “her” government was going to pursue in the… Read More→

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Should Muslims Try to Legislate Their Morality?

Apu and family

For most residents of the United States, the idea of Sharia law establishing the standards for civil law at the state or federal level (even before 9-11) is unthinkable. But lots of Protestants and Roman Catholics in the U.S. hardly blush when someone puts the question the way the Allies recently did — Should Christians… Read More→

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Protestants and Assimilation, Republican Style

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One more thought about republican forms of government and what they require of believers who would be citizens. Analogies between twentieth-century France and the nineteenth-century United States suggest that Americans demanded conformity from “outsiders” in ways comparable to the French more recently. The great complaint about Roman Catholic Irish and German immigrants was that their… Read More→

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Christians Assimilated (but compromised?)


A terrific book review, now a little long in the tooth, of two books on Europe and its immigrant populations is worth pondering for a variety of reasons but it got me thinking specifically about the assimilation of Christians in a secular republic like the United States. Here is a striking passage: PEOPLE WHO ASK… Read More→

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The Case for Republican Ecclesiology

sam adams

My friend Stephen Klugewicz has a post on the virtues of republicanism and the dangers of strong executives that has me wondering about what the laws of nature teach about the polity of the church. He writes: The figure of Brutus—the assassin of the tyrant— cast a long shadow over American history. “Brutus” became the… Read More→

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When the PCUSA Was Almost the USA Church


James Hutson in Church and State in America tells this story: In 1798 John Adams experienced how inflammatory the exercise of a familiar religious act by a national official could be in a country that had been taught to cultivate and cherish republican jealousy. On March 23 of that year, when the nation was in… Read More→

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