The Fight Against Tyranny

Darryl G. Hart continues his teaching series on J. Gresham Machen with a look at Machen’s views about politics and the relation between the church and state.  This lesson was taught at Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Glenside, PA where Dr. Hart serves as elder.

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2 thoughts on “The Fight Against Tyranny

  1. Thank you so much for recording and sharing these talks. My home church in Holland, Michigan is OPC. J Gresham Machen has always been a fascinating person to me, especially in his views regarding the church and state. I’m always having to remind my conservative Christian friends that Machen would be opposed to much of the culture warrior mentality that guides so much of modern evangelicalism precisely because of the inherent paternalism you mentioned in your talk.

    I wonder, do you know of any interaction between Machen and Woodrow Wilson? Although they were both Presbyterians, in so many ways they were worlds apart. I found Richard Gamble’s book “The War for Righteousness” to be a treasure trove regarding the theological motivations guiding our entry into the Great War, and it reminded me of just how awful a President Wilson was. Lastly, did Machen write on issues of race? Being that was an old school Democrat and a strong supporter of states rights, does leave me somewhat worried. I hope my concern is unfounded.


  2. John, Wilson was friendly with the Machen’s when he was a Johns Hopkins. I suspect he may have attended Franklin Street Presbyterian Church where the Machens were members. Machen also called upon Wilson when the former was a student at Princeton. So they were friendly, but Machen was not friendly to Wilson’s progressive politics.


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