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Missing Logic


A couple of items that all apologists might want to chew over, especially the homers we know as Jason and the Callers. First, notice the absence of logic in Russ Saltzman’s tu quoque-like decision to become a Roman Catholic: While certainly Neuhaus was – crap, still is – a tremendous influence on me, Dianne’s announcement… Read More→

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If It Could Happen to Jerusalem . . .

invisible church

Why not to Rome (thoughts after a sermon this past Sunday on Rom 11:27-32)? Lots of those who — come the nuns (hell) or extraordinary synods (high water) — claim that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Roman Catholic Church never seem to account for what happened to Israel. After all, didn’t… Read More→

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Sola Christus


Mark Shea channels his former Protestant self: December is the month of Advent and Advent is about not just the First Advent at Christmas but the Second Advent on the Last Day. Accordingly, it confronts us with the reality of Judgment. Lots of folks wonder how to get ready for the Last Judgment. Everything in… Read More→

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Redefining Declension So Numbers Ascend


When you are having trouble with lack of resolve and dwindling numbers among the communicants (and clergy), you find a different paradigm that allows you to turn defeat into victory. For instance, David Robertson reported on efforts within the Church of Scotland to advance Christianity and extend membership: Rev John Chalmers, Moderator of the Church… Read More→

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Episcopacy Envy


Bishops are easier to control and follow, which is the consolation to us Presbyterians who sometimes give into the temptation to wish for a church with more visibility and influence. But if you read the articles in First Things about the Ukranian and Russian churches, you understand that presbyters are much harder to master (just… Read More→

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Folded or Dirty

tin men

It’s still laundry that most of us don’t get to see. It’s a little old at this point, but the exchange between Ross Douthat and James Martin, editor at large of America magazine, displayed an honesty that conversations between conservatives and liberals in American Protestantism never revealed. It also exposed us outsiders to a range… Read More→

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Where’s the Rigidity?


Before the discussions about marriage become stale, perhaps a question or two are in order. John Allen, my favorite reporter on the Vatican, wrote that annulment reform was something that the Bishops who gathered in Rome wanted: Recently, however, I got one thing right. On Sept. 15, I published a piece under the headline, “Annulment… Read More→

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Maybe not a Rich Man but What about a Fat One?


If being rich makes it difficult to enter the kingdom of God, how about obesity? This is the debate that some are having over the canonization of G. K. Chesterton: Whether or not a person was temperate in food and alcoholic consumption is not only relevant, but absolutely central to the question of sanctity. In… Read More→

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Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

Ed, Pete and Jim Elliot

I don’t think Dwight Longenecker meant to imply this, and maybe the pitch for contributions to his parish hampered his thinking, but when he suggests that the shortage of priests stems from bad liturgical architecture, I was hardly persuaded: As I travel around the country and see archive photographs of our Catholic churches it is… Read More→

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Was this Mark Driscoll’s Problem?


His board had as much trouble understanding him as some bishops have with Pope Francis? As many as half of the bishops are those who simply do not understand what Pope Francis is trying to achieve. Whether you like the pope or fear the pope, this pontificate is something of a roller-coaster ride, and very… Read More→

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