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Do the BeeBees Read American Conservative?


From Daniel McCarthy, “Why the Tea Party Can’t Govern,” American Conservative, Nov/Dec 2013 There was an absolutely natural backlash in the late 1970s against the hasty push from the left for further sexual revolutions. Contraception, abortion, and homosexuality had all gone from being little spoken of and sometimes restricted by law to becoming “rights.” Many… Read More→

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Has This Guy Been Reading the BeeBees?


A little dated but still fresh: Indeed, many describe the Republican political faith as “American Calvinism.” It borrows several notions from the sixteenth century French theologian: the Bible is infallible; the “law” is driven by the Ten Commandments, rather than the teachings of Jesus; humans are totally depraved; and God has predestined who will be… Read More→

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Slippery Christendom, Theonomic Patriotism


The Baylys once again tightened my jaws by asserting that spirituality of the church folks don’t choose Jesus when the choice is between Jesus and the U.S. This is pretty nutty since, one, the Baylys choose the U.S. all the time when they fashion their message, rather than limiting it to what Jesus revealed; and,… Read More→

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All Down Hill After John Witherspoon?


Anthony Bradley wonders (again) what has happened to Presbyterians and why they lost their momentum. First it was as popular voices among evangelicals, now it’s as dispensers of wisdom about the world: I am wondering, then, for those who are raising their children in the Presbyterian tradition what resources exists for forming Presbyterian identity in… Read More→

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Consistency is the Hobgoblin of Christianity


Anthony Esolen has a usually provocative post about the inconsistencies of our times. He calls this the Contradictory Values Syndrome. . . . on Monday, the harridans of the National Organization for Women announce their great discovery that it is a bad thing for men to beat women black and blue. We wonder what took… Read More→

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For those who think that we can have republicanism, constitutionalism, and Calvin’s Geneva (certain critics of 2k who live and work in the former Northwest Territory), Geoffrey Wheatcroft reminds about the contrast between pre-modern and modern times: The challenge of Western modernity produced a remarkable ferment of speculation in the Islamic East, but not in… Read More→

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Tim and David Bayly fault 2kers for not conducting a meaningful debate. They say that folks like moi (all about me) only heckle. Conversation is a waste of time. I guess they think that they can argue with me the way they argue with women. They are gender confused. As if someone could possibly debate… Read More→

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New Schoolers, Neo-Calvinists, and Fundamentalists


After Darrell Todd Maurina kicked up some dust with his post at the Baylyblog on 2k, he made the following comment: Men such as Dr. Darryl Hart have accused me in the past of holding the same position as the Bible Presbyterians and Carl McIntyre. That is an important accusation and it needs to be… Read More→

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At Least 2k Doesn’t Produce Carrie Nations


Or, even our Lord told Peter to put the sword away. So here is the strange sequence of events in BaylyWorld. Last Thursday (April 11), Benjamin D. Curell, a deacon at Clearnote Church (where Tim Bayly is pastor), broke into a Planned Parenthood facility, apparently carrying an ax. His action was to protest the abortions… Read More→

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The Proverbial Pot and Its Black Friend


From the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up department comes the Baylys’ complaint about the doings in Vatican City. Turns out, the U.S. pastors for whom almost everything is sexual, believe Rome’s problem reduces to sex. The Cardinals, you see, dress like girls, so how could you ever trust them? Serious men do not parade in embroidered dresses. Men who… Read More→

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