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Tim Asks, I Respond


Instead of a call to communion, Tim Bayly calls for clarity: After years trying to explain Federal Vision to confused souls, I’ve taken to putting it this way: “Federal Vision theology is a program being carried out by certain men of Lutheran background, tastes, or sensibilities who are working to import Lutheran errors into the… Read More→

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The Presbyterian Narrative


If Ref21 had commboxes with their posts, I could simply make this point (or set of points) in response to Rick Phillips over there. But I guess ACE stands for Anti-Commbox Evangelicals. At the risk of offending Bill McClay (as if he reads OL) who wrote a very fine piece on the “American narrative,” the… Read More→

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Why Do the Critics of 2K and Heterodox Political Theorists Sound So Similar?


I wonder if Rabbi Brett, the BBs, and other transformers of culture (neo-Calvinist or not) would be troubled by Ronald Beiner’s observations in “Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Rousseau on Civil Religion” (Review of Politics, Autumn 1993). According to Machiavelli, Christianity: devalued honor and glorified passive martyrdom, has taught me to be humble, self-abnegating and contemptuous of… Read More→

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Why Fox News Isn’t the Best Judge of Religion in Public Life


First the story: In mid-December, six-year-old Isaiah Martinez brought a box of candy canes to his public elementary school. Affixed to each cane was a legend explaining the manner in which the candy symbolizes the life and death of Jesus. Isaiah’s first-grade teacher took possession of the candy and asked her supervising principal whether it… Read More→

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Not a 2K Candidate


John Miller’s recent piece in the National Review on Ben Sasse’s efforts to gain the Republican nomination for the Senate in Nebraska is well worth reading. Here is a part that stood out from an OL perspective because it is silent about Sasse’s religion (which happens to be 2k Reformed Protestant): After growing up in… Read More→

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Apology Acknowledged and Accepted


We are not in Kansas anymore Toto. I’ve never seen the Wizard of Oz and am glad for it since I don’t care for musicals or their highbrow equivalent (opera). But readers, friends, and enemies may conclude otherwise about my musical-unfriendly demeanor. I am not sure what this phrase means but it seems to connote… Read More→

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Does It Fall Short of Objectionable While Also Qualifying as Inspiring?


Wilbur Cross issued the following Thanksgiving Day proclamation in 1936 as Governor of Connecticut (thanks to Michael Sean Winters): Time out of mind at this turn of the seasons when the hardy oak leaves rustle in the wind and the frost gives a tang to the air and the dusk falls early and the friendly… Read More→

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When Luther Sounded Constantinian


From Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation Respecting the Reformation of the Christian Estate We see, then, that just as those that we call spiritual, or priests, bishops, or popes, do not differ from other Christians in any other or higher degree but in that they are to be concerned with the… Read More→

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Do the BeeBees Read American Conservative?


From Daniel McCarthy, “Why the Tea Party Can’t Govern,” American Conservative, Nov/Dec 2013 There was an absolutely natural backlash in the late 1970s against the hasty push from the left for further sexual revolutions. Contraception, abortion, and homosexuality had all gone from being little spoken of and sometimes restricted by law to becoming “rights.” Many… Read More→

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Differentiation of Ecclesiastical and Civil, Differentiation of Ecclesiastical and Civil (rinse, chant, and repeat)!


Tim Bayly is at it again with a post containing his talk at a CREC gathering. It is another instance of that Framean habit of mind which blurs categories simply because topics sort of sound or look alike. In this case, he is for integration — as in integrating faith and politics, faith and learning.… Read More→

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