Empoerung ueber "Pogrom"-Vergleich von Erzbischof Mueller

The Protestant Dilemma Writ Catholic

Devin Rose thinks he found all the dilemmas that haunt Protestants (and that led him to Rome). But has he along with Jason and the Callers really escaped the thicket of difficulties. On the one hand, having a written basis for determining church teaching really comes in handy (as opposed to the slippery way that… Read More→

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Mark Driscoll is to Ray Rice . . .

what Tim Keller is to Roger Goodell. At least that’s how TKNY’s quotation in the New York Times story about Driscoll occurred to me: A front-page story in The New York Times on August 23 had suggested that Driscoll’s empire was “imploding.” “He was really important—in the Internet age, Mark Driscoll definitely built up the… Read More→

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dunbar wi

Why Don’t Hard Questions Occur to Christians?

So if you were a historic Southern Baptist institution located in one of the former border states — think Kentucky — where would you want to start a branch campus? Dunbar, Wisconsin? You betcha. The town was founded in 1888 during a period of thriving logging industry in the Wisconsin northern woods. At that time… Read More→

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But I Have Stopped Beating My Wife, Really!

I don’t know which is more annoying, Yankee fans or Christians arguing that their religion is the basis for all good things. Here are a couple recent iterations on Christianity and the West from opposite sides of the Tiber. First, the pastor who would turn the world upside down (even though like it when beverages… Read More→

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Love Hopes All Things

So I hope the BBs won’t accuse Brian Lee of being a sissy preacher for the way he reacts to the recent news of Houston’s civil magistrates wanting to inspect pastors sermons (don’t you think they are simply doing what Geneva’s city council did to Calvin and the Company of Pastors?): “The city of Houston… Read More→

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Gratitude and Motivation

The good (loaded term?) folks over at Gospel Reformation Network state the following: We deny that gratitude for justification is the only valid motivation for holiness, making all other motivations illegitimate or legalistic. I am not sure how many critics of neonomianism or flattening insist that gratitude is the exclusive motivation for good works. But… Read More→

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If You Invoke Israel, Can You Deny Exile?

Over at Unam Sanctam, Boniface faces up to the difficulties that now confront the bishops in Rome. Will God let the true church go? He says, of course not and invokes the parable of Isaiah 5:1-7: This is what God means when He says that He gave the vineyard over to grazing. A landowner cannot… Read More→

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Imagine if Protestants Had Received Such a Hearing

A report from the early days of the Synod in Rome: The first days of discussions at the global meeting of Catholic bishops have focused partly on how to change “harsh language” used by the church in discussing family life and on acknowledging that people grow in faith slowly, according to Vatican observers of the… Read More→

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The Tale of Two Petes

Peter Leithart takes Pete Enns to school on reader-response criticism: Enns is correct to emphasize that the Bible doesn’t function like an owners’ manual. Proverbs more often proposes riddles than it gives simple pious advice. Still, Paul says that the Scripture is useful for training the man of God for “every good work,” so there… Read More→

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