Woe To You Sad and Uninspired

Be happy: The church has not always been successful in communicating the Bible’s uplifting and inspiring message. Overinfluenced by our culture, we have drifted into such a default normality of negativity that anyone calling for a more biblical balance is often viewed with grave suspicion. Except when reading the Bible: Then Jesus said to the… Read More→

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Sola Scriptura?

Don’t listen to the polls but only to Jesus except when he teaches about what will become of Jerusalem: Q. Recent polls indicate that some 70 percent of Catholics in the United States (and 66 percent in Ireland) do not believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, but rather a symbolic presence.… Read More→

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The Old Life Interlocutor Who Has Listened to the Most TKNY . . .

The ten-most frequently mentioned authors in TKNY’s sermons are: 1. C. S. Lewis 2. Jonathan Edwards 3. Martin Luther 4. John Newton 5. Martin Lloyd-Jones 6. Augustine 7. Charles Spurgeon 8. J. R. R. Tolkien 9. John Stott 10. J. I. Packer The contestants who guessed the most names are: Martin Downs 8 Pete 5… Read More→

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Obviously, Ross Douthat isn’t following 2k debates nor has he read A Secular Faith: What’s more, the alternative perspective here — that a politician’s religious commitments are so personal and private that no one else can reasonably be asked to comment on them, or even to identify them at all — usually belongs to a… Read More→

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Church Reformed

The archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone (gotta love that name), is kicking up a lot of dust in Roman Catholic and California circles for the policies he has initiated within his parochial schools. Here‘s an example of what Cordileone has in mind: We, the Archdiocesan High Schools, Acknowledge that some of our administrators, faculty… Read More→

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A Shot in the Arm for (some) Conservatives

Pope Francis may have aggravated those of his Mexican flock, but for Americans in the Southwest who are not wild about immigration, he may have given them leverage: On Monday Mexico’s foreign minister, Jose Antonio Meade Kuribreña, complained–“with sadness and concern”–that comments recently made by Pope Francis had stigmatzed the Mexican people. The Holy See… Read More→

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Guessing TKNY’s Inspiration

From our co-editor comes word of a book that analyzes all of the sermon’s that Tim Keller preached between 1989 and 2004. The author then lists the ten-most frequently cited figures in those 985 sermons. Today’s competition, running until Saturday (February 28), is for OL readers to guess those top-ten names. The person who gets… Read More→

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Speaking of Labels

We do have an industry that supplies us with human identity — it’s called the medical profession. And it might be of help when it comes to people want to decide whether to let a sexual proclivity determine their personal identity. Here’s one blogger who rejects straight as an identity: 1. Publicly declaring that I… Read More→

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Do We Need a Federal Agency to Regulate Religious Identity?

I was reading this piece over the weekend on home schooling and the author struck me with her use of identifications: From its inception, the movement included both religious homeschoolers who sought to remove secular influences from their children’s lives, and secular homeschoolers whose motivations were based on beliefs about child development. After the Supreme… Read More→

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