Update: Lunch with Cordelia

HexTurns out I went with my carbohydrate friendly and folk heritage – Pennsylvania Dutch – for lunch. (You may breath now.) The turkey salad on Amish sandwich roll was enjoyable as I watched Blood Simple next to the kitten with teeth and claws from hell.

BTW, has anyone noticed how great Carter Burwell’s scores are for the Coens, and that barely no one else in the movie business seems to use him. What’s up with that?

Then I decided to be productive. I purchased a shopping cart for post-automobile urban life en route to purchasing a case of Yards IPA.

In case you thought that was a full day, I am now posting at oldlife.org before Secret Cinema, mind you.

How could Twitter ever do justice to such a day?

7 thoughts on “Update: Lunch with Cordelia

  1. Nick, and here I thought the lowlands’ contribution to cuisine was deep-fried Snickers bars. Glad to see you haven’t deviated from hot oil, though.


  2. It remains to be seen whether Isabelle shares your mirth. But as for me and my house, the more cats the merrier.


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