Three World Leaders on Easter

Can you place a name with a text?

Door Number One:

. . . we give thanks for the extraordinary sacrifice that Jesus made for our salvation. We rejoice in the triumph of the Resurrection. And we renew our commitment to live as He commanded – to love God with all our heart, soul and mind, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Door Number Two:

We cannot live Easter without entering into the mystery. It is not something intellectual, something we only know or read about… It is more, much more! . . . To enter into the mystery means going beyond our own comfort zone, beyond the laziness and indifference which hold us back, and going out in search of truth, beauty and love. It is seeking a deeper meaning, an answer, and not an easy one, to the questions which challenge our faith, our fidelity and our very existence.

Door Number Three:

That after all is the heart of the Christian message. It’s the principle around which the Easter celebration is built. Easter is all about remembering the importance of change, responsibility, and doing the right thing for the good of our children. And today, that message matters more than ever.


10 thoughts on “Three World Leaders on Easter

  1. I’m a-guessin’:
    1. British PM Cameron.
    2. Frank the hippy Pope.
    3. President O.
    Three strikes, and I’m out.


  2. I’m guessing #1 is an American, as it seems very American-religion-y. No talk of Jesus being God, but plenty of Jesus the Guru. I’m going to guess Prez. Barack.

    #2 is, I’m guessing, Papa Frank. Talking about “living” Easter, but also mentioning the mysterious nature of it. Something for every Roman Catholic in that message. Broad words for a guy commanding a big tent.

    #3 is definitely David Cameron.


  3. Number 2 has got to be the current pope. It’s his typical gobbledy gook that sounds nice, maybe, but then in indecipherable. Luckily, we have the CTC Magisterium to sort it out for us.

    The others I’m not sure on.


  4. #1 – Very difficult – neither pope, Anglican leaders, or most evangelicals would I expect to use the word “salvation” at such a well watched event. That would imply sin and right and wrong…cant have that on the world stage. I will guess the President of Czech Republic.

    #2 – Pope, new or old

    #3 – Has to be Obama…the change president (or that word could be a trick to throw us off)


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