Woe to Dualism

Is Neo-Calvinism the gateway drug to Islam?

Here‘s why I ask:

Western observers have difficulty making sense of this Renewal because of our Western biases concerning religion and politics: “The most important source of Western confusion about the meaning of the Renewal is the insistence on distinguishing between Islam as religion and so-called political Islam. Neither of these characterizations is in fact applicable. Islam is far more than a religion, and its political dimensions have no such autonomy. Islam is a pluralistic way of life that in all its varieties is insistently holistic and therefore unavoidably political. . . . Islam as lived faith refuses any division between the religious experience and human efforts to act in this world. In short, there is no such thing as political Islam. There is only Islam, although it is subject to adaptations and a wide variety of human interpretations.”

“Insistently holistic.” Every square inch.

Of course, other ways exist for affirming Christ’s lordship and recognizing the sacred-secular dichotomy. But those are radical.


3 thoughts on “Woe to Dualism

  1. Yes, this is the complex sort of reasoning the brain-dead left uses.


    I am going to ask a series of statements. See if you can determine which group each statement applies to.

    1). This group wants to dominate women and tell them how to act. Taliban? Or Religious Right?

    2). This group wants there to be a national religion, barring other religions from the country. Taliban? Or Religious Right?

    3). This group wants prayer to be a prominent part of education. Taliban? Or Religious Right?

    4). This group wants to dictate their morals to the rest of the population, with severe penalties for non-compliance. Taliban? Or Religious Right?

    5). This group is not interested in freedom of speech. Taliban? Or Religious Right?

    6). This group is not interested in freedom of religion. Taliban? Or Religious Right?

    7). This group wants their “law” to be the law of the land, regardless of what the people might want. Taliban? Or Religious Right?

    8). This group wants to convert the entire world into their way of thinking. Taliban? Or Religious Right?

    9). This group thinks homosexuality is an abomination and should be eradicated from the face of the Earth. Taliban? Or Religious Right?

    If you answered both to every one of these statements, then you are correct. As you can see, other than the country they are operating in, there is little, if any, difference between the two groups.

    Clearly there is no middle ground between traditional Western/Biblical morality and killing homosexuals. Theocracy! Theocracy!


  2. Coming round to dualism:

    There is a passage in the Gospels where Jesus tells us to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. In Ireland, we have inherited a tradition which has associated religion and politics in a way that has excluded some of our fellow citizens.

    Phrases like “Irish Catholic” and “Ulster Protestant” became descriptions of an identity which was partly religious, partly political, partly cultural and wholly divisive. Today in Ireland we can no longer speak of a Catholic State or a Protestant State.

    The State is a secular reality whose principal duty towards religion is to ensure its freedom. Jesus believed that God’s reign was immensely more important than that of any earthly ruler, but he never appealed to earthly rulers to enforce his religious or moral teaching on their subjects.


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