39 thoughts on “Adding Jesus Doesn't Make It Better

  1. You had to go and tempt me on my first day in recovery.

    “It either turns Christians against Christians, or it leads Christians to say nothing that your average American on anti-depressants wouldn’t also affirm.”



  2. They just had to bring Plumbing into it. I guess you have to when your objective is every stinking square inch. It winds up being that ridiculous vision statement on the walls of your office that everyone in the company knows it will never reach given the fact that the company must direct more of its focus to the day-to-day operation – you know running a business.


  3. Andrew,

    Would love to comment on the Oscars but that would just invite Greg the Terrible to launch a 1,000 word manifesto and away we would go. Anyway, I need to see all the movies before weighing in too much. I was glad to see “12 Years a Slave” win Best Picture. It’s an important film. Also glad to see McConaughey get recognition for his mid-career transformation. Similarly enthused to see “American Hustle” get shut out. It gives me faith in the critical acumen of The Academy.


  4. Erik, I know. We both blog, so we can find a place to talk movies if we must.

    For me, I found it odd that B. Pitt was giving the thank you speech for best pic. But then again, the only pop culture I know is what my wife is able to fit in edgewise at the dinner table between my pauses as I complain a about work.

    I need to be a better listener..(emoticon). I only saw gravity, of all of them. Enough from me, let’s hear others (even you Greg, if you want).



  5. I personally think a comprehensive theological treatise on all of the building trades is long overdue. Maybe one of the scholars at West can do it as penance for 2K.


  6. I need to leave theological debate to our more effete, proper, well-mannered members and theologians. Those who would prefer to debate in the gentlemanly atmosphere of the Downtown Abbey drawing room, complete with tea, crumpets, and a lovely raspberry liqueur. Where, oh where, are OUR flat-capped scholars in our time of need?


  7. “God put humanity in the garden to cultivate the material world for his own glory and for the flourishing of nature and the human community.”

    If your pastor loves the term “human flourishing” it is time to find a new church.


  8. Surely there is a sphere for Christian baking, Christian florists, and Christian wedding-planning. Uniquely Christian, I mean. Sola. By Christians alone for Christians alone.

    end of monday sarcasm—

    I am all for being “anti-liberal” (or even anti-capitalist) but that does not mean being “anti-secular” and it certainly does not mean that we need to endorse new Christendom projects. Way too many Reformed folks still hate the non-Magisterial idea of voluntary visible churches (plural) , For them, this is at best a pause before they take over again, even if it’s patient inch by inch.

    They follow Leithart, Milbank, and Oliver O”Donovan into illusions of moderate but organic continuity with the “catholic” past so that one day the one church will use the one covenant to tell the nations what should be done.


  9. Some Christians “act as if some vast conspiracy is brewing in America over the Christian faith, with naysayers organized against Christians. They feel like they live life on the cultural margins, so they take that as their identity–they count their marginalization as their righteousness. They are not looking to Jesus as their only righteousness, and so they act from prejudice, assuming that everyone hates them, and they act in a way that confirms this.” (Crucifying Morality, p 105, R. W. Glenn)


  10. Too many Christians have learned to seal off their faith-beliefs from the way they work in their vocation

    Seriously? Do these guys live in a hole? Have they watched any news at all lately?


  11. Erik Charter
    Posted March 3, 2014 at 5:36 pm | Permalink

    The only professionals who need more prayer than prostitutes are attorneys and politicians. Good for the liberal Presbyterians.

    Erik, with my children, Iike to play the silent game. Like with my seven year old, we tell each other who ever speaks first loses.

    So I’m going to play silent game with you. Whoever posts another comment between you and me, loses.

    Kramer does this in an episode of Seinfeld, I will refrain finding it on YouTube.

    Sound fun? Lets try. The game starts……



  12. Nevermind, I got it. I thought you were referring to me… I guess my self-view is all out of whack


  13. In my in-box today:

    The Gospel Coalition wants to celebrate how God is working through you, as you live out your faith in your everyday work. To that end, Every Square Inch, our faith and work initiative, and Kathy Keller are hosting a small dinner at our upcoming women’s conference to discuss how God is using them in their vocations.

    If you’d like to attend, please share your story with us. Tell us about what you do every day, how you feel about what you do, and when you have felt that your work has been particularly meaningful. The selected stories will have the opportunity to be published in a series of posts on TGC during the month of June, as we lead up to the conference. Twenty-five women will be selected for this complimentary dinner and will receive books about faith and work.

    The good news of the Bible is not only individual forgiveness, but also the renewal of the whole creation. Therefore, we glorify God not only through the ministry of the Word, but also through the everyday work of our vocations—art, business, government, scholarship, homemaking—as he works in and through us to cultivate the material world for his glory and the flourishing of culture. Come celebrate this work with us. View the form to learn more details, then tell us your story.

    Bethany L. Jenkins
    Director, Every Square Inch | The Gospel Coalition


  14. Will I harsh their mellow if I write in to tell them how I’ve been surrounded by morons in my work the past few days and am considering throwing in the towel to go on the road with the carnival?


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