Even More Angst about Selective Sensitivity

Bruce Baugus is worried about assaults on religious liberty coming at Christian vendors who refuse to provide services for gay weddings. The issue is the old Kuyperian one of how deep down does my religious identity go? Does it involve primarily acts of worship and devotion or does it extend to all of life so… Read More→

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Mencken Death Day

In 1956 the universe made a transaction in which planet earth came out on the short end of the stick. Henry Louis Mencken died on this day and three weeks later (all about me) I entered American life. This morning I was reading one of the more charming pieces that Mencken reproduced for his fourth… Read More→

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If I Don’t Open the Car Door for My Wife . . .

Do I risk dissolving the marriage? This was a question I considered after reading an interview with our favorite neo-anti-antinomian, Mark Jones about his book on antinomianism. He uses this example to make his point about personal holiness improvement: I need to be told to love my wife more. I remember being in South Africa… Read More→

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de vries

What if Glory Were Ordinary?

The local reading group here just completed Peter De Vries’ The Blood of the Lamb. As a product of Dutch-American Reformed culture, De Vries’ reflections on growing up among the elect on Chicago’s south side is well worth the time. His reflections on the death of a child are poignant and compete with an acerbic… Read More→

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Political Theology without Christ

Oliver O’Donovan on the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as the “end” of Christendom: . . . it ended up promoting a concept of the state’s role from which Christology was excluded, that of a state freed from all responsibility to reocognise God’s self-disclosure in history. (The Desire of the Nations, 244). If Double-O… Read More→

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Set Your Sights Even Higher

Forget about trying to be Jesus. Now be creator. . . . teaching our children how to cooperate with God in the work of creation is a perfectly fitting job for us as Catholic parents. Genesis points out five tasks given the human race in the Garden: marriage, fruitfulness, rule, work, and worship. In all… Read More→

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Could This Happen in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod?

Would confessional Lutherans have ever fallen for the Alex Marlarkey story of dying and going to heaven and coming back to life? (Wasn’t the last name a tip-off?) Would confessional Presbyterians be so gullible for that matter? Here’s one account of what happened: Tyndale House Publishers has stopped production of the book and DVD of… Read More→

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Bobby Jindal

Social Gospel Coalition Unraveling?

Would the Pope attend Bobby Jindal’s Prayer Rally? I don’t think so. Jindal, a self-described “evangelical Catholic,” epitomizes the political and religious coalition of evangelical Protestants and Catholics in Louisiana. “Evangelical Catholicism,” if we are to use Jindal’s phrase, is a peculiarly American creation. It’s a version of Catholicism with roots in the anti-communist movement… Read More→

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Teach Us To Number Our Commandments

Cardinal Dolan thinks Roman Catholics and American culture need to recover biblical teaching on sex (finally a bishop other than the Roman one): We rarely, if ever, speak about it. (Just ask Pope Francis! Did you see that, on his flight to Asia last week, a journalist asked him if he would condemn contraception. He… Read More→

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Who Is Scratching Whose Head?

A number of bloggers are struggling with Pope Francis’ comment about family planning and Roman Catholics “breeding like rabbits.” On the one side are those who think Francis is only speaking to the wider public and would choose his words more carefully if addressing the faithful exclusively: When Francis speaks to the mainstream media, like… Read More→

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