Sixteen Reasons Not To Watch the Super Bowl

Tom Brookshire
16. Remember the Sabbath day.
15. Keep it holy.
14. You have six days for all your work.
13. The Sabbath belongs to God.
12. Don’t work on it.
11. Don’t let your son work on it.
10. Or your daughter.
9. Or football players.
8. Or cheerleaders.
7. Or advertizing executives.
6. Or broadcasters.
5. For God made the world in six days.
4. Then he rested on the Sabbath.
3. For that reason he blessed the Sabbath.
2. And made it a holy day.

And the number one reason not to watch the Super Bowl. . . .

1. The Eagles aren’t playing.


16 thoughts on “Sixteen Reasons Not To Watch the Super Bowl

  1. Very Good.

    And of course, if you want a good dose of real sport, not with pads, helmets and where the action stops everything 3.2 seconds, you can always tune into BBC America, 12.00pm, Saturday 6th Feb and watch a real man’s game: RUGBY. The high point of the sporting calendar, Wales (my country) vs England (the old enemy – come to think of it – everyones’ old enemy).

    This game does carry two health warnings: first don’t let young children in the room while the game is in play – some of the forwards are pretty ugly and may scare little children of a fragile disposition. Second, American viewers, who because their own games stop every three seconds have only a three second attention span, might need to look away every so often – some of the plays in Rugby go on for several minutes. So be careful.

    And come on Wales! 😉


  2. You’ve been indoctrinated by the same people that have a hold on Carl Trueman’s mind. Show me how short an average rugby career is and then I’ll believe its a rougher sport. Having played football and dabbled in rugby – from my vantage point, on average the football hits were much harder.


  3. Darryl,

    I really like this but it doesn’t sound “Two Kingdoms” to me. How can we hold a command that was only meant for the church over the heads of unbelieving cheerleaders and football players? You obviously know that I think it is a universal command, of course!


  4. Nick, when they are on my tv on the Lord’s Day for me and my household, then they are part of Christ’s kingdom. I am employing them. And for those four hours I should be giving them a rest.


  5. Mr. Van Martinez, I sure would appreciate your explaining the inconsistency. Since when do 2k proponents not believe in Sabbatarianism?


  6. Since you only watch the Eagles on those rare occasions when they play on Monday night, I can see why you are still one of their fans.


  7. Bruce Settergren, I suppose this is some way of either dismissing me or the Eagles. I believe they were on Monday night once this year and twice last year. Considering there are 18 weeks in the season and 30 teams, I don’t consider that exactly rare. But I’m not about to defend the NFL.


  8. It was a great game. All the Brett Favre bashers who were using Peyton Manning to compare him to unfavorably now have to eat their words. Winning ultimate championships is difficult especially when a team is in a position where anything short of it is considered total, choking failure.


  9. John Calvin enjoyed the game too. He was sitting with me through most of it. He wished Brett Favre and the Vikings could have been in there too, but he came to respect the Saints as the game took its course.


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