Hope for Walter White

You may violate the terms of church membership if you belong to the Mafia, but if your crime is disorganized, say as disordered as the scripts for Breaking Bad were, hey, man, there’s hope:

You cannot call yourself a true believer if you participate in organized crime, Pope Francis told members of the Cassano all’Jonio diocese in Italy on Saturday.

No one, the Pope said Feb. 21, can “call themselves Christians and violate the dignity of the person; those who belong to the Christian community cannot program or carry out acts of violence against others and against the environment.”

“Jesus never invited demons to lunch, no he chased them away, because they are evil,” he said, emphasizing that Christ and evil are incompatible.


42 thoughts on “Hope for Walter White

  1. “While celebrating Mass during his one-day trip to the region of Calabria, Pope Francis had spoken harsh words against the local mafia, known as the ‘Ndrangheta, calling them “adorers of evil” and saying that all who have chosen the “evil road, such as the mobsters, (are) not in communion with God. They are ‘excommunicated.’”

    Sounds like Curt. Excommunicating groups as opposed to individuals.

    Wouldn’t you need some individual names and some kind of trial to excommunicate someone?


  2. What about those who work for them but have no part of the criminal element. They are cashiers at the grocery store, they are the secretary for a waste management company, they do litigation accounting support on their behalf, so to speak…


  3. What about millions upon millions of Euros worth of Vatican-owned real estate throughout Italy that is used for immoral purposes? I’ve heard people on the street in Rome speak bitterly about this. Anathematize thyself, Frank.


  4. Capone makes several appearances, some lengthy, in “Boardwalk Empire”. I’m only through Season 4 so I’m not sure how much he is featured in Season 5.

    Odd that the (Catholic) Sicilian mobsters were often feuding with the (Catholic) Irish mobsters.

    One would think the superior paradigm would have enabled them to get along.


  5. I could not get into “Boardwalk Empire”. I just don’t like Steve Buscemi.

    Odd that the (Catholic) Sicilian mobsters were often feuding with the (Catholic) Irish mobsters.

    One would think the superior paradigm would have enabled them to get along.

    The only REAL advantage is that you get to be under the pope. After that, you can fight like the dickens … that’s what confession is for!


  6. Robert Reymond, Perspectives on Israel and the Church, 4 views, p 65–“Pious X!! displayed a callous and near criminal indifference to the plight of Europe’s Jews, and at worst, was actually complicit in the Holocaust.”


  7. John,

    That show has gotten better as it’s gone along. I just finished Season 4 and it was solid.

    How can you not like Buscemi, especially in that role?

    How can anyone not like Donnie Kerabatsos? or Carl Showalter? or Tony Blundetto?


  8. BE was worth the trip, free from the library and all.

    Glad the wire is streaming all 5 seasons free for amazon prime members. I feel like after finishing The Wire, it’s going to be all down hill from there..sigh…


  9. We thought Birdman wsa worth watching, we had that streaming last night from our tube to our brains while others were watching the Oscars. The Oscars, by contrast, that was really hard to watch, what little of it we caught last night.


  10. Erik, no spoilers from me about Nelson or the rest.

    Boardwalk picked up dramatically from the slow start around the time of the hotel bombing.


  11. We have nocable at the moment and that means antenna TV. We only get ABC in the kitchen and sitting at the kitchen table watching the Oscars wasn’t working for me. Went to bed and watched a Netflix movie on my phone.


  12. Erik, I’ll ask my Library to hold A Trip to Italy since it would otherwise cost me $3.99 to amazon, and I’m a man on a budget. Looks good, thanks for the info. I’m #58 in line in the library queue, when the library e-mail comes in in about 6 months that this is ready, I’ll remember you, and maybe, I’ll even go get the flick!


  13. “to Italy” wasn’t nearly as charming imo. The dialogue felt flat and Steve’s character development was unnecessarily at the expense of Rob’s, who in this movie would leave John Piper ranting about free will and personal responsibility.


  14. Andrew,

    You’re not a Netflix guy? It can be streamed there.

    The tough decision these days is Netflix or Amazon Prime (for those whose hedonism is not great enough to allow them to pay for both).

    There are some things I would like to see on Amazon, including “Bosch”.

    The front lines of the war they are fighting is over who has better original programming.

    And then HBO comes along and offers a streaming service, too.


  15. Erik,

    I have to get through The Wire first, as I’m sure you’ll understand. Almost at the end of Season 1. If after that Trip is still streaming, yeah, I’ll go for it. Thanks for the tip, I’ll probably skip the one Michael told me to watch on the other thread, it seemed a little too spooky, even for me..


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