Flag Waving

Not sure which commenter linked to the piece in the Washington Post about why every state flag is wrong. Whoever you are thanks. It’s worth a glance.

Here’s a sample of Alexandra Petri’s wit upon contemplating the Michigan State Flag (I wonder if she’s the granddaughter of Rob and Laura Petri):

“Yes, of course we have people in Michigan,” this flag says. “It’s just full of people. That is why we have a moose and an elk holding up this sign with a picture of what appears to be a jovially waving yeti on it. But everyone else here is people. And we totally know how to spell TUBER.”


9 thoughts on “Flag Waving

  1. “Iowa was never in a hurry to adopt a state flag as Iowans felt, after the Civil war, that the stars and stripes appropriately represented all of the United States. And so it was not until 1921, almost seventy-five years after the admission of Iowa into the Union, that a state flag was finally adopted by the Legislature.

    “The impetus for adoption of the banner originated with Iowa National Guardsmen stationed along the Mexican border during World War I. The Guardsmen saw that units from other states carried identifying banners and the Iowans felt that they should possess a unique banner of to identify their origins. When Governor William L. Harding was made aware of this, he ordered that a banner be sent immediately to the Guardsmen, but soon found that Iowa did not have a State banner.

    The Iowa Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) and its flag committee, headed by Mrs. Lue Prentiss of Knoxville, came to the rescue.”



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