Two Kingdom Tuesday: Doug Wilson Gets It More Than Chuck Colson

The latter has written a piece for Christianity Today in which he argues that Christian creeds should inform the U.S. search for a national identity:

I believe, then, that for national identity to be salient in the midst of our changing society, we need to promote a recommitment to our creeds, a respect for American history, and a proper role of patriotism, rooted in love of neighbor. Our founders’ Judeo-Christian heritage helped produce a culture in which moral responsibility, transcendent ethical principles, and the dignity of all people could flourish—a culture in which our creedal values made sense. This is why our role as leaven within society is so important, and why we must continue to bring a biblical influence to the public square, reinvigorating society.

As we do so, we must guard against the easy tendency to embrace xenophobic notions or fall into the equally perilous trap of promoting subcultural identities over national identity. People will not live with, let alone die for, a nation that has abandoned its religious moorings and adopted a creed that suggests we simply live together in cosmopolitan bliss. Millions of us, however, have been willing to live and die for beliefs rooted in our deepest convictions about God and man—convictions that were expressed so well in the stirring words of our national creed, the Declaration of Independence.

So where exactly does this leave Mormons and Jews? I understand why Colson, one of the co-hatchers of Evangelicals and Catholics Together, would not think that Protestant creeds might make life difficult for Roman Catholics. But are our creeds so generic that the U.S. can use them for a political identity that embraces all faith? I don’t think so!

Meanwhile, Doug Wilson shows that he understands one of the reasons for a 2k theology. In this video he answers a question about the propriety of having a U.S. flag in church or reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ask Doug: American Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance in Church? from Canon Wired on Vimeo.

I guess Wilson is not fully comfortable with 2k theology. Given what he’s said in defense of Christendom, I suspect that if Christendom or Constantinople had flags he might allow them in church – these are empires big enough to reflect the bigness of Jesus’ reign. So he is likely still unwilling to accept a spiritual rule for Christ’s redemptive kingship in this age of redemptive history. But this is a step in the right direction.


9 thoughts on “Two Kingdom Tuesday: Doug Wilson Gets It More Than Chuck Colson

  1. Your linkey to Doug Wilson points to your post right here.

    Flags and the PoA in church — don’t get me going on that.


  2. I actually agree with Wilson on this. Is that OK?

    Colson is becoming more and more of a relativist in theological matters while condemning relativism in our culture. You can’t have it both ways. Why condemn secular humanism for its lack of absolute values while disregarding absolute theological truths that Christians during the Reformation were willing to die for. Does justification by grace alone thru faith alone in Christ alone mean that little?


  3. “I actually agree with Wilson on this. Is that OK? ”

    I just watched it. I agree, he’s spot on on this. I think I’ll be forwarding it around.

    (July 4 is a Sunday, and my “mutt evangelical” church will probably do Pledges to the American and Christian flags, and a patriotic song or 2 with some minimal God content. You do not want to know what they did last year. I stand mute.)


  4. Wow.. Doug Wilson? I actually agree with him too, is that OK?

    Well, as an immigrant in this country, one of the most exciting (or excruciating?) things to witness is July 4th Sunday services. I’ve witnessed few times where the message is all about the faith of the fathers (Gospel according to the founding fathers) instead of the true Gospel being preached (I’m not even going into the hymns selection…). Well, this year, I’m going off to Delaware for Summer vacation, going to worship at the same church I went to two years ago (a PCA church near Rehoboth) and can’t wait to count how many times the name Washington, Jefferson, or Franklin come up!

    “But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ…”


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