Welcome to Our World

From the inimitable musings of CWU:

Think what you want to think (and you will) but Old Life is a one of a kind place, with at least one of everything — Presbyterians, Lutherans, anabaptists, flaming Socia-mentalists, the undermedicated, gaybros, atheists, feisty women, armies of one, cranks, theonomists, non-denoms, tattooed Jeremiahs, academics, lawyers, Mark Jones, Iain the Druid, RSC, New Calvinists, and hillbillies. It’s not for the weak of heart, as this thread attests, but comments are open. Light and heat emanate by turns. It’s a dive bar in a seminary basement, a psych ward with a great library, it’s real and many of us could hardly live without it.

That is the quote of the month.


33 thoughts on “Welcome to Our World

  1. Like any dive bar (or library for that matter), I don’t make it in as often as I’d like. But I never regret stepping in.

    I always leave smelling like smoke, too.


  2. Wow, and with a whole month to go yet. Speaking of confident predictions and quotes here is today’s: “I’ll give you a winter prediction: It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey, and it’s gonna last you for the rest.of.your.life.” Come on, Groundhog Dayers.


  3. This place is only as good as its antagonists – I say let’s give it up for Jason Stellman, Bryan Cross, Jeremy Tate, Richard Smith, Doug Sowers, Nelson Kloosterman, Kenneth Winsmann, Tom Van Dyke, Mark Van Der Molen, Nelson Kloosterman, Darrell Todd Maurina, Bret McAtee, Tim Bayly, and Cletus What’s-His-Name.

    And let’s take comfort in the fact that they would all get along with each other far worse than they get along with us if given the chance.


  4. I realize the omissions are glaring — list surely should have included mordid Dutchmen, impertinent papists, a hatted HAL, dozy she-catholics, self-imporant Scots, manic serial posters, convicted heretics, failed church officers, pedantic legalists, and truckstop culture vultures. Precious memories, how they linger.


  5. It wouldn’t be OL without a bit of bad news, right?

    Unfortunately myself and Mr. Weakly will not be carpooling or in attendance as planned due to some late breaking scheduling conflict.

    Please adjust your hotel room Scotch drinking schedules accordingly.


  6. And the main core of those who adhere to the Reformed Confessions of faith at oldlife have not noticeably budged in any significant confessional issue through all the antagonism’s of the antagonists. Or, am I wrong about that? Is it worth the time the antagonists have spent here? It makes for interesting reading from time to time.


  7. Be careful CWU, with your witty and incisive penmanship you might become a social media celebrity – then what?


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